Big energy users agree to switch off in peaks – NSW here they come!

ELECTRICITY demand will be cut by the amount of power needed for 50,000 airconditioners on the hottest days this summer under a deal between NSW transmission network operator TransGrid and big energy users like manufacturers, universities and data centres.

The deal – a forerunner of the kind of demand management arrangements recommended in a Senate report to be tabled on Thursday this week – means the big users are paid to switch off an agreed quantity of power for an agreed period of time on days when electricity demand peaks.

It was brokered by demand side response company EnerNOC, which aggregates and guarantees the demand reduction, and will help cut the huge peaks in demand that occur for fewer than 40 hours a year but require infrastructure spending that accounts for about 25 per cent of household power bills.

It could pave the way for similar deals with businesses and even households if smart meters are rolled out nationwide.

Smart meters collect more information about electricity use than ordinary meters. They can also send and receive information and remotely control electricity use, such as a proposal in a Senate report that households agree to savings by letting power companies shut down their appliances during peak periods of demand.

Iain MacGill, an electrical engineer and director of the University of NSW centre for energy and environmental markets, said the state government must ”bite the bullet” and commit to a potentially costly roll-out of smart meters to manage NSW’s electricity.

The Senate report, which will form the basis of the federal government’s package of power price reforms to be put to the states in December, proposed a national roll-out of smart meters.

Only about 20,000 NSW homes have the meters, compared with 1.3 million in Victoria, where the government aims to put them in every home by the end of next year.

As revealed by Fairfax Media on Wednesday, the Senate report into electricity pricing will recommend accreditation for demand side management companies, as well as a shift to ”cost reflective pricing” – allowing consumers to avoid the expensive peaks.

via Big energy users agree to switch off in peaks.

People in NSW here they come!


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12 Responses to Big energy users agree to switch off in peaks – NSW here they come!

  1. Alison says:

    Unfortunately I was nieve and bought into the assumption that I had no choice due to having solar panels that I had to get the smart meter. I wish I saw this site earlier. Could you advise me is there any chance I can command they give me my analogue meter back? Will I still be entitled to my rebate fit my solar panels?
    I also received a letter late last year which I never called the company back telling me they needed to upgrade my gas meter. Company called Jemena who “owns and operates the gas network in your network”. I still have the letter and the card the technician left cause he couldn’t access my “meter providing gas and or/hot water” apparently they needed “to be repaired or replaced”. Does any one know what that is about? Going to call the company tomorrow to get an explanation.

  2. Beatrix Vant says:

    How many solar stations on house roofs or anywhere, how many wind farms (in remote areas, plenty in Australia) could we create out of this amount of money wasted on a geeks’ project…restaurants turning off fridges? I am not even laughing any more, if Victoria brings in the gas and water smart meters we are leaving Victoria…sad, sad, sad. Just forked out $598 (almost a week’s wage after tax) so that the SAME company moved the smart meter antenna to the roof after the company installed it within a mere 2cm from our head INSIDE the bedroom wall on the other side of the 175mm thick plastering. I cannot sleep in Victoria, while I sleep through the night like a baby at Mom’s overseas… :(((

  3. Melbourne Resident says:

    gee i am not sure people in Darwin will like this or Alice Springs! where it is extremely hot for most of the year!!! I hate smart meters! not smart at all. Not cool. Dont like it. Expensive Health Hazard. How dare they!

  4. Frances says:

    I received a letter yesterday informing me that I was about to have a meter installed. I called up SP AusNet and I was verbally abused and insulted, by the young man at the other end, who informed me that they SPI Electricity Pty Ltd, have a MANDATE from the previous Victorian Govt. (Labor) to install SMART METERS, and that if I don’t give them Access to my Property, to do so that they would just CUT OFF my power altogether. I felt my blood pressure shoot up yesterday, with a massive headache as a result of this encounter!

    • Suffering from Head Pains and Nausea says:

      a smart meter by

      That is the VERY TOOL that they use as part of their “best endeavors” to get you
      TO ALLOW THEM onto your premises.

      Their words are JUST WORDS having NO LEGAL and NO CONTRACTUAL BASIS.

      Don’t be intimidated but stand your ground and do what everyone else here is doing by locking their meter boxes etc. and THEY WON’T BE ABLE TO TOUCH YOU.

    • Pam says:

      Frances – Firstly Lock your Box and get you signs displayed especially the “Fine ” one. If any installer comes to your home tell them to leave or you will call the Police. Don’t ring them it’s a waste of time and as you said it gave you a headache and your blood pressure shot through the roof. They have to try their “Best Endeavours” to get you to put one in. . They can’t cut you Power Off. They threatened me with the same thing. Go to your Local Paper and report the bullying and how you were treated. You will probably find many people where you live where treated the same as you. NEVER LET THEM INSTALL A SMART METER……….Good Luck…..Pam 🙂

  5. Pam says:

    PEOPLE OF NEW SOUTH WALES – FIGHT LIKE HELL to protect your Annalogue Meter. You are lucky cause you have all the information you need on our website. LOCK YOUR BOXES AND DISPLAY ALL THE SIGNS (all available on our Website) ASAP and NEVER LET ANY INSTALLER install darn SMART METER at your, yes YOUR HOME because they are invasive which is a PRIVACY ISSUE ( do you want God knows who knowing when you wash iron turn the toaster on etc etc)- THEY ARE A FIRE RISK – THEY ARE VERY DANGEROUS TO THE HEALTH OF YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY and also will HIT YOU FINANCIALLY…………………………..GOOD LUCK N.S.W. WE ARE ALL BEHIND YOU………………CHEERS PAM 🙂

  6. Cedar Wilde says:

    Well, we can have Smart meters without them being wireless, just use the cabling we already have for our usual supplies of electricity. In recent days we have seen what a storm can do to a big city like New York, power out, everything crippled and yet we are leaving ourselves open to that position by installing “Smart” meters which can be turned off centrally by any ill-intentioned organisation or individual. I’m expecting a media blitz on how wonderful these gadgets are and how anti-social any one who opposes them is. That’s the way repressive governments and large businesses operate to get their own way! We need to keep fighting them and organise ourselves to make a big impact. (Without resorting to acts of terrorism!!)

  7. Informed Choice says:

    Mr MacGill will be eating his words before too long. It is NOT the way to go and will no doubt lead to more problems in the future through public health complaints. What is needed urgently in this country is the voice of the people to be heard and integrity in leadership, not dictatorship! Fairfax Media has a lot to answer for as well… no transparency, too much conflict of interest and motivated by Corporate Greed and $$$. New South Wales, stand up to them and do not let yourselves be misguided by their false promises or it’s all downhill, like in Victoria where people are only beginning to awaken to a Complete Nightmare… Free your families from this awful onslaught of radiation emissions which is happening right here in Melbourne & Country Victoria. Trust me – you don’t want to live with this stuff surrounding you, feeling like you’re part of some sick, twisted experiment in a controlled ‘nazi’ society…. this is Melbourne, 2012

  8. Terry says:

    Orwell was right!..he just got the year wrong, 2012 not 1984. Big brother is watching.

  9. Brigitte says:

    When you read the article, you almost can feel sorry for the electricity suppliers who have “to bite the bullet” and roll out the smart-meter nationwide. As if the consumer is not paying for this device. And how convenient that the consumer can choose the times when to use electricity. You will have to change your daily routine to a nightly routine to get something out of it, as they are going to charge you the highest price during the time you most need it: from 2pm to 10.30pm…. They are all such competent liars. Regards, Brigitte

  10. Domenic says:

    This is the stupidest thing I have read today
    Why would a data centre cut its power in peak
    Looks like I’m moving my website hosting overseas where the electricity is still on
    I mean come on this is a pathetic scheme to control and extort more money
    Don’t let them put a smart meter in fight for your rights do not give in
    Smart meters are not beneficial they are privacy & human rights thieving devices say NO because N.O spells no

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