MEDIA RELEASE – Powercor Fails To Guarantee Safety of Smart Meters

Stop Smart Meters Australia


Powercor Fails To Guarantee Safety of Smart Meters

Responding to concerns a customer has on the health effects of smart meters, Powercor truthfully declared in writing that “We are not in a position to give you any guarantees or assurances about the smart meters and your health concerns.”

Yet Hon. Michael O’Brien, Minister for Energy and Resources, is continually pronouncing through the media that smart meters are categorically safe and have absolutely no effects on people’s health.  If smart meters are safe, why can’t power distributors guarantee their safety?

Ms Janobai Smith, spokesperson for Stop Smart Meters Australia, said “We find it astonishing that despite the mounting evidence, Minister O’Brien fails to acknowledge that a percentage of the Victorian population is sensitive to microwave radiation and suffer adverse health effects resulting from the installation of smart meters.  Symptoms include disrupted sleep, headaches, nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations and tinnitus  (ringing in ears).  Many of these people have medical certificates attributing their condition to smart meters.”

This coming weekend, Stop Smart Meters Australia will be providing support to a gathering of people who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and who have been adversely affected by smart meters.  These are the unfortunate people that the Baillieu Government and power distributors have chosen to ignore.

“Smart Meters Australia supports these people’s rights to ‘opt out’ of the smart meter program and have their smart meter replaced with an analogue or non-wireless meter” said Ms Smith.

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18 Responses to MEDIA RELEASE – Powercor Fails To Guarantee Safety of Smart Meters

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  2. John Wilson says:

    I was speaking to a friend who lives in Portarlington and he told me that since smart meters were installed in his area their telephone/mobile telephone/pnternet reception has been interrupted on a regular basis, so much so that he often has to go outside of town and to the foreshore to be able to use his phone. He was told that this was because the telephone network was on the same or close to same frequency. After numerous complaints over at least 12 months the matter has still not been resolved, so what can we expect of this government. This government is not about providing service but about generating revenue for the Corporation (Victorian government)

  3. John Wilson says:

    Hi All,
    To bring you up to date.
    Approximately 2 years I receive regular calls from Power Cor to try and force me to allow installation of the smart meter.
    Threats range from disconnection, fines etc.
    I rang the DPI and they confirmed the Baileu government had now mandated that the smart meters are to be installed regardless of public concerns.
    I asked under what part of the Commonwealth Constitution 1901 as its companion laws did it grant private companies to come on to your property and do what they like. DPI Admitted there is no legislation. I then said that the Commonwealth Constitution (Rule of Law) protected our common law rights therefore where a state law was inconsistent the Commonwealth law took precedent.
    DPI claimed when the State privatised the public utilities the assets of the Public utilities went to the company, including the old metering system, therefore the public had no right to object to the installation and or the remocal of the old meters and if I refused the company would be entitled to seek police assistance to come on to the property and either install the smart meter or remove the present metering system.
    I reminded them that there is a no trespass sign in place with a warning anyone coming on to the property would be procecuted.
    Reply was that the sign was over ridden by the Electricity Act and the police could come on to the property to ensure the company’s access. He claimed the power companies owned all meters, even the old ones. The citizen had no rights over the electricity companies and if I did not agree then the power company would disconnect the power and remove the metering equipment.
    The Commonwealth Constitution was irrelevant as it was a state matter and the victorian government had mandated its installation.
    I asked would the government or the power company give a written guarantee that allowing the installation would not effect me or members of my family health or financially. This was refused, claiming that it was the same as if you were on a bus and were injured. the company would not be held responsible. My reply was I would not be too sure of that statement but it was beside the point. The issue was that I refused to have it installed. I believe it breached so many laws under the Commonwealth constitution 1901 amd companion laws and I believed the rights of the people of the Commonwealth of Australia were being taken away by corporations, including the invalid Corporate governmentsselling of crown lands and public assets and therefore they were illegal.
    I contacted ACCC as I believed there war a breach of the Trade Practices Act, where these power companies were using their power as monopolies in the market place to force goods and services on the public that were neither wanted or had been asked for. The only beneficiary was the power companies. I believed that they opened the way to other organisations riding on the back of the system to monitor the privacy of the Commonwealth citizens. I said I would not have one installed so it is likely that the power will be cut off. I understand the rollout was to be completed by 2013. If this is correct, then I assume this is the reason for the past 2 years harassment. It is a wonderfull world where the politicians we trusted to protect the people of the Commonwealth’s Rights, curtsey to the power of big business and other countries.

  4. 1vimana1 says:

    Great reply Cedar Wilde,
    It is also important for people to looks up as I have done the Victorian Charter For Human Rights
    2006, which I give you all now……….That is Clauses 10 and 13 in our case. It is easily found on the Internet, as spelled out here below.
    I have picked out Pick out clauses 10 and 13 here below, Clause 10, with (a), (b) and (c) being the most important to us Victorians as far as I can gather.
    Please note especially that this Victorian Government is Breaking or Smashing its own Charter OF Human Rights, according to Act 2006- SECT 10, in allowing the bullying of its citizens to be effectively forced to take these now proving to be Deadly Dangerous so-called Smart Meters
    ( read dangerous to human and and animal and all life Smart Meters ) on their Victorian private and small business properties and against the Victorian Customers Will and Better Judgement.

    In short, the actions of this Victorian Liberal Ted Baillieu and his Victorian Minister For Power Mr Michael O ‘ Brien are unlawful, in that Smart Meters had and still have never been passed as safe Electrical Devices under the Past Labour Led John Brumby Gov’t or this present woefully careless Liberal Led Ted Baillieu Gov’t. Nor had they ever been passed as LAW in both the Upper and the Lower Houses of the Victorian Parliament under Labour in 2005 or under this present Victorian Liberal Government.
    Therefore It is not The Law that any Victorian Home Owner or Small Business Owner has to accept a now proven to be DEADLY DANGEROUS SMART METER ON THEIR PROPERTY AT ANY TIME.
    Please Padlock your Electrical Meter Boxeswhich you own and not these Dopey Electrical Power Companies with an Industrial Padlock, then get up your Legal No Trespass Signs with the $167,000.00 Fine imposed for all trespassers on your properties. Stick one sign on your Electrical Meter Box and the other to be firmly attached to your front fence or gate. Next write a Registered Letter to the C.E.O of your Electric Power Company refusing to accept a dopey deadly and dangerous Smart Meter at any time and post off this letter. Send a similar Registered letter to the Minister for Power Mr Michael O ‘ Brien and keep copies of both of these letters for Legal Purposes. These are the actions I took to protect my Electrical Meter Box and the stil perfectly operating Passive Electrical AnalogElectrical Meter I still have on my property.

    Victorian Consolidated Legislation
    [Index] [Table] [Search] [Search this Act] [Notes] [Noteup] [Previous] [Next] [Download] [Help]

    Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 – SECT 10
    Protection from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment

    10. Protection from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment

    A person must not be-

    (a) subjected to torture; or

    (b) treated or punished in a cruel, inhuman or degrading way; or

    (c) subjected to medical or scientific experimentation or treatment
    without his or her full, free and informed consent.

    [Index] [Table] [Search] [Search this Act] [Notes] [Noteup] [Previous] [Next] [Download] [Help]

    Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 – SECT 13
    Privacy and reputation

    13. Privacy and reputation

    A person has the right-

    (a) not to have his or her privacy, family, home or correspondence
    unlawfully or arbitrarily interfered with; and

    (b) not to have his or her reputation unlawfully attacked.

    [Index] [Table] [Search] [Search this Act] [Notes] [Noteup] [Previous] [Next] [Download] [Help]

    • Informed Choice says:

      Great Stuff. I will use this on them next time they come around my place acting all ‘high & mighty’! … and I bet they don’t have a clue this Charter even exists as they are just ROBOTS following the orders of their leaders…not very smart that’s for sure! Thanks 1vimana1 appreciate your comments as always!!

  5. I have had my installation delayed on account of my receiving medication (Sotalol) for the prevention of heart palpitations (for which I was hospitalized earlier this year) and until further research on this matter has been completed to my satisfaction. My worry of course is that these units will ‘trigger’ the palpitations again (which were frightening to say the least) and I doubt that anyone could possibly guarantee that they won’t.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Laurie Cunningham,
      All you need to do, is as I and now thousands have done and are still doing………….Lock your Electric Meter Box immediately with a stout padlock, get up your two Legal by the Australian No Trespass Signs, with the $167,000.00 impending fines for any people trespassing on your property. Put one sign on the Electric Meter Box and the other firmly affixed on the front gate or fence. Lastly but just as important, send a letter to the C.E.O of the Electric Power Company for your area REFUSING INSTALLATION of the Microwave Smart Meter or any type of Smart Meter at any time.

      Forget about DEFERRING THE INSTALLATION of this accursed meter, as that attitude will only get you into even more trouble as such an easy going attitude will in effect give them Tacit Approval to worry you in the future with yet more threatening letters of demand to install one of these accursed so-called Smart Meter on your property. These stupid so-called Smart Meters ( read Deadly Dangerous Meters are not smart in any way at all, with fires still breaking out in Meter boxes and peoples electrical goods still being damaged with power surges and horrid electrical spikes; in many cases damaging peoples TV’s and causing FUSION in Refrigerators and Deep Freezers.

      Just as important are the still ongoing Illnesses these accursed so-called Smart Meters are continually causing people who have been unlucky enough to have these so-called Smart Meters installed on their properties. These Uncaring and totally Irresponsible and Criminal C.E.O ‘s at these foreign owned Victorian electric power companies don’t care about your or anybody’s physical health, and the Mental Anguish these accursed smart meters are continually causing their customers.
      I lived through the Second World War and the Bombing of London and that sheer Terror. I won’t have any Pip-Squeak C.E.O’s or their minions telling me what type of Electrical Meter I have to have on My Property.

  6. Informed Choice says:

    This issue needs to be raised by MP’s in Parliament. I have just sent an email to my local MP and urge you all to do the same. It is really imperative that our voice is heard, so phone, email or try to meet with them in order to get them to sit up and take notice of our concerns!! Best Regards, Chelsea

  7. Ryan says:

    Hello everyone, I have just been reading all the great posts, I thought I would share this article which I came across, obesity and emf and emr, its worth reading, cheers and goodluck to all.

  8. Cedar Wilde says:

    Thank God Powercor told the truth on this. I hope the government doesn’t manage to lean on them with promises of financial reparation for the loss of Smart meter revenue and make them change their story. There is a lot of wickedness around the push for Smartmeters, it isn’t just ignorance, I’m afraid.

  9. Pam Densley says:

    Hip Hip Horray – Thank God for that. I knew PEOPLE POWER would WIN in the end. Minister O’Brien and Premier Bailleau think we are fools. Well he who laughs – laughs last. We will all remember this next Election – I for one will anyway. If POWER COR can not Guartantee our Health and Safely – so much for SMART METERS. Thank God again I took a stance and protected my Alalogue Meter like it was my child. Hopefully these darn SMART METERS will be a thing of the past. They are too dangerous to put in the tip. What will they do with them all???? mind boggles. Congratulations “Stop Smart Meters Australia” you have worked so hard for us all. The people who are suffering ill health due to SMART METERS will now be able to see a light at the end of the TUNNEL……………..PAM 🙂

  10. Ken White says:

    The obvious question that arises is why the Minister for Energy and Resources Michael O’Brien is so adamant for smart meters to be installed when there is mounting evidence, not only in Australia but in the USA, that they cause serious health problems. Is it a total lack of concern for the health and well-being of the community? If so, he should not be a minister, let alone a politician.

  11. Linda Jones says:

    This is a great result but could the original letter be posted so that we can see the comment made in context.
    This could be the most important development in winning the fight against Smart Meters not just for those who are presently affected but for the millions of those who are yet to develop symptoms and become recipients of Australia’s new Disability Insurance Scheme in the future.
    Not sure if this article was cited on this website but it at least acknowledges EHS as an emerging medical problem.The article is worth a read.

    Click to access Geniu%20and%20Lipp%202011.pdf

    Here are a couple of quotes..
    “Other nations have also begun to introduce guidelines and legislation in relation to EHS. Spain, for example,recognizes EHS as a permanent disability (Grupo Medico Juridico,
    2011) while the Canadian Human Rights Commission includes EHS
    among environmental sensitivities as a disability to be accommodated
    under Canadian federal legislation (Sears, 2007a). With conflicting outcomes
    in EHS research to date, however, legislative and public health
    action has been slow in many jurisdictions.”
    “Various national governments have also recognized EHS as an
    emerging medical problem. Sweden (with about a quarter of a million
    people with EHS reported in 2004 (Johansson, 2006)) classifies EHS as
    a functional impairment (Johansson, 2006).”
    S.J. Genuis, C.T. Lipp / Science of the Total Environment 414 (2012) 103–112

    • keith says:

      I agree with you Linda , we do need to see the original letter. However if this admission has been put in writing by the distributor, then it appears to be somewhat of a breakthrough to back our arguments.

      • Stop Smart Meters Australia says:

        Due to confidentiality, the recipient of the email from Powercor does not want the email published. However, the relevant paragraph states:
        “We are not in a position to give you any guarantees or assurances about the smart meters and your health concerns. However, we remind you that all meters deployed are tested to and comply with the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPNSA) RPS 3, Radiation Protection Standard for Maximum Exposure Levels to Radiofrequency Fields – 3 kHz to 300 GHz (2002). These standards specify limits for occupational and general public exposure. Powercor remains of the view that it is not aware of any proven health risks to customers from the installation or use of the smart meters.”

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      I think the government would be insane to push the Smart meters program forward. Disability pensions and a huge increase in Medicare costs should surely give them pause for thought. (Besides all the pain and suffering to each of the individuals concerned). Personally I don’t believe it is just a small percentage of people who are sensitive to these devices. I think everyone is going to be affected but it will take longer for many people to start to feel the effects, and babies can’t tell you what they are feeling so what will happen to them until this obscene program is stopped? Yes. I do think it is obscene to gamble with the health of the population of Australia (or any other country, we need to stick together).

  12. Bert says:

    Hooray for common sense! Just a matter of time until an opt out or reverse of installation becomes available. Possible class actions could come from this revelation. Ball is seemingly rolling back in the people’s favour. Slowly.

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