Darebin Smart Meter Awareness Meeting – 4 December

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5 Responses to Darebin Smart Meter Awareness Meeting – 4 December

  1. Alias Rodney says:

    I believe our friend Mark Travill who works as the “Community Liaison Manager” for the AMI (ie. smartmeters) Program at DPI attended the Darebin Smart Meters Awareness Meeting on Monday night.

    I believe we also had the honour of Mark’s presence at the smart meter forum 10 days ago who came in place of Michael O’Brien (who unfortunately couldn’t make). Now I’ve been scratching my head a little bit because Mark, who after having attended the forum 10 days ago and hearing all the speakers and the first hand personal testimonies of those that have suffered terrible health afflictions after the installation of smart meters in their homes and in their streets Mark makes the following comments in Ballarat’s The Courier newspaper 5 days ago

    Hmmmm !

    So the question that has to be asked is why after having attended the forum and yet making the comments that he made in The Courier does Mark then decide to attend the Darebin Awareness Meeting. Did Mark attend Darebin because he likes to keep an open mind to those concerns that many of us have. I am led to believe that he did take notes right through the awareness meeting from the start to the end. Surely these wouldn’t be for any treacherous purpose would they such as plotting the destruction of the non consentors would it? I think we definitely need some clarification on this.

    Now Mark is a “Community Liaison” person and also happens to be an avid reader of this site. So as he is reading this he is in a perfect position to liaise with us. So Mark….hello…..all you have to is hit the REPLY button on this post and let us know what is going on in your thinking when you CONTINUE TO ATTEND Smart Meter Awareness gatherings, when you take all those notes even though you make statements such as those in The Courier. Mark, we are eagerly awaiting your contribution to this forum and I am sure being the “liaison” person that you are that you won’t let us down.

    • Melbourne Mum says:

      Hmm, yes we would certainly like to know what is this ‘Mark’ person up to. Peoples lives are being turned upside down through no fault of their own. Does he think the public concern is simply hysteria? Why would any of us waste our precious time going to meetings, etc if this was not IMPORTANT, AND A MASSIVE PROBLEM CAUSED BY GREEDY, SELFISH POWER DISTRIBUTORS WHO ARE HELPED BY DPI & GOVT. NO END!!!! Enough of the crap and just keep it real, okay Travill ? THE CUSTOMER Needs Your Help – YOU GOT THAT???

  2. Pam says:

    My box also has a cut -out and perspex lined locked box. Everything was fine until last time meter was read and I got an estimated Bill. I rang me Supplier (Energy Aust) and they said he couldn’t read my meter because box was Locked. I told Energy Aust this was rubbish as it was easily accessible and asd I had been keeping readings myself they were within a couple of Kilowatts of his reading anyhow. She said she wasn’t prepared to reissue my Account as it only amounted to a few cents. However she also told me that I would once every twelve months make an appointment with Power Cor to be there when one of their readers read my Meter as a cost of $32.90 (more money for power cor). I have been off air because Telstra in Warrnambool building burnt down 2 weeks next Thursday and I still haven’t had a computer or land-line available to me. I am commenting from an Internet Cafe. i HAVE SO MUCH CATCHING UP TO DO. MY BOX IS LOCKED AND STAYING LOCKED AND I WILL NEVER GIVE IN AND HAVE A SMART METER INSTALLED………………………CHEERS EVERYONE………….PAM 🙂

  3. John says:

    Notice how the government always use the most expensive alternatives, they did the same thing when it came to water, SE Pipeline thats prob only pumped dust to date & bogus Desal Plants instead of Mitchel River & or a pipeline to Tassie.

    “”Jemena blames politics for smart meter confusion””. Maybe what they mean is they’re not happy the government hasn’t used Brutal Gestapo tactics to enforce these upon us all yet. Jemena are only concerned about reaching their quota cause if they don’t it will hit them where it hurts (money in the bank). Well boo hoo to you trolls I hope you’s go broke. After all it’s a foreign owned corporation that Aussie Government sold of Nov 2010 to SIngapore for half price that only cares about making $$$$$$$. & if so it happens they go broke then maybe then we can get back our power grid to where it rightfully should be owned.

    How is it OH&S (Occupational Health n Safety) is a concern for many things , but not for Smart/ Dumb Meters? Thats Hipocracy isn’t it, all the while they lie about it ,for anything that can cause a negative impact on ones mental state & cause cancer is not tolerable. Come to think of it The Australian Government is a cancer selling us out with a Prime MInister Ju-Liar Gillard that always lies & cheats to cover things up same as the gov she represents. I’m totally disgusted with our governments uncaring attitude that only sees dollar signs, turning a blind eye to all the scientific studies that prove the ill effects of EMF , Wi Fi & all other Airwaves transmitting radiation pollution.

    Having a Smart Meter leaves us all vulnerable to an EMF attack by anyone or country. Government/Criminals/Hackers can know exactly when were home to case our joints to steal everything, just why should we put up with this crap? At least having the old Meters keeps a few extra people in jobs, automation will only make people redundant that only benifits Authoritarian Elite Globalist Power to have absolute control over us all leaving us the people helpless & vulnerable.

  4. 1vimana1 says:

    Dear Readers,
    This below is a letter from Vera Mills a pen-pal of mine.

    Hi Richard,
    Just a bit of info you might find interesting. I met my friendly meter reader this morning and it was a very interesting conversation. He came to my meter box and I explained why we had the liftable flap. I hoped that it would be convenient and easy for him to do an accurate reading rather than an estimate. He lifted the flap, pressed the button and got a reading immediately. I explained that I was hoping that by keeping my box locked and and still having the meter accessible, would keep his job safe a bit longer. He was most impressed and grateful and said that he would mention what I did to his workmates.
    From Vera Mills.

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