Smart metering? Dumb solution

Frontier Economics reviews costs and benefits of smart metering

The implementation of smart metering in Australia is currently the focus of considerable attention.  The Federal Government’s recent Energy White Paper promotes smart metering as a way to provide information about electricity usage and curb peak-time demand to reduce bills.  Frontier Economics (Australia) assesses the proposal in a client briefing and finds that the benefits of the required investment in Australia is not justified by the costs.

See: Smart metering Dumb solution – Frontier (Australia)


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4 Responses to Smart metering? Dumb solution

  1. Anonymous says:

    United Energy – Bullying Tactics
    Sent letter to United Energy in July 2012 refusing SM and this was followed by UE’s people coming to my door and demanding that I open meter box. Refused and 1 week later comes to door and says “you must open meter box to allow installation of SM” . Another person showed up again yesterday and left card in letter box about meter box being closed. I have complained to UE and my requests are being ignored. At the end of the day they will often end up having their own way by intimidating and bullying people. Ted Baillieu has lost my vote.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Anonymous,
      The first thing you must do is to keep your Electric Meter Box Locked at all times. You own the Electric Meter Box. Secondly keep writing polite letters to the boss or C.E.O of United Energy stating that. ” You refuse to allow a Microwave Smart Meter on your property at any time, for Health Reasons and also for the safety of your private electrical goods, i.e computers, printers T.V Radio etc. Please get some free Legal Advice as I did up to 30 minutes from your trusted Lawyer. These Victorian Based Foreign Owned Electric Power Company Public Relations Officers are Liars when they say it is the Law that one has to allow a Smart Meter on one’s property.

      I just phoned the Victorian Ombudsman’s Office and the person who answered me said. ” That that Ombudsman’s office did not take sides in disputes but tried to ameliorate or get the two opposing parties to come to an agreement. When I further questioned this officer, they said that it was the Law that people had to take a Smart Meter. I stated that my Lawyer had checked this bold statement of this officer’s out and what she said was Illegal. My Lawyer stated very clearly to me that it has never been the Law, that one cannot be forced to take a Microwave Smart Meter against one’s will and Better Judgement. I then told this Ombudsman’s officer that she did not understand The Victorian Laws and she seemed to be spreading purposeful LIES, at this she stopped her Cocky tone towards me. Without wasting any more time on this little minion who is oblivious to the facts I hung up. Don’t waste your time with any of these Victorian Government Departments as it seems they are all in COLLUSION with one another.

      This incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Government and should be flung out of office.

    • Lets take the Power Back says:

      Put up the no trespass sign at the front entry to your property and on your meter box – the sign is available on this site for download

  2. EJ says:

    Not a surprise here at all!

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