• When:            Wednesday 13 June
  • Time:              7.00pm
  • Where:          Tynong Community Hall, Railroad Avenue, Tynong

For the latest information on smart meters and actions people can take.

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  1. Pam Densley says:

    I am in Warrnambool – Has anyone posted any results on the Meetings for Frankston, Drouin, Tynong yet? Now I see there is another planned for Upwey…………..Would be most interested to hear how these Meeting went……………we do not have a Local Group here……Thanks Pam

  2. mohsen says:

    No I did not, was told that 2 other people are doing it. if you wish me to video the meeting and upload to you tube.There is no charge, I am also opposing the meter installation, have locked our meter box and and cut a little window for the meter reading. Please let me know ASAP if you wish to video the Tynong meeting. Thank you. 0416 223 669

  3. mohsen says:

    Hello, If the organizers of this meeting wish to video this forum, I am happy to do the video and upload it to you tube as I did for the Drouin forum. We also holding another forum in Upwey on 29th June. If you wish to video this forum please contract me ASAP. Regards.

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