Public Meeting Seaford Thursday 9th August 7pm

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4 Responses to Public Meeting Seaford Thursday 9th August 7pm

  1. Alan Burke says:

    Identify the politician(s) responsible for the suspension of OUR RIGHTS,& democratic process!

  2. Informed Choice says:

    Thankyou so much Glenn for chairing this meeting. I think you are FANTASTIC and wish there were many more like you! I attended the Frankston meeting around 2 months ago and it was very successful and empowering. No doubt the Seaford one will be huge as well. Community support is growing for the roll-out to be STOPPED, but everyone needs to band together and do what they can to help, keep the conversations going and support one another. It is time to take action, let this Vic government know what we think about their DISREGARD FOR OUR RIGHTS!!! How dare they SELL US OUT to Overseas Investors!!! Take the Power Back Victorians!

  3. Pam Densley says:

    Another Meeting – great we are getting the message across the State. Lock your Boxes, Display your signs. For those who don’t have Computers. Make some signs up for them and take along to the Meetings. Thanks Stop Smart Meters for keeping us in formed of what is going on……Pam. PS check this website daily if you can.

  4. G’day,
    any idea of a meeting closer to Sale, Victoria ??

    Regards Robert Scott

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