Video – NO Smart Meter Protest March 5th May 2013

Thank You to everyone who travelled from all over Victoria once again and supported the May Day Rally especially the NO Smart Meter contingent.

Also includes testaments from Victorians that our government is currently ignoring, shame on you Victorian Government.

Please forward far and wide.

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11 Responses to Video – NO Smart Meter Protest March 5th May 2013

  1. lindsay smith says:

    I have been diagnosed by an MD as being E-Smog sensitive.
    As sovereign beings my family and I reserve the right of control over ALL substances and energies that enter our bodies.
    Any thing that may be caused to enter our bodies without our consent will be considered a violation of the person.
    As fair warning I have written a warning to Powercor Staff and placed a notice in my meter box informing any potential smart meter fitter of my ailments and my diagnosis as E-Smog sensitive.
    Therefore any potential fitter and any persons in the chain of command towards the fitting of a smartmeter at my residence will be well aware that his or her actions will constitute knowing and deliberate harm to me and my family.
    Under common law no man or state has the right to control or cause harm or loss to any other man.
    Common Law overrides ALL legislative law

    • 1vimana1 says:

      You must get a stout or Industrial Padlock to first lock the Electric Meter Box on your property and immediately get your Legal Australian Constitutional (1900-1901 and still valid $167,000:000 Dollar Anti-Trespass Sign securely taped to this box and securely taped to your front fence as well. These two actions must be carried out as soon as possible. It is a complete waste of time putting the Stop Smart Meters Signs in your Electric Meter Box.

      Take photographs of the Stop Smart Meter Signs on your Electric Meter Box and your front fence, as well for Legal Reasons as I have done and mention this in your Registered Postal Letters to PowerCor. Send all letters and enter the Postal Certificate Number on both the letters you send to PowerCor and to the new Victorian Minister for Power Mr Nicholas Kotsiras and on the copy or copies you keep. I have done this for any Court Appearances I might yet have to make.

      If you don’t padlock your Electric Meter box and just put the Anti-Trespass signs inside your Meter Box, these mostly Terrorist Smart Meter Installer Men will very likely rip your signs up into small pieces and throw them on the floor of your garage or lawn or below the Electric Meter Box, then straight away steal the Safe and Passive Analogue Meter and install the Type 2B Carcinogen Causing Microwave Smart Meter.

      As you have been diagnosed by an M.D as being E-Smog Sensitive I hope you have sent a copy of this Medical Certificate to the C.E.O of PowerCor and their staff. At present you can do no more than this, or perhaps get two guard dogs as some of my friends have done and or hire a private security guard and God knows what that would cost.

  2. WillD says:

    Australia is not a free country anymore. Any form of mandatory actions taken in the name of public safety, health or other so-called benefit that may affect a citizen’s health remove yet one more personal freedom. There is no moral justification to these actions, and it is time they were challenged in court.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Dr Dietrich Klinghardt talks about the links between increasing level of disease such as Autism, and increasing levels of EMF exposure.

    Elizabeth-Mum to severely Autistic, non-verbal son.

    P.S Powercor bothered me once in February 2013 to install a smart meter. I refused and won’t have one installed until the Chief Health Officer, Dr Rosemary Lester can provide me with the safety studies on EMF and children with High Levels of Heavy Toxic Metals.

    I am still waiting for her response! There is “No evidence of safety!”

  4. Latrobe Valley stop smart meter petition says:

    Very good video, of the Stop Smart Meters May Day march. Most informative & good to see so many conscientious devoted people out there supporting, advocating against this health hazard. I hope to attend next years march. Was sorry i couldn’t attend this year. This video very well made & documented, it really makes an emotional impact, leaves you thinking. It is shocking that the Vic Government are ignoring our basic human rights, democratic freedom, ignoring the health risks. The March should have made some impact on the Govt, we hope the Govt officials can’t sleep at night, & feel guilt for putting society at risk, installing health hazards, dopey smart meters. Keep Fighting. All us folk with locked meter boxes to protect our trusted & faithful analogue meters & everyone else against the Smart Meters, we’ll win this war. Lock Up & be Safe.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Please note this FACT…..It has already been admitted by Mrs Janet Hogarty in the Public Forum that PowerCor cannot guarantee that the Microwave Smart Meters are safe for Humans ! This has also been attested to by many Top Doctors of Medicines world-wide, therefore why does she as the boss of the Human Relations which is the Public Relations Department in effect, still sign letters to her customers to try to get these Dopey so-called Smart Meters forced on her Victorian Electricity Customers ?

  5. Annette Sinclair says:

    Very good video. Well done.

  6. Pam says:

    Yes – Shame on you Victorian Government. You just can not ignore the Testaments of the many Victims of Smart Meters any longer. Get your act together or you will be voted OUT COME NEXT ELECTION – You certainly will not be getting my Vote……….Pam

    • keith says:

      Pam, remember we can’t vote Labor either, as they brought in smart meters in the first place. It is my understanding that the D.L.P. (Democratic Labor Party), is the only party opposing smart meters. We should perhaps consider giving them our votes.

      • Pam says:

        Keith – I will ask each Candidate their views on Smart Meters before I cast my Vote. Thanks for info on DLP. … Pam:-)

    • Don Fitzpatrick. says:

      Powercor Chief acts like a prick
      Who aims to control all of Vic
      And protecting his job
      Thumbs his nose at us mob
      While his Smart Meters make people sick

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