My Meter box is staying locked….

Latest information – I received a SMS from Powercor asking me to phone them re my Power supply. I did and now find that I have 10 days grace and they will be installing a SMART METER. I asked them to send me something that tells me these darn things are Safe and on Friday of last week got another message telling me they will email me information on SMART METER INSTALLATION this coming Monday. I have had enough. If I must have one and that is “IF” it will have to be re-located to the other side of the House. (They tell me that this will be at my own Expense approx $400.00 which I don’t have). I want a steel plate between my wall and the smart Meter. I want a Qualified Electrician to do the job and I want something In writing from them to tell me these do not cause fires and are healthy (which I am not going to get) – My Meter box is staying locked. I have had perspex in place so my Energy Co can read the meter. I have signs everywhere, including trespassers prosecuted. I have also contacted my Solicitor and expect to hear from him this week.
CLASS ACTION IS REQUIRED URGENTLY – Thanks to all who have supported me…Pam

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34 Responses to My Meter box is staying locked….

  1. Informed Choice says:

    Hi Pam, i admire your courage and support your views on the SM roll-out. More people on board every day thanks to this website. You’re doing a fantastic job in protesting these ill-conceived devices that are being wrongfully forced onto us. Hope common sense prevails on this in the long run… the evil truth is beginning to surface, little by little the ‘sleepyheads’ are awakening and becoming more ENLIGHTENED! Cheers to You!

  2. Husthi says:

    Yes, we like to protect our health. Not suffer or what ever. Not to wake up to use washing machine etc in the middle of the night. We have paid tax, let us livepeacefully. Refer to all the problems in America, canada. Why do we have to pay a Singapore company?

  3. James says:

    The meter boys have arrived in Mildura. Have sent letters to a lot of people and most people do not want a radioactive transmitter stuck next to their bedhead(meterbox). One guy today did not receive and letter from power dist. and was having a shower when the power went off and he found out later that the old meter had been replaced with a smart meter. Very cunning of the bastards. They are getting sneaky. Like trained secret agents – get in quick and out before You can say boo!!! A lot of people are getting the scare tactics and are scared of having their power cut. . I am getting my power box locked and a sign wheat-pasted on to say that this is a smart meter – free zone.

    I hope the above link works. It explains how the smeters are designed to make us crook as and spy on us. Evil is a word that comes to mind.

    • Melbourne Mum says:

      Way to go James, tell everyone you know that they must refuse these dangerous devices if they value the health and security of their family! Australia is waking up, albeit slowly…

  4. Vera says:

    I got the letter stating that the installers are in our area in the next fortnight. I have two trespass do not install signs on the inside and outside of my powerbox. I have ordered a meterbox viewing window and will be installing it along with a lock TODAY. I have MS and am managing it well and feel healthy. I will not put my health at risk so that it is convenient for the power companies to read the meter. This is my future and I will not accept the dumb meters at any cost. I just hope that there are enough brave people to start a class action. I will add my name to the list immediately.

    • Informed Choice says:

      Hi Vera, how are you feeling since the SM’s installed in your area? I support what you are saying, not giving in either!

  5. Pam Densley says:

    A Public Meeting on SMART METERS – WEDNESDAY 6TH JUNE AT 7PM ( FRANKSTON MECHANICS HALL – NEPEAN HIGHWAY cnr PLOWMAN PLACE. Wish I could be there but unfortunately have other appointments that day. Can someone please let me know what the Outcome is – we all know that as of 29/5 – 92.19% of people want a CLASS ACTION COMMENCED. Haven’t heard anymore from Power Cor, but I know I will and if they step foot on my Property – they will be refused entry and told to leave immediately!!!!!!….. Good Luck at the Meeting…………..Pam 🙂

  6. Pam Densley says:

    Thank You All for the Support. It makes me feel I am not alone. Just completed a Submission on the STOP SMART METERS Site regarding a CLASS ACTION POLL. By now you have all probably done the same and made my “Comment” on WHY I AM NOT AND REPEAT NOT HAVING A SMART METER EVER…………..Pam

  7. Peaceful Civil Disobedience says:

    If everybody says No, what can they do?

    I have turned them away 1 week ago, and they left without a word… I’m wondering what they will try next.

    • Jason says:

      Talk’s cheap ~ and they know it. Just SAYING ‘no’ won’t do it.
      One way is to lock them out of the area where the meter is (front porch/yard/whatever.
      Then go to the animal shelter and get a dog ~ preferably a large one if you can afford to keep it ~ and let it roam in the enclosed area when you’re not around. Preferably put in a ‘doggy-door’ into the house to also provide general security.

      And get a best mate at the same time.

      PS…another option is to contact a local animal shelter and offer to foster dogs. There’s ALWAYS a crying need for short-term dog (and cat) foster homes (until permanent homes can be found for them) and the shelter (and pound in some areas)
      will help defray the costs if you ask.

      Not only will you be warned ~ even if you ARE in the shower ~ but I’ve never yet met a bully-boy (particularly an ‘official’ one) who’s prepared to take on the resident dog (even a terrier) protecting its turf.

  8. John says:

    CLASS ACTION, BRING IT ON. I got my gloves on & is ready for the big fight, i will go to jail before i ever get a Smart (Grid Big Brother) Dumb Meter. Just think about the fact that the tax payer pays for these, but yet we do not own them, so since when do we pay for something that someone else will own (Singapore) as Australia sold out to them over 2 years ago. When did OH & S go out the window for all this radiation polution that Smart Meters & WIFI is creating, or is it more about Agenda 21 population control? I say down with government corruption siding with their big pharma & Corps & let Humanity prevail.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Let’s not forget the value of each of us meeting with our local MP and raising these issues. If each region across Victoria contacted their local MP about our concerns via email and meetings the increased knowledge and education would assist each local MP to fight for our cause. How do we feel about each region approaching their MP and having a meeting, providing them documentation and discussing our legitmate concerns. Why not use the system to facilitate our cause and let’s keep track of how each municipality goes! Would love to know your thoughts. Cheers!

    • Jason says:

      Good suggestion Elizabeth, but needs to be an organised move.
      To begin with we need a volunteer in each municipality who will act as a central rallying-point, take phone-calls, keep lists, arrange times/dates for mass-action, etc., and to be recognised as the headquarters for a political lobby-group.
      One person going to a local politician with the promise that they can swing, say, a thousand or two votes at the next ~ and every other ~ election would be far more effective that a thousand or two disgruntled individuals bitching at random.

      I’m happy to provide such a pivot-point in the LaTrobe area if no-one else wants to do it. (0351166127) and would probably need several other people to help out.
      Such groups of locally-organised protesters could also form the basis of a class action (assuming there are in fact legal grounds for doing so.).

  10. sue says:

    count me in !!!

  11. Rosemary. says:

    Hi Pam,
    stand your ground. Even moving the rotten thing to the other side of your house or onto the fence wont stop it from doing damage. We can feel our smart meter all over our property. The closer to the meter, the worse it is, but we have not been able to live in our house since October last year and after 7 months of sleeping in our van and fighting Jemena, we have sold our house and are moving interstate. Yes, roll on class actions! It is happening overseas and is only a matter of time before it happens here.

  12. Anonymous says:

    What about contacting today tonight, or a current affair and have them film the installation? Also you could invite the stop smart meter group in your area to come as well. We have to start taking them on in numbers, more people more power.

  13. Take the Power Back says:

    Oh Boy they are getting good sending out an SMS now asking us to call them? What a joke? Can’t they stand the heat? Ask for everything in writing otherwise if it is verbal they can tell you anything. That has been proven by the number of statements that have been made verbally to people by installers and by Power Company reps over the phone, yet none of these same statements are being put in writing. Does this tell us something? If they have the right to bust into our properties then let them prove it in writing and provide the documents proving they have the right, if they have the “set procedure” prior to disconnection, then send it to us in writing because despite many people requesting this in writing it has never been forthcoming. Mine, like yours, is staying locked. I consider this good practice to get ready to fight the gas and water smart meters. Stand united everyone, there’s plenty of us still staying “locked up”.

    • Jason says:

      Well said. BUT DON’T COUNT ON LOCKED BOXES ALONE. They WILL cut locks off.
      If, however, you can lock a gate, fenced-off area, front-porch, whatever, removing such locks constitutes criminal damage and other offenses.
      What’s need is contact details for like-minded people in all areas who can co-ordinate mutual help in organising such barriers and other activities at very short notice.

  14. Fiona says:

    Hang in there Pam. We are standing with you! They may provide you with something in writing that the smart meters are safe but from personal experience I can tell you they are not.
    I think we are all trying to hang in there in some way. I am trying to hang onto my sanity and my health after having one installed: ) It is becoming very difficult I can tell you!
    It is hard for me to comprehend that there is still such ignorance in the year 2012.
    What does need to happen for a class action?

  15. rights activist says:

    Pam – Keep up your fight is important for ALL Australians.

    If you do take them to court – you will help a lot of people.

    I urge you to contact – Ronald Merkel QC

    Contact him as he is a BRILLIANT human rights lawyer who used to be
    a magistrate and there is a possibility he may do it for free.

    Please keep us informed of your progress

  16. Wendy says:

    Good on you, Pam. I think a sheet of aluminium foil will lessen the radiation level. I saw this on a website linked to ours on the day of protest one or two weeks ago in Melbourne.

  17. Alex says:

    I agree with both Pam and Richard, the brave people of California went down this path and now PG&E are allowing customers to Opt Out of the Smart Meter installation. The only way we will get anywhere with this major issue is for someone from the legal fraternity to support us and willing to fight the government with our full support. A CLASS ACTION in the only way now.
    We need people power otherwise it will just fizzle out to nothing in the end.

  18. mohsen says:

    I am with you all the way. I have locked my meter[yet to open a window for the meter reader]
    I have sent the prohibition letter then with 2 days I got a standard reply from sp aunet telling me all the lies about how its mandated by the corrupt government, which we know its mandated to them to do their best endeavor to install the dump meter NOT to us. My next letter is the undue harassment letter, one copy to sp ausnet, for energy minster and one for the DPI. Let me know if you need a copy of the letter. WE MUST ORGANIZE A PROTEST IN MELBOURNE.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Keep the box locked I have locked mine and will go to jail before I let them install a smart meter

  20. Mike says:

    I also would like to know if there is a possibility of a class action that we can join

  21. Jim says:

    Dont give in, once the smart meter is installed they have won, so you cant expect them to take it back in future! The legislation allows the Energy Companies to coerce you – the law says they ”have to use their best endeavours to install”. Where is the legislation that FORCES consumers to submit to having a 2B carcinogen emitting surveillance smart meter on their homes? There isnt any such law, if there was, what sort of Country would we be living in? Everyone who values Democracy and wants a Class Action should register with this site.

  22. Dan says:

    So sick of these bullying tactics by the power company and the government to have these leathal dumbmeters installed. 😦

  23. Informed Citizen says:

    The possibility of class action is extremely high. Things are moving along quicker than expected.

  24. Richard Cohen says:

    What’s the possibility of a legal class action to stop smart meters?

    • Wendy says:

      Yes, Richard; I think this is our only avenue of redress!

    • Andrew says:

      Pam hang in there.
      Go and see a doctor, you are obviously sensitive to transmitting “dumb” meters. (Yes you are). Get the doctors certificate and tell Powercor, on the grounds of your health they cannot install the slow kill meter.
      Remember that no one can make you do anything, this is not Soviet Russia, not yet anyway.
      You own the meter box, not the power company, they must treat you with respect as you are the CUSTOMER.
      Do not let them push you around, they can not do a thing.
      They cannot turn your power off – as long as you keep paying regularly
      They cannot break into your meter box – unless you open it for them.
      They cannot make you pay for the installation – as your original meter works fine and you are happy with it.
      And legally you can refuse entry to your property for 2 whole years, from the time of your request. (Keep paying the estimates they send you and thats all they can do, they can not touch you , and they know it.)
      Power to the people !!!!!
      Over and out……….Andrew

      • Pam Densley says:

        Thanks Andrew – Will be seeing my Doctor in a couple of weeks. By that time we all will have some idea on this CLASS ACTION. Hope you can get to the Public Meeting in Frankston 6/6 at 7pm. I also will NEVER let them install a ‘DUMB’ smart meter. Look forward to all your Comments on the Public Meeting………………..Pam

    • Andrew says:

      Most people think it is law to have a Dumb meter installed.
      If that is the case, I want a formal letter from the Premier of Victoria.
      Also he can sign his name to the document on how safe the meter will be for my family, I am sure that he will……….

    • Pam Densley says:

      Richard I don’t know. Power Cor emailed me some 200 odd pages of their stuff, telling me how great these darn things are. One would have to be a Lawyer or a Politician to understand it all. They were fowarded to my Solicitor for his opinion. He is coming to see me tomorrow and go through my rather large File. I am NOT GOING TO HAVE A SMART METER and thats that. This is very stressful to me, always looking over my shoulder to see if the Installers are in my area. Had an Electrician call this arvo to give me a quote to relocate (if I have to have one down the track he mentioned a figure of around $2,000.00 again which I don’t have).Personally they can shove THEIR SMART METERS up you know where. I am hoping STOP SMART METERS [AUSTRALIA] will get behind us as regards a CLASS ACTION. Being on a Pension I can ill afford to do anything apart from what I am doing. There is no Group here in Warrnambool and from the amount of phone calls I received when my Article went in the paper, I am not alone – there are many many folk that DO NOT WANT A SMART METER. I am going to stick to my guns and refuse to have one and see what happens. Just a waiting game………………………Pam

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