Are Smart Meters a Health Hazard?

“The day smart meter transmissions were enabled in her neighbourhood, Maria collapsed. Later she discovered what had caused her to suddenly develop an erratic and life-threatening heart arrhythmia………….”

The full account of this article, with other stories of people’s health deteriorating  with the installation of smart meters, can be found in the Spring Edition 2013 of “True Natural Health”, the Magazine of the Natural Health Society of Australia.  Read about smart meters, the alarming effects on children and the personal stories of 6 people who have been adversely affected.

Order on-line:

$6 incl postage or purchase this issue + a back issue for $10

(Autumn 2012 edition contains an article about how to protect ourselves from EMR – Electromagnetic Radiation)

Magazine Cover

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4 Responses to Are Smart Meters a Health Hazard?

  1. Cedar Wilde says:

    Yes Steve I believe we are all electro-sensitive because this stuff is cumulative, I don’t believe that only a few of the humans on this planet are sensitive. Whenever big money is here so are the lies. Big profits equal inhumanity, it’s as simple as that.

  2. Sofia says:

    I am one of the sufferers and I am loosing my eyesight, amongst all the other health issues I don’t want to bore you with 😦 I spent already more that $1000 just on tests and specialist appointments. They can’t find anything wrong with me and yet my health – MY EYES deteriorate rapidly…:(
    United Energy said to me: “I would suggest to you to see another doctor…”

    It came to my attention that there will be HEALTH AND FUTURE RF TECHNOLOGIES event.
    Please advice people from your group to register for the following event – please follow the link.;ID=oqqoku3iruy9z
    One of the main speakers there will be: Radiation Health Services Branch (Chief Radiation Health Scientist, Dr Stephen Solomon (A/g)) includes Executive Support; Non-ionising Radiation; Health & Environmental Assessment; Monitoring & Emergency Response and the Personal Radiation Monitoring Service.

    You obviously aware what ARPANSA is all about, and this particular event is designed to promote “BENEFITS” of Smart Meter Technology.

    Just wonder if it’s “so good for “human beings” why would he support the Personal Radiation Monitoring Service.
    Please spread the word. WE HAVE TO STOP THESE LIES !

  3. Tanya says:

    Excellent article and well worth reading. All these people cannot be imagining their symptoms. The various case histories presented confirm the reality of what smart meters are doing to our health.

  4. Steve says:

    I’ve purchased a copy of the DVD “TAKE BACK YOUR POWER” from
    Now I’m really scared. Health Hazard? Forget about those who are electro-sensitive – WE ALL ARE!!!! and in a few generations we’ll have NO KIDS!!!
    We must all get a copy or copies and show everyone before it’s too late and pass them on!
    Send a copy to your power company and your local member and your State Premier!

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