Councillor’s smart meter protest – Frankston Weekly

FRANKSTON councillor Glenn Aitken has joined a growing number of residents rejecting the state government’s compulsory installation of smart meters on their properties.

Although he has not locked his electricity meter box, Cr Aitken has put up a sign – quoting sections of the Trespass Act – warning installers not to install a smart meter on his Seaford premises.

Cr Aitken said he had spoken to residents who were concerned about health risks associated with smart meters, as well as rising electricity costs associated with the devices.

“Their concerns about smart meters tend to mirror my own,” Cr Aitken said. “I do not want them to just come in here and push a smart meter on my property.

“There have been a number of issues relating to smart meters which have emerged. These people have documentation which raises a number of issues, which I think the broader community should be made better aware of.”

The Weekly has also spoken to a number of local residents who say they have been forced from their homes due to negative health symptoms which they associate with an electro-magnetic field from the smart meter.

They say their symptoms include headaches, insomnia, ringing in the ears and nausea.

One couple is living in their van, a woman is living in a tent and others are spending thousands of dollars painting their homes with barrier paint hoping it will stop radiation from getting through.

Cr Aitken said he was also concerned after reading literature about the machines blowing up, and that the centralised electricity system meant it was possible that power supplies could be more easily monitored and hacked.

In a show of support, Cr Aitken booked the Frankston Mechanics Institute hall for a public meeting at 7pm on June 6 which is being organised by the concerned residents. He will also open the meeting.

The event would provide an opportunity for locals to hear from a number of key speakers about the issue and to ask questions, Cr Aitken said.

via Councillor’s smart meter protest – Local News – News – General – Frankston Weekly.

Download a flyer for this meeting here

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8 Responses to Councillor’s smart meter protest – Frankston Weekly

  1. Pete says:

    Hi Glenn, I’m very sorry to hear of your demise, I hope you have writen to your power company, the EWOV, O’Brien and Baillieu and let them know in no uncertain terms what you think of this dictatorial government. I would suggest that you write to the power company and DEMANDED its removal. Not to do so, could imply it no longer concerns you.

  2. leenah says:

    to the frankston councillor glenn aitken supporting stop smarters in yr area. great to have u on board with this serious and danger practice of enforcing smart meters on the public. i would really like to strongly urge u to lock yr meter box otherwise u are at a far greater risk off getting a smart meter installed even though u have a no trespass sign. the power suppliers are using more force and bullying tactics over the homeowner and definitely NOT take any notice of yr sign, as has recently been proven by others who only had a sign. they now have a dumb meter and are suffering health and all the other problems with them. and even if u get ill fr one they refuse to remove it! u can also get a hole cut in the meter box over the meter and have a glass window put in so they can easily read the meter without u having to leave it unlocked. i have had my meter box locked for some time now and it is a great feeling to feel much more protected at least for now. i recently had a hole cut and a glass window put in over the meter. it is a great feeling of some sort of security and protection and that NO MEANS NO! I do not have to leave my meter box unlocked for a few days for them to read it as i did before the window. thanks again to wendy and stewart for their great idea and the great professional job done by stewart. much appreciated.

  3. Wendy says:

    Interested to know what ‘barrier paint’ is available and any scientifc evidence it works!

  4. Maud Crossing says:

    I am surprised at the lack of information from the media about the health risks associated with smart meters. There seems to be overwhelming evidence from around the world that continuing the roll out of these devices is not a good idea. In some parts of America and Europe installations have been halted due to serious concerns about health safety, privacy and cost issues.
    The underhanded rush by greedy power companies to force smart meters into the homes of populations around the world will, if left unchecked, be the cause of the major scourge of the 21st century. The accumulative effects of electro magnetic radiation on society will be much more destructive than what asbestos and smoking was in past years.
    I am dismayed that money hungry Governments are prepared to be hoodwinked into believing that smart meters are good for us. I am dismayed that the weak kneed Victorian government sees fit to allow a continuation of the smart meter program despite alarming EMR health risks being exposed by credible research agencies in several countries.

    • Pete says:

      Hi Maud, don’t be too suprised at the lack of media attention, Fairfax is part owned by one of the dumb meter manufacturers.

  5. Paul & Di McMahon says:

    Couldn’t make it to the Drouin meeting but will be there that Wed night for sure….. Look forward to a standing room only evening……and by the way, if anyone can lead a class action, i think that Shine lawyers with Erin Brockovich can do it……just need the numbers. As yet don’t have a smart meter installed but have taken the steps to try and keep them off our property with signs and a locked meter box that is staying locked regardless of the threats or any intimidation…..if it comes to it, am also prepared to have our supply cut off but absolutely NO SMART METER is to be installed on our premises thank-you very much!!!!!!!

    • Sharron says:

      Yes, will do whatever it takes to stop this being installed on my home. Remember prevention is better than cure!

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