Take Back Your Power Screening – Castlemaine, Saturday October 12


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5 Responses to Take Back Your Power Screening – Castlemaine, Saturday October 12

  1. Eric says:

    The way you have defined this smart denier is excellent. This is exactly the way they are violating us. The letters they send are letters of intent to rape and they do hold us hostage in domicile enduring mental torture over long periods of time whilst waiting for them to attempt to carry out their stated intent.

  2. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    You can’t trust the distributors, or the installers, because they will tell you anything to try and convince you that their “smart” meters are good for us. They haven’t been straight up about anything regarding the “smart” meter rollout from the start, and have made all kinds of outrageous untruths and incorrect statements along the way. Do Not Trust Them. They Are Not Our Friends.
    Stay Strong and Stand Up to these Bullies. Lock your meter box. Post your “No Trespass” signs and stand your ground when they contact you. Together we can make a difference.

  3. Eric says:

    Please watch this video.
    These are the vile deceitful people that we are dealing with.

    Electricity Distribution Company employees, smart meter installers or any other morons complicit in this smart meter rollout are not to be trusted and MUST NEVER be given “the benefit of the doubt” in anything that they would try and tell you EVER.

    Please consider how this poor woman in the video has been made to feel.
    See what she says from 7:38 to 7:53. I quote……
    “How do you think I feel right now ? I trusted you, I trusted you and now you’re basically making me feel like I’ve been raped. That’s how I honestly feel. I feel like I’ve been raped.”

    How many of us “honestly feel” that we also have been violated (in a way that makes us feel exactly the same way as this woman felt) by the Power Companies Jemena, United Energy, SP Ausnet, Powercor, Citipower, their installers together with the Victorian State Govt.
    I don’t have a smart meter but I certainly feel that I have been VIOLATED and that I am still being “molested” by these vile people.

    A “smart meter with the radio frequency turned OFF” MUST NEVER be accepted as it can be very easily configured to become a smart meter with the radio frequency turned ON at a later date. And a “smart meter with the radio frequency turned off” has exactly the same incendiary device properties as those smart meters currently being installed with the radio frequency turned on. We do not want any incendiary device installed upon our property whatsoever, regardless of whether it is transmitting radio frequencies or not transmitting them.

    • Reef girl says:

      Out to make a profit at everyone’s expense – there are NO BENEFITS for any homeowners… LIARS!!!! Say NO to “Smart” Meters and YES to Freedom.

    • smart denier says:

      Thanks Eric. The lady quite rightly called – “RAPE!”

      As far as I can see, there are four methods of rape.
      The first would be where the victim is not in full capacity of their senses.
      This would describe those who have no interest in, or knowledge about, smart meters. Generally these people are blissfully unaware that such an act has taken place and for that matter – where their electrical meter box is located on their property/body.

      The second is where a vulnerable victim is misled and coerced into believing the rape is necessary and also that it will be carried out without pain.
      Sadly, the woman in the video was duped and allowed the act to take place. She did have another option, that of accepting disconnection of the power supply and tackling that problem using lawful avenues. i.e. lose the battle but not the war.

      The third modus operandi entails a surprise attack, a brief violation followed by a prolonged period of intense mental agony.
      This appears to describe those people who had taken reasonable precautions by writing letters, erecting signs and had possibly locked up their box. These people believed they had the protection of the legal system. But whilst away from the property for reasons essentially related to their survival, these people return to find a smart meter has been installed against their wishes.

      The fourth form of rape is where a woman is held hostage. She is shackled, confined and constantly in fear.

      For over twelve months, many refusing this smart meter scheme are held hostage in domicile whilst enduring mental torture in the form of continual threats to install a smart meter at a time and date of corporate choosing. These people can’t leave their property as they are led to believe their methods of chastity may be violated if they do.

      This is akin to telling a woman you’ll be raping her sometime during the next twelve months and periodically sending her letters stating the rape will occur – anytime between 8am and 5pm, one day over the next few weeks.

      Those who are waking up and asking the right questions quickly find that the raping and pillaging of our natural rights by corporations under the protection of our elected officials is endemic in our society. Similar arguments, comments and presumptions regarding smart meters are echoed in many other forums. It’s up to us to unite and decide what is best for our future.

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