When ‘Smart’ Meters Kill: The Story of Larry Nikkel

The following text below is an excerpt from a story posted by Joshua Hart, Director StopSmartMeters.Org in the United States.

“Details have come to light of a man killed by a Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Smart Meter that caught fire in Vacaville, CA on July 9th, 2010.   Larry Nikkel of 230 Arbor St. died from a suspicious electrical fire that consumed his home the day after Wellington Energy, contractors for PG&E, installed a Landis & Gyr “smart” electric meter.  A wrongful death suit lawsuit filed by the family against the utility, subcontractor, and meter manufacturer has now been settled for an undisclosed sum.

The circumstances surrounding Mr. Nikkel’s death add a grave and tragic chapter to the growing human cost of the ‘smart grid.’

The full story can be found at When Smart Meters Kill

There have been a number of house fires in Victoria that have also been linked to smart meters although power companies deny that smart meters were the cause and are quick to blame sabotage, faulty wiring or “suspected power surges”.

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13 Responses to When ‘Smart’ Meters Kill: The Story of Larry Nikkel

  1. Dallas Monck says:

    Once again I am being told by United Energy that I have to have a meter installed in my property..The last time they called they installed a updated normal meter…and broke the lock on my box to do this installation after I told the trades man that this was against the Australian Constitution and that no law had been passed by the Government to take away my freedom of choice in Australia…. I have replaced this lock and put the following message on my box ….”.It is an offence to damage my box and break my lock on my box…willful damage is against the law in Australia…..no smart meter to be installed.”…will see what happens…This meter they want to install will be outside the wall of my unit and a few feet on the inner wall away from the top of my bed….Its a disgrace Big business is taking over this country with the help of the State governments…I have been paying for the smart meter since 2010 …well if this meter belongs to me and I dont want it they I should be able to throw it away ….buying a product I have never seen and being forced to accept this produce is ridiculous …am over it GIVE ME BACK MY FREEDOM OF CHOICE

    • Frances (Australia) says:

      I have just received a letter in my mail box from SPAustnet demanding that I provide access to my Meter box so that they can install a so called Smart Meter, despite my having refused in the past. The location of the current Meter box is directly opposite where I sit at my computer, thus this would provide extended RADIATION which is damaging to health. Like the above poster I demand that I get back my FREEDOM OF CHOICE also. The State and the Electricity Company has no right to force anyone to accept this bullying. I have been subjected to verbal abuse from SP Ausnet on the phone because I refused to allow them to do this.

      • Sharron says:

        So this is what it has come to – Abuse and Harassment of homeowners by these overseas – owned companies. If standing up for what you believe gets you treated this way then their intentions are evil and profit driven. They deserve to be treated with the same disrespect they show their customers…no end!

  2. ingrid says:

    Can the coroner investigate and include looking at the electricity meter? Has anyone alerted the coroner to this?

  3. Anonymous says:

    A few years ago, perhaps as preparation to the smart meter rollout, my power distributor replaced the wires entering my house and conducted tests at the switchboard. After they left I noticed intermittent arcing at the switchboard. I rang them to explain the problem. They said the arcing would have nothing to do with the work they had done and refused to come and look at it.

    I noticed that they had left their volt checker behind on top of my switchboard and wondered if this instrument was causing the arcing. But of course, in their view, nothing they had done had caused the arcing (including leaving their ‘voltfinger’ behind) and they weren’t interested in anything I had to say, so I had no obligation to tell them that they had left their equipment behind!

    But it was left up to me to get an electrician out to fix the arcing.

  4. TEZ says:

    Steve that would be akin to giving the keys to the henhouse to the fox to carry out an audit.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Has anyone determined the cause of these Smart Meters suddenly self combusting?

    I am yet to see the “Evidence of Safety” pertaining to these Smart Meters.

    Elizabeth-Ballarat Against Smart Meters

  6. Kev says:

    Well when the illustrious “Electrical safety authority” decided that the installation of S meters does not require a Certificate of electrical compliance????? What were they thinking?? The denials by these mongrels does NOT let them off- Gross negligence, Failure in a Duty of Care, and all the consumer laws that they have broken- bullying tactics , intimidation, break and entering -just to name a few. Gross negligence by all parties including the manufacturers to produce and install a device that is a health risk -in more ways than one- What standard are these devices built to??
    To produce an electrical device tht has to handle high current draws out of a material that is an ignitible and therefore a FIRE HAZARD is certainly GROSS NEGLIGENCE. And to continue this roll out is also Gross negligence- There is proof to ascertain that RF and EMR does affect the health of humans. And sensitivity to them is recognisable. The Power companies are going to pay- thru there nosesAnd directors and CEO’s and individuals WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.
    They have been warned if they won’t listen they will suffer the consequences.

  7. Steve says:

    I remember a news article earlier this year of an elderly gentlemen being burnt to death in his home in North Geelong. I wonder if he had a smart meter installed on his house at the time? It was mentioned that there was a power surge in the area and was being investigated by “Powercor and Energy Safe Victoria to better understand what may have occurred”. I have yet to see any report being released to the public by ESV that details their findings.

    Source: http://www.geelongadvertiser.com.au/article/2013/04/29/363856_news.html

    • Bearded baboon Loather says:

      I hope Powercor didn’t do what a certain grub from jemena did when a house which did have one of their meters installed burnt down.

      Let’s say it was something akin to removing evidence from a crime scene prior to the investigation.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry to say that I believe Powercor did, in fact, also remove the evidence from the Geelong crime scene within two days. Try getting service that fast for any other reason!

      • Gwen says:

        ‘Powercor would like to offer our condolences to the family and friends of the individual affected.’ This was Powercors response. The”individual affected” was an elderly man who is not alive anymore. Is this what they are going to say when we start dying from EMR or fires too? Nothing has been mentioned in Geelong regarding this horrific occurrence leaving 170 homes without power and one man losing his life.
        Yes they do have a lot to answer for.

    • Pam says:

      Steve – Unfortunately we NEVER HEAR the cause of these fires. even when someone loses their life.. Surely there would have been an inquest into this poor man’s death. Nearly every morning when I get up there has been a fire somewhere reported on the News. Maybe someone should ask the Local Paper to follow up on the “Power Surge” and why this poor man lost his life. This could avoid it happening to someone else…..Pam

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