Anti Smart Meter Coalition on Channel 7 News

Angry Gippsland Residents have formed a coalition against smart meters.

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Sp Ausnets Mother Day Gift For Warragul Mother.

For several reasons an elderly pensioner, who lives in Warragul , considered the Government’s smart meter was not in her interest and decided to exercise her right to refuse installation of this new device on her property.

Although the State Government has mandated the electricity distributors to “do their best endeavours to install the smart meters by 2013”, there is no legal enforcement for customers to accept these new electrical devices. Customers have the right to refuse.

A notice was fixed to her meter box indicating that permission to install was not granted. Last week when the SP Ausnet installers came to her street she spoke with them telling them of her decision and to ensure one was not installed on her property.

They appeared to respect her wishes but she kept a watch on them all week.

With no installers in sight she went to do her shopping and returned two hours later to find a smart meter installed.

What unbelievable lengths are SP Ausnet installers allowed to go to get their piece rate for each meter installed?

This outrageous action by SP Ausnet is not an isolated incident but this time the lady is very upset and angry with this disregard for her democratic rights as well as her health and safety. She wants the immediate removal of the installed electrical device

She has the support of family and local residents.

When SP Ausnet allowed this installation to occur, as they have done in the past, what they did not know was a “Smart Meter Public Awareness Forum” was held in Drouin on Thursday May 10th. This pensioner was one of the 100 people in attendance.

At this meeting it was resolved to form a “West Gippsland Anti Smart Meter Coalition”

This time she is not on her own. Members of the newly formed Anti Smart Meter Coalition will be rallying to support her and already legal action is being considered.

Minister for Energy, Michael O’ Brien, has stated that he expects the electricity distributors to respect the wishes of the customers.

Unfortunately Minister O’ Brien is either turning a blind eye or is not aware of the increasing bullying tactics of the distributors and the rising anger developing in the Community

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13 Responses to Anti Smart Meter Coalition on Channel 7 News

  1. Colin S says:

    The reporter in the Channel 7 clip says “with the legislation that makes smart meters mandatory well and truly in place, the State Government is refusing to further weigh into the debate”.
    Can someone please clarify whether there IS legislation that makes smart meters “mandatory”.

    The news article follows on with “a spokesperson for SP Ausnet said while people could initially defer smart meters installation, the devices ARE NOW COMPULSORY”. Is this correct???
    Is it Legally, Compulsory that you must except a smart meter?
    I am under the impression that SP Ausnet, etc, do not have the legal right to force a smart meter onto an unwilling, non-consenting customer.

    Can someone please clarify this, so that we all know officially where we stand on this matter.
    At the moment, there’s too much conflicting information going around, and although I appreciate the news reporting on this, they are potentially giving out the wrong information, further muddying the waters.

    • Peter S says:

      The reporter is WRONG. There is so much misreporting on this issue. There is absolutely no legislation for customers to accept the installation of smart meters. When one asks for such legislation nothing is forthcoming from the distributers. The only ‘mandate’ is that power distributers are required to “use their best endeavours” to install smart meters, which according to the Essential Services Commission, does not include bullying and breaking meter locks etc.
      We need to let people there is no legislation and such comments as that of the reporter are clearly misleading.

  2. Annon says:

    How do we get in contact with this Gippsland suppor group?

  3. butterfly says:

    It just shows us how sneaky they really are, hopefully she will get legal advice & stick it up them!

    • Vickie says:

      I have heard stories in my area that after the installers were refused to install the meters by the people home at the time, they then waited down the road until the home occupants had left the house and then they sneak back and install the meter, this is outrageous some people had notices on their meter boxes, this is what happened to that poor lady, it is so unfair, I hope this Government and the power companies have to pay for all this misery they are causing us all.

  4. graeme winch says:

    these devices are probably the asbestos of the 21st century yet we force vtheir installation when will we ever learn

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      Hi Graeme,
      Firstly, we do not force the installation of these truly Dangerous Microwave Smart Meters on Victoria’s People, it is the Victorian Government and these Corrupt Power Companies
      These Nefarious Foreign Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies as well as the past Labour Government and the present Ted Baillieu Liberal Led Government and
      his Minister for Power Mr Michael O ‘Brien are the complicit weak willed Slaves, or Whipping Boys to these Foreign Owners of PowerCor and City Power who service the area of Western Victoria and Western suburbs of Melbourne. These two companies come under one umbrella and are owned by Spark Infrastructure Cheung Cong Infrastructure and Power Assets Holdings.
      SP AusNet services Eastern Victoria and outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and this company is owned by Singapore Power, as is United Energy Distribution and Jemena.

      It seems to me that as this now proving to be Corrupt Victorian Government and other Government Instrumentalities are complicit of using Mafia-Tactics in their continuing wicked endeavours to hoodwink the public. This new form of the Mafia, these C.E.O’s of these Electric Power Companies dress in shiny business suits to look respectable, but they don’t fool me or many of the Victorian people who see this gross wickedness of Deceit and Lies, as these truly dishonourable men continue to bully and intimidate so many Victorians into accepting these now proving to be ….Very Dangerous Microwave Smart Meters against their customers Will and Better Judgement.

      I say to all Victorians, ” Make sure you padlock you Electric Meter Boxes immediately against the Sneaky Meter Installer Men, so they cannot install these now proving to be very dangerous Smart Meter whilst you are out shopping or away from your homes or small businesses for any reason. Make sure you put your Legal Anti-Trespass Signs by the Australian Contrition ( 1900 – 1901 and still active ) on your front fences and your Meter boxes and photograph these signs for Legal Reasons, you may need them in Court.

  5. Maud Crossing says:

    There are very real concerns being experienced in other countries and in Australia. It all makes one wonder why some governments are only just beginning to wake up to the greedy energy companies which are putting profits before the health and welfare of their clients in this way. There is more than sufficient evidence that these devices are are serious threat to the health and privacy of the communities in which they have been installed –
    The ever increasing use of electro magnetic radiation devices could well end up being the scourge of the 21st century.

  6. Peter S says:

    The lesson here is that we all need to ensure our meter boxes are locked!
    But it is great that the local community is outraged and is rallying around this woman to support her.

  7. GlennS says:

    Looks like this lady has an EM1200, which is a bi-directional interval meter. My understanding is that this device does not transmit wirelessly like a smart meter does. Concerns about radiation do not apply with this model of meter.

    • Sam says:

      Looks like you are right GlennS. So what is going on here??? They change her meter over to a new digital NON smart meter??? How is this possible? All the energy companies keep telling us we have no choice and cannot have a non communicating interval meter like this one. Yet they installed one here and are caught on national TV.

      • GlennS says:

        A solar system has been recently installed at my home and we requested an EM1200 from Jemena, instead of a smart meter. Our request was refused as Pascoe Vale, is already a wireless connected area. We are continuing to fight against smart meters.

        I applaud this lady for standing up for her rights and the community for supporting her.

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