East Gippsland Council Success – Victory for People Power!



East Gippsland Councillors and local Members of Parliament have constantly refused to meet with concerned residents to discuss smart meter issues. However, locals spread the word and encouraged people to go to the Council offices on Monday 6th August to hold a sit in until Councillors agreed to listen to their residents. Over 60 people of all ages crammed into the foyer. It was a marvellous sight! Eventually the Mayor came out and was compelled to assure everyone that the Council would give local residents time to present their case at the next council meeting which was to be held the next night on Tuesday. Over 50 people crammed into the Council chambers to attend the meeting. Ms A Nugent spoke for 10 minutes to the Council about smart meters. Local residents erupted into applause when Council unanimously passed a motion to support its local residents in their stand against smart meters and act as advocates in communications with the Hon. Michael O’Brien, Minister for Energy and Resources.

It is reported that many of the Councillors had no idea smart meters were wireless – they believed the meters were just digital. They were also unaware of the related installation of monopoles and that no planning permits were needed for such poles.  Speaking after the Council meeting, Ms Nugent said “It was all made possible by the willingness of Council to keep an open mind and explore the issue with the best interest of this area in mind and by the determination of all the people who came to the Council chambers to show support for the motion.”

Stop Smart Meters Australia congratulates the people of East Gippsland for their concerted and persistent efforts!


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28 Responses to East Gippsland Council Success – Victory for People Power!

  1. Archie Burke says:

    These meters HAVE BEEN BANNED in some countries in EUROPE on health grounds! Don,t Australians care about their health?

  2. Archie Burke says:

    What would happen if terrorists took over S_(ROBBERY) Meters H.Q.where ALL POWER CAN BE TURNED OFF? We would be helpless with NO COMPUTERS for Police,Army,Air Force,Navy,S.E.S.,Hospitals,Traffic control,Street lighting? What do our Defence chiefs say to this?

  3. Pam Densley says:

    LETS ALL WRITE TO OUR COUNCILLORS VICTORIA WIDE – THEY WILL HAVE TO SIT UP AND TAKE NOTICE THEN. Be interesting to see what the various Councils feel sbout SMART METERS – There are Council Elections happening all over the State in the next couple of months. This may sway them towards at least looking at our concerns like the East Gippsland Council did. Send a copy of their Post and see what happens……………..We are WINNING – look at today’s post on Rented Properties and Heritage listed Properties. Thank You Stop Smart Meters for all your information…………Have a good weekend free of Installers…………….Cheers Pam 🙂

  4. United we stand says:

    This is a prime example of what Aussies can do when they decide to act, especially when someone takes the initiative to lead the way and make people aware of what the issues are. Congratulations on great leadership and to all the people who left their homes to act. Let’s show those in power in Australia that we are serious about standing up for our rights. Perhaps the rest of us could now follow this great example.

  5. Mariel says:

    I attended a rally a few months back on the Mornington Peninsula and refused a smart meter when they came to my area. I would like to add my congratulations to the people of East Gippsland for the excellent result achieved. They are fortunate that their Local Government officials are so open-minded. I’ve tried to question my local Parliamentarians both State and Federal. I have also talked to a Green’s Party Senator with no satisfactory outcome. They all tow the line on this issue (cross-bench co-operation, how amazing!) and quote segments of Bills but can produce no evidence that any Parliamentary Act has been changed or voted on.

    Knowing that Political Parties in both State and Federal Government can achieve such cross-bench co-operation, we can only imagine, what progress our State and Nation might have achieved so far, were other important matters of State/National interest, given equal attention.

    The anti-smart meter movement can take heart from the successful show of Democracy witnessed in East Gippsland. The people of Victoria and in turn our Nation, need to wake up, to the undisclosed intentions of the big Power Companies and their collusion with the State Government. (with our privacy as an issue, “providing open access to, heaven knows WHO ELSE”?) We must stand together. This is issue is too important to let slide.

    “It mightn’t happen overnight, but it will happen”

    This a famous quote, I may not have the words perfectly correct, but it seems to fit here 🙂

    • Sharron says:

      I totally agree Mariel. MPs such as Greg Hunt should be doing more research and not just ignoring our concerns over the smart meter/ monopole takeover in our community. I am livid that those in local government are turning a blind eye and obviously are in complete denial of the situation. Hope they are heading for a HUGE wake-up call here on the Peninsula also!!!

  6. G’day,
    I had no idea they were installing transmitting antenna as well in these smart meters installations either. It makes sense now how people are being effected by the data transmissions from this device.
    This state government has a lot to answer for, regardless of who’s idea it was in the first place,Labour or Liberal.
    My local member here in Sale, Peter Ryan, his office’s comment was that they will do what ever they want to. I lost my temper at that point.
    As an electronics tech now for 40 plus years I can see that the only people who will benefit out of these meters will be AUSNET. Capturing and sending data about your electricity usage & current time to the power authority.
    On another point, these meters are made in India, the quality of instrumentation coming from that country is of dubious quality. One sees stories of meters blowing up, this all makes sense if India is the manufacturing country. To do what they do ,the meters will have to be active in transmitting data and draw some current in order to do this.
    The old analogue meters are benign, they are passive instruments and use little power within themselves. For the most part they were built in Australia or England and were built well to last for decades. They are accurate and quite robust using just two coils, Voltage & current and a circular aluminium disk, rather like a Faraday disk. This is linked by gears to a mechanical counter and readout is in Kilowatt hours. The only draw back is that it needs to be read by a (paid) human being and billing tariffs have to be a constant value. You can’t be charged up to double or what ever they like for kilowatt hour peak hour usage as these smart meters do between 14:00 to 22:00.
    I can’t believe this is happening in a so called free country like Australia.

    Regards Robert Scott

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Robert,
      Great letter of yours, yes the only way to beat the so-called Smart Meter so far is to padlock your Electric Meter Box/s with good stout or Industrial Padlocks as I and now many thousands of us have done and are continuing to do.

      The very cheek of that officer for the Local Member of Ryan saying ….
      ” They will do what ever they want to ! ” Doesn’t this officer realise that you are the customer and not he or she as the case may be. Their job is to serve the public not torture the public with these now proving to be deadly dangerous Type 2B Carcinogen Causing Microwave Illegal Telephone Tapping and Microwave Poisonous Rays invading our whole bodies. It is crystal clear to me the various Councils and the Victorian State Government is only out to even further Rip More and More Cash from us their already Cash Strapped Customers.

      These Smart Meters are not smart in any way at all but deadly dangerous pieces of untested and highly dangerous junk, as is now being proven world wide and by the World Health Organisation. Right now a very large band of Doctors of Medicine now growing World Wide is finding out just how dangerous these Accursed Microwave so-called Smart Meters are and warning people of the real dangers of allowing these Meters on their properties.

  7. Geoffrey Payne says:

    Powercor just knocked on my front door to install a “smart” meter. He was from Skiltech and I said you do not have permission to come onto my property. He was courteous and said fair enough and asked why. I said I cannot afford it and he replied it was mandatory and I said it was not legal. He typed this out on his electronic gismo and then said “we will have to come back” and I said it will have to involve the Police and a whole squad of them or I will be jumping up and down. It will make good publicity. He typed all that into his machine just inside my property line and then walked off to his van and left five minutes later. Perhaps I should notify the local paper and maybe others, any suggestions?

    • Pam Densley says:

      Geoffrey – Go to your Local Paper. I did under “Pensioner takes a Stance” in the Warnambool Standard back in May. Get as much free Publicity as you can. I just wish we had a Group here in Warrnambool, so we could go to Council also. My analogue meter was read by a Person and my box is locked with a perspex insert so it can be read., and I received my account as usual. Many people with Smart meters haven’t received an account in over 12 months, even after ringing their Supply Company. If you haven’t got your Box Locked please do it asap, otherwise they could come back when you are not home and install a SMART METER. This happenend to several friends of mine, even tho they had signs up etc etc., Once a NOT SO SMART METER is installed, it’s pretty hard to get rid of it……Good Luck Pam

    • 1vimana1 says:

      You handled that seemingly courteous Smart Meter Installer Man’s wanting to make you yet another Smart Meter Customer very well. His statement to you of…………………….
      ” We will have to come back.” was absurd. He knows or should know by now that the forced imposition of any so-called Smart Meter/s is not in any way a LEGAL REQUIREMENT upon you or any Victorian Electricity Customer. There is no Legal Contract between you or any electrical Victorian customer to take a Microwave or any other type of Smart Meter if youi don’t want it. In fact these Smart Meters have never been passed in both the Upper and the Lower Houses of The Victorian Parliament under the former John Brumby Labour Government or under this present Liberal Led Ted Baillieu Government. This Mad Lust of Liberal Victorian Government to get every Victorian Home Owner and Small Business to accept the Smart Meters and hand in their perfectly safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters is a giant Confidence Trick. This constant pressure being exerted on Victorians is from An Order In Council which hearkens back to the John Brumby Labour Government around 2005 when he and the then acting Governor of Victoria and 3 or 4 or more of John Brumby’s Henchmen together with each C.E.O of the Five Foreign Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies got their heads together to try to force these now proving to be very dangerous Smart Meters through both houses of the Victorian Parliament. They soon realised that this would be next to impossible, so they cooked up another Nefarious Scheme which was ” The Order In Council.” This Order In Council is a scheme which does not involve us the Electricity Customers of Victoria but is only a contract between the then past Victorian Labour Government and the now present Ted Baillieu Led Liberal Victorian Government to get these Foreign Owned Victorian Electric Companies to get their Smart Meter Installer or Contractor Men to use …….” Their Best Endeavours to get Victorian Electricity Customers to allow a Smart Meter to be installed on their Private Home Owners and or Small Business Properties.“
      Now the statement……” To get the Smart Meter Installers to use their Best Endeavours, does not mean to Bully or Harass or Intimidate Customers to accept a Smart Meter against the customers’ Will and Better Judgement. Therefore if you get harassed again simply call your Local Police.

      I took the trouble of writing to my local police and asked them what would they do if the Smart Meter Man threatened to cut smash or cut my Industrial Padlock keeping my Meter Box locked ?
      They replied that they would arrest this Smart Meter Installer Man and Charge Him with Breaking and Entering my property whether I had my Legal Anti-Trespass Signs erected or not.
      When contacted by one of the women Publicity Officers from PowerCor and being told I had to have a Smart Meter for the second time, I made the points clear as in this letter to her which set her back on her heels at first and and she took a softer tone. I insisted that the installation of a Smart Meters agains my will is UNLAWFUL. She did not argue any more with me and I told here that I had my Electric Meter Box Firmly Padlocked with an Industrial Padlock.
      She then said rather tetchily to me……” Oh in that case we CERTAINLY would NOT allow the Smart Meter Man to install a Smart Meter on your property. Click went the phone at her end as she hung up on me. Now I hope these busybodies will leave me alone as is my LEGAL RIGHT.

  8. kerry says:

    This is a wonderful win. We have now tried to agitate for Yarra Ranges Shire Council to enter into this issue and join us in our fight for health. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!

    • From East Gippsland – People power was the turning point for us. No- one in the council would talk, no replies to emails and certainly no attendance to a meeting even though they were all invited. So…
      on Friday we made a decision to force the issue, asked everyone to spread the word and meet at council building 11am the following Monday.

      We told them basically that this was a time for action, not excuses and that the only way to get council attention was physical evidence of voters. Then we crossed our fingers because we had no idea if anyone would turn up.

      Come Monday at 11am there were about 20 of us, so we went in and the receptionists wouldn’t tell the Mayor we were there. They tried to take our paperwork, threatened with calling the police, all sorts of tricks. I kept calmly telling them that ‘this wasn’t a protest, we simply needed to speak to the Mayor for a few minutes and no, they couldn’t have our paperwork’.

      Meanwhile people kept on arriving and by about 11.30 there wasn’t a spare inch of floor. Finally they gave in and the Mayor came out. He informed us that they couldn’t talk to us until next months meeting. “Too late” we said. ‘You have avoided taliking to us until now and now there is no time to waste”.
      The mayor was surrounded on all sides by people and was told “we want your guarantee that we can have time at tomorrows meeting”. Naturally, surrounded by voters he had to say yes.

      We got everyone to spread the word again and the next night we packed the chamber room and foyer. They had to find chairs from everywhere. To the councillors credit once they got an idea what we were worried about, they actually started to pay attention and carried the motion to support. There is no way to know as yet whether that was a lip service motion, or if they are really going to fight for us, but it is a start and at least they now know that a wide range of community members are so concerned that they are prepared to fight.

      The moral is: Nothing would have changed for us here if the people hadn’t made the effort to show physical support. The visual of all those voters is what got their attention.

      Good luck everyone, together we stand.

  9. Anne-Marie says:


    I have sent a copy of this victory to yarra ranges council ‘mail@yarraranges.vic.gov.au’ and added this message to them:
    Please urgently see the information below: We are desperately trying to suspend the installation of smart meters in our council area as they are dangerous medically, financially and in terms of personal privacy. I would respectfully request that all people within the council, including general staff who live in our area and will also ultimately be affected by the impending “smart grid” and electro-magnetic radiation to access information as soon as possible, become educated to the dangers before allowing the installation of these meters into your homes, businesses, schools, kindergartens, churches, hospitals, nursing homes…..

    Many Kind Regards,

    Anne Marie

    • Pam Densley says:

      Anne Marie – I have just typed a letter to our Local Council, attaching a copy of “East Gippsland Success” using your letter in part. Everyone should do the same to their respective Local Councils. I will send a comment when I receive a Reply. We do not have a Group in Warrnambool, but we have a population of 30,000 and thousands more at Holiday time. and also have Council Elections coming up shortly……………..Pam 🙂

  10. Alan says:

    What an inspiration Allanah is for the campaign against the dangers of Smart Meters to the community. Well done Allannah!!

  11. Glenn Seymon says:

    Fabulous news! Let’s hope this is the first of many councils to support the voice of the community.

  12. Lisa Demos says:

    Well done and congratulations!!! How can we get the same thing happening in the Baw Baw Shire? Any help?

  13. Brian Smale says:

    Keep up the fight!

  14. domenic says:

    i only wish this sort of action to stop smart meters would happen in mildura vic we currently have power core and their contractors out in force installing this disgrace of a system and no one seems to care i have my power box locked and already slammed my front door in the face of an installer

    • Pam Densley says:

      Good on you Domenic – Go to the Local Newspaper like I did and Voice your concerns. It is YOUR HOUSE, YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR SAFETY AND THAT OF YOUR FAMILY at stake – Hope you have all your Signs up as well especially the No Trespass One…Keep Fighting like we all are and Good Luck………………Pam (Warrnambool we have no Group here either) 🙂

  15. fantastic effort great results. good on yas. keep onto them until u get exactly what u want and deserve. awesome.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Let’s do this for West Gippsland now!

  17. Pam Densley says:

    Congratulations to the people of East Gippsland – WELL DONE – I wish we had a Group here in Warrnambool so we could do the same (Elections coming up shortly). With their Councillors behind them maybe Minister O’Brien may now see the light and stop this Rollout once and for all. As a matter of interest, my Meter in my LOCKED BOX with a Perspex insert was read by a friendly Analogue Meter Reader and I received my account today as usual. Other people in my area with SMART METERS haven’t had accounts for yonks – that says something for the NOT SO SMART METERS. Why can’t they be read????? – These people will end up with a Bill for hundreds of Dollars…Who will pay their accounts???? ‘POWER TO THE PEOPLE’…….Pam

  18. David Rogerson says:

    Congratulations to all people involved with this effort. A win for what is right, a win for choice

  19. Nenad Stanojevic says:

    Magnificent . Well done.

  20. Gerhard says:

    Congratulation – One can only wish that other councils follow and do what they are elected for – represent the people.

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