Powercor sidestepping precautionary protocol

Nov. 29, 2012,

I REFER to the article by Eloise Johnstone on page nine of the Advertiser of November 27:  “Meters are safe – Powercor”.

Powercor does not appear to have adhered to the precautionary element contained in clause 5.7(E) of the ARPANSA Standard (2002), which states: “measures for the protection of members of the general public who may be exposed to RF fields due to their proximity to antennas or other RF sources must include the following: (E) Minimising, as appropriate, RF exposure which is unnecessary or incidental to achievement of service objectives or process requirements, provided this can readily be achieved at reasonable expense”.

In light of this standard, why didn’t Powercor piggyback onto the NBN fibre-optic rollout, thus avoiding the well-documented health risks that radio frequency smart meters pose for people and animals?

Brian Clarke, Castlemaine  (Via Bendigo Advertiser)

The letter was a response to this Bendigo Advertiser article (click on to it to enlarge the article):

Bendigo Advertiser 27 November


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7 Responses to Powercor sidestepping precautionary protocol

  1. Miriam. says:

    Re NBN – it will incorporate a wireless system too & requires battery packs that need replacing every 5 years in every establishment – so i would not want to link anything with it.
    However, major aussie cities have got fibre optic cables for pay tv
    & cable internet so we should be using wired meters as in Sweden.

  2. John Wilson says:

    Look up this site and you will know who are the real beneficiaries. http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/business/smart-investors-reap-windfall-from-power-meters-20121223-2btk1.html
    It is not we, the people. A good question would be to ask just how much revenue does the Victorian Corporation act ing as our government earn from the rollout. How much revenue has the electricity sales and the increases generated for companies like PowerCor, City Power, Jemana and others. The whole exercise has not been accountable or transparent to the public. As it is public funds the companies are collecting then the public has a right to know. Let us have an audit done by a company that is totally indepedent and unbiased/ I have a feeling we are paying the cost several times for no benefit except to the profit line of these compaanies AND THE CORPORATE GOVERNMENT OF VICTORIA AT LEAST IS SANCTIONING IT. Hence the question is what benefit does this corporation derive from ripping off the public.
    look up the laws on sedition attached below:

    Other ‘Offences against the Government’ as part of the Crimes Act include treason (s. 24), treachery (s. 24 AA) and sabotage (s. 24 AB).

    Treachery encompasses “any act or thing with intent” to –

    i) overthrow the constitution of the Commonwealth by revolution or sabotage; or
    ii) overthrow by force or violence the established Government of the Commonwealth, of a state or of a proclaimed country

  3. Ken White says:

    It beggars belief that the Baillieu government is continuing to foist smart meters on Victorians when there is irrefutable evidence that they are causing a variety of sicknesses. Not only that, there are also reports from both the USA and UK that they can jeopardize the health of children.
    In effect the government has completely abandoned its responsibility to ensure, as practical as possible, the health and well-being of its citizens.
    Instead it continues to tug its metaphorical forelock to foreign-owned power companies that are, in many recorded cases, bullying and threatening householders into installing the meters. No doubt the spin and bullishit from the government and companies will continue, reassuring us, tongue in cheek, about how safe and wonderful they are and how our lives will be changed for the better once they are installed.
    But as Lincoln famously once said: “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”

  4. EJ says:

    It is interesting to note that Powercor have stated to consumers (in writing) that they are not in a position to guarantee the safety/health of the product. Surely this speaks more than any official statement. If one is confident in their product’s ability to not cause harm, then a guarantee would be forthcoming. Nothing they say can be trusted.

  5. EMR Stop says:

    Snivelling spokesperson slimes forth predictable prepackaged purulent public relations retorts. Another case of snakes slithering behind the smokescreens created by bad guidelines… and another case in point of how we have to get these guidelines changed.

  6. Wise Person from Melbourne says:

    Powercor seem to be liars. I dont want a smart meter and the old system was fine. They have robbed taxpayers for little benefits for the consumer. Ugly towers to transmit the data have been put up…why? the whole thing is a nuisance!

    • Melbourne Mum says:

      Ugly and dangerous if you live near one as they transmit for 100’s of metres, or is that kilometres? This whole industry is way out of touch with reality and intent on frying every living thing on the planet it seems.

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