Getting smart about so-called ‘smart’ meters: Presentation and Film – Guildford

Join us on 3rd August at the historic Guildford Music Hall (11 kms south-east of Castlemaine) for a presentation by Janobai Smith followed by the screening of ‘Smart Meters and EMR: the Health Crisis of our Time’ and discussion.

Citizens Advocating for a Safe Environment volunteers will also be hosting a smart meters information stall at Wesley Hill Market (Pyrenees Hwy/Duke St, Castlemaine) on Saturday, 27th July 7.30 am – 1 pm (weather permitting). Come along and say g’day!

Get Smart About Smart Meters

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16 Responses to Getting smart about so-called ‘smart’ meters: Presentation and Film – Guildford

  1. Pam says:

    Have a successful Meeting – Still out of action can’t attend. Committee will let me know how things are going. Yes just rang Energy Australia and my Meter HAS BEEN READ. Now I have to wait for an account – It was due 25/7 and I thought they were playing “funny buggers” with me. If it too high I am going to apply for a Utility Relief Grant, as I have had heaps of expense while in hospital. If you are experiencing “Hardship” you can claim this every two years for your Water, Electricity and Gas. Look on the back of your accounts and it tells you how to apply for this Grant. Cheers everyone Pa 🙂

    • Pam says:

      My account toooooooooooooooo high, so I have applied for Utility relief Grant. Account now on ‘HOLD’ till paper work comes through and hopefully I will be granted the whole amount, which will free up some Dollars for me. Have a good weekend everyone.Cheers Pam 🙂

      • Eric says:

        Pam, check that the kWh consumption figure is in line with the same figure last year. At least you then know that bill data is legitimate. Remember, we are now into the third month of winter. So thankful this winter has not been the coldest but still it’s winter time nevertheless. Good luck Pam. The grant is there for a legitimate cases.

  2. Dieter Keller says:

    This is how I feel
    .United Energy.
    To whom this my Concern.

    I have received your information package, and studied it thoroughly. Peak period is a time every one is at work or home from work that’s way its peak period, when you do your cooking washing, have the heater on or air condition depending on time of year, play games on the computer go on the net, look at the TV, do your vacuuming, have your shower or a bath, etc.etc. all the things that use electricity, Do you get my drift??

    You say that there is shoulder and off-peak rates big deal, who in there right mind is up at that time of night to do the above mentioned things?
    I know you will introduce smart appliances’ that will produce more RF.

    I’m including some information that you people should study very carefully.
    There was a time when DDT was Ok to use on people, we know differently now!
    The RF safety of your meters is old research and not valid, new research shows the dangers that you and the Australian Government is placing us in.
    The Government is selling our assets and ports to the Chinese; I’m supposed to trust the Australian Governments decision about the meters safety??

    There is a World wide out cry over the safety of the meters, a lot of countries are having second thoughts, and some countries including the US make it optional to have the meter.

    PS. My Meter Box is locked; it has 2 Notices, No Smart Meter Poster, and No Trespassing Private Property.

    If you, United Energy or your contractors tamper or damage my meter Box legal action will be taken.

    Hell Will Freeze Over before I except that meter

  3. Dieter Keller says:

    I’m installing a lock on my meter box tomorrow, and have a sign No Trespassing, and the Stop do not fit a smart meter on it,I will have to get a bigger meter box with all I want to tell them.
    I have written to United Energy telling them that I do not want the meter, and also to some members of Parliament..
    I will not stand for the Gestapo Tactics that you Must.

    • Sharron says:

      You are SO right, Dieter 🙂

      • Dieter Keller says:

        Thanks Sharron,

        I did receive a A4 enveloper from Unite Energy with all the propaganda they want you to swallow, it wasn’t the answer to my letter just more bull.
        So I’m doing the same to them, got some good info from the net, lots of pages,
        I highlighted some important points.
        Wrote a stinging letter, it will be sent in tomorrows mail.
        If all the people would flood the mongrels with registered mail it will let them know we don’t want the meters.
        Parliamentarians must gone to Pass the Buck School because that’s what I got so far.

        • Pam says:

          Dieter – Good Luck – Your letter to them will probably go in their “File 13”. I already done that last year. Even my Solicitor has written to them before Xmas and they haven’t had the decency to reply to his Legal Letter. I have to contact my Solicitor if they send me any more RUBBISH OR PROPAGANDA. My box locked and staying locked and I have photos of all my signs etc. Cheers Pam 🙂

  4. Janice Flahiff says:

    Please post a summary of this event.
    I would like to reblog any summary of this event (with full attribution of course!)

  5. Nicholas marjolin. says:

    Had a man come today to install a smart meter.I told him we did not want one as it is not safe for our health and it is a big fraud.He told us Energy Safe Victoria has done tests and has approved the smart meters,and that all this hype about smart meters being unsafe,on the internet is a load of unbelievable hogwash.He said he has just got one put in at home.I told him he should consider himself lucky to have a smart meter.He also said the Energy companies are not paying him for installing smart meters but did not say who is actually paying him.He took a picture of our No smart meter Installation sign before leaving.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just wondering whether I should let installer take a picture before I send him/her away. After all I don’t want to send out a message that trespass is not trespass.

      • Anonymous says:

        Exercise your rights to tell them they are trespassing on your property (because wireless smart meter installations are illegal) and don’t let them photograph it.
        Only problem is that they may return when you’re not home and photograph it anyway.

    • Anonymous says:

      The hogwash is coming from the installer’s mouth, they will use all sorts of words and reverse psychology to trick you into submission to let them install a death meter.
      Never give in and stand your ground. Tell a death meter installer “no thanks” and tell them to leave immediately as they are trespassing on your property. They are only allowed on your property to read the meter and to replace a faulty meter with a non-wireless meter.
      Remember, there is no law that states you must have a wireless smart meter.

  6. 1vimana1 says:

    Great News,
    Please get as many friends and acquaintances along to the film as possible folks.

  7. Graeme T says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the powers to be (or wish they could be) came along and found out the truth about their so called “smart” meters. We wish eh!!!!!!!!!

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