Victorian Smart Meter Forum TODAY

Please note, according to some Melway maps, Willesdon Road is in Hughesdale.

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14 Responses to Victorian Smart Meter Forum TODAY

  1. Diane Roberts says:

    Hi im from warragul and six months ago smart meters where being installed, I was luck enough to find this website and lock up my meter box put up signs ect. Today I received a letter saying try are going to install my new smart meter in december, I tell my husband who said he has been told by some friends at work that the government has just made it mandatory. So they never installed it last time, so what they thought they would give it another go? Or is it because i have changed electricity company’s?

    • Anonymous says:

      I just wonder if we have already given the distribution company a very CLEAR MESSAGE of non consent by sending the installers away after one visit, whether then there is LEGAL JUSTIFICATION for a MUCH MORE FORCEFUL RESPONSE to any AUDACIOUS second and subsequent visits. After all, the distribution companies CAN NOT SAY THAT THEY ARE NOT AWARE OF OUR NON CONSENT. And the fact that they departed from our properties after their initiaI visit is in itself an implied acknowledgement of our right to not consent to the installation of a smart meter and of our right to order any undesirable persons off our property. IT’S EITHER AN INSTALLATION OF THE METER OR AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF OUR RIGHT TO BOTH REFUSE SMARTMETER AND KICK UNDESIREABLES OFF OUR PROPERTY. Let them answer this then. Why did the installers leave when we told them to leave ? Why ???? Why did they not forcefully and physically hold us down and continue the installation as they told us ie. “it’s going ahead !!!” I think we must have some legal basis for viewing any second and subsequent visits by installers as ACTS OF HOSTILITY. A second and susequent visit is no longer to be viewed again as another mere occurrence of “the meter people coming around”. That CEASED after the first visit which when they came they decided that they would do WHAT WE TOLD THEM TO DO at the time ie. to depart from our properties and to take their unwanted dirty stinking smartmeter apparatus with them. Them going away with their tail between their legs is an ACT OF RECOGNITION OUR RIGHTS and which can be presented as LEGAL TESTIMONY in court. So any subsequent intrusions are clearly a violation of rights WHICH THEY HAVE ALREADY ACKNOWLEDGED by their actions.

      Damn you Ted Baillieu, you most insipid leader, you are going to be brought down in a big way.

      I will treat any second and subsequent visit to my property WITH GREAT SEVERITY.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t listen to friends who are ignorant. Though they may be friends these type of comments show that they are not for you but against you. They just like to take the side of the oppressors for some reason. They just believe the rubbish that gets fed to them and then try to influence you. Comments like “oh, but it’s going to happen eventually”. These people are of no help. It’s legal is it ? Ask them “Where is the piece of legislation ?”. Ask them “how much research have you done ?” Duhhhhhh !!!! That’s the answer they give you. Beware folks of supposedly well meaning ignorant friends and colleages because they are the ones who allow themselves to be used as a doormat and be walked over.

      • Sharron says:

        Well said. Why are so many not willing to stand up for their rights? is it laziness or just blind ignorance. Duh indeed!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The entire forum was filmed and recorded, I guess the files are being prepared for download/youtube and will be made available then. >400 people, excellent speakers, lots of valuable info.

  3. The Grumpy Old Bugger says:

    I recorded it on my smart phone if you want a copy let me know.

  4. Did anyone record the guest speakers? i missed out but would have loved to attend & listen to the speakers, talk to people. I hope someone may have posted it on u tube?

    • Linda S says:

      I was wondering the same thing as I went away for the w/end. Would someone please post how many attended (roughly). I see the petition is gaining more signatures per day and the comments from people are fantastic, so good on them! More needs to be done however, for me to be completely satisfied with the anti-smart meter Push. These politicians NEED TO FEEL THE WRATH OF THE PEOPLE AND IT HAS TO HAPPEN SOON… KEEP UP THE FIGHT… NEVER GIVE IN TO DICTATORS, THEY DON”T HAVE ANY RIGHT TO RUIN OUR LIVES HERE IN VICTORIA!!!

  5. Glenj says:

    I too attended the excellent Forum held on Sunday at Oakleigh and I would like to congratulate the organisers and all the brilliant information provided to those of us who are against these health damaging ‘smart’ meters.. Each day I’m learning more about our rights and that we don’t have to accept them. I’ve now locked my electricity meter box and will be getting a window cut out so my meter can be read. I’ve also written to United Energy stating I do not want one in the strongest terms. Thank you for all your informative comments – they are very helpful. i found out for sure today that we each own our meter box and it’s ok to have a window cut out.
    stand strong

  6. Melbourne Mum says:

    So glad to hear the forum went well, I knew it would as I’ve attended meetings in my local area and was more than impressed with the speakers. We travelled along the Western Hwy over the w/end to the Grampians. Such a beautiful spot, but all the way are those huge smart meter towers (and telco towers) reminding us of the nightmare Victoria has become. I really hope people will begin to understand the importance of reducing the amount of wireless radiation around us all & join the fight against this absurd waste of taxpayers money that is certainly going to cause harm to all living creatures and the natural environment on which we all depend. Strong Action needs to be taken against those companies responsible for the so-called smart grid NOW just like in other parts of the world. Thanks SSMA & all contributors to this great website!

  7. Well done organizers the meeting was a great way of communicating serious issues of health and privacy…it’s time the Victorian Government RESPONDS, with research into all the health issues that are surfacing daily.

  8. GlennS says:

    The forum was superb! Thank you so much to the organisers and speakers at this event. Let’s hope some positive action comes from it.

  9. ingrid says:

    I hope it was a huge success. Well done organisers, speakers and all others for your efforts.
    Oakleigh is too far, so I dedicated today to buying a pop rivet gun and INSTALLING SMART LOCK ON MY METER BOX 🙂

  10. Liesl says:

    I was there and it was mind blowing. Thank you for your hard work and a well organised and informative conference. Liesl

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