Letters to the Editor recently published in the Swan Hill Guardian

Smart Meter Madness
Wednesday, 11 July 2012
By John Cornish

In Melbourne it is common to find a bed-head up against a bedroom wall with an electrical meter immediately on the outside. In this case it seems possible that for people sleeping in close proximity to a smart meter on the outside wall, their RF exposures may be significantly in excess of a Swiss transmitter study that found increased nervousness, difficulty in falling asleep, difficulty in maintaining sleep, general weakness and joint pains. Sleep disturbance was associated with a maximum exposure of 1.85 uW/cm2 and a mean night-time exposure of less than 0.7 uW/cm2.
A recent Melbourne study revealed frequent RF spikes every few seconds that are of far greater intensity – (up to 36.4 uW/cm2)
Higher amounts of electromagnetic field radiation is a huge public health issue for Melbourne (and elsewhere), given the ubiquitous roll-out of the meters. This should call for an immediate halt to the roll-out and a commencement of independent research to determine the extent of people’s exposures, especially when a smart meter is in close proximity to a bedroom. Symptoms reported and their actual home RF exposure levels would be a good start. The BIG question: Is there a research organisation left in Australia that is not financially dependent on $$$ handouts from the corporations promoting smart meter technology?
The Victorian Government is trying to convince us that smart meters are good for us. We should not blindly accept what official sources tell us. In the 1940s governments were saying there was no proven evidence to suggest that smoking was harmful to health, and smoking was deemed to be a safe activity. Tobacco companies knew of the dangers but protected their financial interests by remaining silent over the health risks of smoking. In the 1960s asbestos was still being manufactured and sold to an unsuspecting public even though governments and asbestos manufacturers had known of the dangers of this product for many years. We must not allow the smart meter madness to saturate our region with heightened levels of EMF radiation and endanger the lives of our men, women and most vulnerable children.
Many shires in the USA have had enough of the smart meter nonsense and legislated against further roll-outs in their county. Others have legislated to allow people to opt out of having to accept the devices without financial penalty.
Why is Australia behind other countries in acknowledging the health dangers of ever increasing levels of electro magnetic radiation on the population?


Smart Meter Safety
Sunday, 29 July 2012
By Sarah Elliott

Hugo Armstrong, of CitiPower and Powercorp Australia, states correctly in his letter (The Guardian July 27) that there is a lot of inaccurate information circulating with regard to Smart Meters. There is no doubt that this is true, given that the wider community does not have the resources or education to ensure that they are well informed. He goes on to cite that Smart Meters and their levels of electromagnetic and radio frequency emissions have been found to be safe. What Mr Armstrong does not address, are the concerns regarding the cumulative effects of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation), which are becoming increasingly well documented by leading world scientists, including those who have had involvement in the World Health Organisation. The WHO has (in May 2011) acknowledged via an IARC designation that this form of wireless technology is “possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B)”.
Most of us do not realize that the physiological functions in human beings (as in all living organisms) are electrochemical in nature. Dr Magda Havas PhD, an Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University in Ontario, Canada, has worked in the field of EMF for many years. Her research investigates the biological effects (both positive and negative) of electromagnetic energy. Many of her credible findings are not to be ignored.
The Swedish government have officially recognised EMR Sensitivity as a disability. Highly respected Professor Olle Johannsson PhD, who has worked alongside Nobel laureates, has been instrumental in providing years of research to highlight the impact of EMR.
The Swiss Government has enforced some of the world’s strictest radiation guidelines. One only need to look to Swisscom, the government owned telecommunications provider, who have exercised extreme caution with regard to EMR, including the provision of cable networks rather than wireless WiFi to its schools’ computer systems. To counterbalance such technologies as smart meters, the government has released many standards and advices to its citizens, who as a result are well informed and can exercise due caution. In Victoria, however, it has been admitted that the Government and power companies have not done well in this regard. Switzerland is the home of the WHO, and their caution is to be noted.
The concern is that we are all being exposed to a new potential carcinogen bombarding us daily in our homes. Until the present time we have all had a choice as to how much EMR exposure we allow into our home life. At the local Smart Meter information meeting the Powercor representative, in defeated tones, alluded to the fact that in time, smart meter technologies will also be used to track our water and gas usage. Such devices remove our choice in the matter.
Are we all going to use the let’s wait and see attitude, and allow these extra invisible challenges to our health and immune systems? I’d rather have a choice in this matter.
Mr Armstrong, should I abandon the wireless technologies I have control of in my home for one that I have no wish for, in order to try to balance the cumulative effect on my family? Would my power bill be any cheaper if I did??


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17 Responses to Letters to the Editor recently published in the Swan Hill Guardian

  1. Informed Choice says:

    Is it at all possible to break through the ‘silence’ of the media on this poisoning of our society? I have become so frustrated knowing what we know is REAL and yet not getting anywhere in terms of being ‘heard’. Thank goodness for people like Sarah, John and countless others putting their efforts in and getting their message out to the wider community… However, the majority of the public are still so UNAWARE and that concerns me. Surely common sense tells us that we do not just comply with what we are being told by companies with a vested interest in their product and if government endorses their ‘plan’ then we should be equally suspicious of their combined motives. We must hold Ted Baillieu & Minister O’Brien responsible for unleashing the acursed metering system onto our state and THEY must be ACCOUNTABLE, and THEY WILL BE IN THE END!!

  2. Jodie says:

    Maybe we should make Ted the ginnepig for the state of Victoria

  3. freddie says:

    By the way, in Switzerland smartmeters are cabled.

  4. Pam Densley says:

    Great letter – my analogue meter is behind the wall of my bedroom. I have had a quote to relocate it should I ever be forced in to having something I DO NOT WANT and it is well over $3,000.00 to do this. I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO PAY OUT FOR SOMETHING I DON’T NEED. My analogue meter is working fine and it is SAFE. My Energy supplier has told me I can read my own meter three times a year and phone the reading to them. After that they have to make an appt with Power Cor for them to come out and read my meter at a cost of around $50.00 (that’s assuming a Meter Reader doesn’t read my meter like they have in the past – it is due to be read 11/8/2012). Our Government are gutless ###@@@@’s and should be sacked. They do not deserve the Salary Package they receive. They will all have blood on their hands if they con tinue to force people into installing a NOT SO SMART METER. Do they care about the HEALTH OF THEIR GRAND- CHIDREN and FAMILIES – I think not!!!!. My BOX IS LOCKED AND STAYING LOCKED and I will NEVER BE BULLIED INTO HAVING ONE OF THESE UNSAFE DEVICES installed in my home. Once again my Blood-pressure is sky high, but I will never give in – LET US ALL KEEP UP THE FIGHT.TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO CHECK THIS WEBSITE……………. not everyone has access to a Computer. With the many Meetings being held and if you can get to them – print off some Signs and Posters and take them along to the Meetings to help the ones who don’t have computers……………….Pam

    • Gwen says:

      I agree 100% with everything you’ve said. What have we come to with a foreign owned
      company forcing their profit making will upon us. Next step will be to enter our homes
      and make us do what they want. This is now possible with ‘smart’meters but it will be
      done remotely. WE MUST STAND OUR GROUND!

  5. Cedar Wilde says:

    I have been wondering why they don’t just use cable networks to obtain their data. Is this a cost issue?

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Not really,
      They just want to do what’s most convenient to them and don’t care if they poison us all with their stupid and deadly to all Life dopy and far from Smart Electric Microwave spying and Microwave broadcasting and receiving machines. These people are CORRUPT, this I don’t only allege, but know to be true. After some nine (9) months of bullying me to take one of there stupid and poisonous and far from Smart Meter Microwave spying and poisoning machines I hit them hard in the GUTS with the Commonwealth of Australia A.C.C.C Anti Harassment and Anti Bullying Notice of Fine for some Millions of Dollars which is X multiplied by $1000,000 million. I made it Ten Million Dollars on both Powercor’s C.E.O at the time Mr Shane Breheny and Mrs Janet Hogarty the Mistress of SPIN of the Human Relations Department at Powercor and also on Mr Peter Wallace of the A.M.I Department attached to Powercor and also on Mr Mark Feather of the then named Victorian Department of Primary Industry who like those most unwise people just mentioned, tried to bully me into taking one of these infernal and deadly to your Health machines, and don’t forget can and do at times burn down peoples homes as happened to a Greek family’s two storey home in Northcote doing some $300,000 Dollars of fire damage making it impossible to live in, and only after a God-Forsaken and dopy so-called Electric Microwave and far from Smart Meter had been fitted to this home some days earlier.

      Yes folks so I hit Mr Shane Breheny the C.E.O of Powercor and Mrs Janet Hogarty and Mr Peter Wallace and Mr Mark Feather, Oh I nearly forgot I also hit Mr Michael O’Brien and Mr Nicholas Kotsiras the two Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources with the same $10,000,000 Million Dollar Notices of fines as well from the A.C.C.C I’d gotten from Canberra’s Lawyers.

      Some how the figure and fine I sent these miscreants was a bit higher than the A.C.C.C had shown, but it was quite Lawful I later found out. The Powercor Ghouls or Goons or Muppets who’d tried to twist my arm and force this Accursed and dopy Health Wrecking and now proving to be in increasing numbers INCENDIARY MACHINE/S on me seem to have lost their case as According to the Lawful wording on this Notice of Fine I hit them with, they only had fourteen (14) days in which to contact me by letter, and if they had not contacted me by letter in that time the Lawful conditions of that Canberra A.C.C.C Notice were, that these Miscreants had to abide by the terms of this Notice which were that they were never to bother me again. Oh ! I nearly forgot, I did add in my Polite but very strongly worded letters that I’d SUE every one of them in the Court if they ever wrote to me or phoned me again and that I’d bring in Brodie’s Law and prove they bullied me with the bullying letters of theirs which I have deposited at the bank and I will take and show to may Lawyers and the JUDGE. This will get every one of these WICKED BULLIES locked up in Gaol for up to Ten Years with no remission for good behaviour. I contacted the A.C.C.C some three months after sending off these letters and fines all by Registered Post and the Chief Lawyer said to me over the ‘phone, “Richard it’s a pity you did not make it some Twenty Million Dollars $20,000,000 Dollars Ha ha ha ha ! Good one there Richard, I think that’s bearded these people in their dens.”
      I added, ” Dens of INIQUITY.”
      ” I’d agree with that Richard,” said he, and bid me good day and hung up !

  6. Don & Sharon Gamble says:

    So far there has been no attempt to install smart meters in Sunbury , my great concern for some time is the VERY close distance between our bedhead and the electrical meter box. and I am glad that someone else thinks as I do ,

  7. I don’t know about the health hazards but I am concerned that Governments can dictate and force us to have a power meter which is not wanted, installed in our meter box which we own.
    The only benefits would be to supply authorities to enable them to bill us without having to send someone out to read the meter. The meter constantly transmits back to base our usage I presume using the power lines as a medium.
    Not only this but consumers will be charged for the meter via an additional sum to their power bills.
    So here we have a meter we do not want forced Upon us for the benefit of the electricity supply authority and we have to pay for it as well.
    My meter box now has a lock on it and will only be opened for a meter reader. We must have some rights for home owners please. One would hope this is not the beginnings of George Orwell’s 1984 !!

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      I have been thinking exactly the same about George Orwell’s “1984” everybody ridiculed the idea when 1984 came around and we didn’t have big brother watching us but I think George was just a few years out in his estimation of the date this would arrive. We already have cameras everywhere watching us. Will we have the next generation suffering from paranoia, feeling that they are being watched all the time? (Which will actually be the case if we let these technologies go ahead)

    • keith says:

      It’s good you’ve locked your meter box Robert, but unfortunately it’s not the power lines that transmit the data. We wish it was; but in fact it is radio frequency, which causes the potential health dangers, paticularly when meters are placed outside bedroom walls.

  8. Fiona says:

    Who do I get to listen when I have measured the spikes at 1827mw/m2?! I noticed the spikes the night the smart meter was installed so it is the smart meter in whatever shape of form, whether the access point is across the road or something which makes it higher I am not sure., but the smart meter is behind it and yes I have been frying. ( On a positive note you don’t have to turn the stove on to cook). Does anyone have any ideas of who is ready to listen to common sense? I can back up my reading with a photo.

  9. freddie says:

    Excellent letters! According to UK physicist Barrie Trower, there are now more than 8000 scientific papers (including some industry funded ones!) proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that those types of microwaves/radiofrequencies used in smartmeter grids will lead to diseases, top amongst them neurological diseases and cancers of various types. Most affected will be children, elderly and debilitated and women. Our government surely must know this (otherwise, which planet are they living on?), yet they choose to put power and profits before the health of ALL Victorians. Do we want our taxes to pay for their wages?! No, this issue will NEVER go away!

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      I have arthritis in my knees which I manage by walking and keeping exercised. Just in the past week the pain had got much worse and I couldn’t think why because I’m doing much the same as I always do but just now I read that joint pain can be caused by these EMF’s this makes possible sense of my problem because the Smart meters were rolled out in my neighbourhood a couple of weeks ago and although I don’t have one (locked meter box) my neighbours across the road and next door to me have so I am still getting the radiation. I don’t suppose extra exercise is going to cure this.

    • Hi Freddie, can send a link to Barrie’s comment please? thanks

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