Youtube video of smart meter emissions in Melbourne raises concerns

In mid March I supplied an RF meter to a concerned citizens group in Melbourne to enable them to measure RF emissions from the smart meters currently being rolled out all over the Melbourne metropolitan area. The meter was provided courtesy of Radmeters

Recently I received a number of video clips and have placed one on Youtube.

This clip shows a smart meter that apparently was turned down by 90% due to customer concerns. It shows frequent RF spikes (about 37 over a 3 minute period) Average peak levels are over 22 mW/m2 or 2.2 uW/cm2.

Another video clip, not yet uploaded on Youtube also shows frequent RF spikes every few seconds that are far greater intensity than in the one shown. (up to 36.4 uW/cm2)

In Melbourne it is common to find a bedhead up against a bedroom wall with an electrical meter immediately on the outside. In this case it seems possible that for people sleeping in close proximity to a smart meter on the outside wall, their RF exposures may be significantly in excess of a Swiss transmitter study that found increased nervousness, difficulty in falling asleep, difficulty in maintaining sleep, general weakness and joint pains. Sleep disturbance was associated with a maximum exposure of 1.85 uW/cm2 and a mean night-time exposure of less than 0.7 uW/cm2.

See:, page 23 -26.

This possibility represents a huge public health issue for Melbourne (and elsewhere), given the ubiquitus roll-out of the meters. This should call for an immediate halt to the roll-out and a commencement of independent research to determine the extent of people’s exposures, especially when a smart meter is in close proximity to a bedroom. Symptoms reported and their actual home RF exposure levels would be a good start. The BIG question: Is there a research organisation left in Australia that is not financially dependent on $$$ handouts from the corporations promoting smart meter technology?

Don Maisch, EMFacts

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6 Responses to Youtube video of smart meter emissions in Melbourne raises concerns

  1. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the facebook like module? I tried to find it, but is not anywhere to be found. No big deal, just desired to provide you with a like; the information is worth it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have had 7 so called smart meters on my bedroom wall, I have since been very very sick with nausea, ringing in ears, not being able to sleep, headaches, a feeling in my head like it is cooking, both my pets have had seizures!
    Citipower is doing NOTHING as they are backed by the government – I need help –

  3. jai says:

    how do i get my new smart meter turned down..? constant ringing in ears and earaches since installed..insisted i didn,t want it but as in a block of 6 and all others getting them and ONLY renting was told only owner could have a say..where in australia doesn,t have them?? i,m looking for a place to move now from victoria..???

    • Sharron says:

      As far as i know Queensland doesn’t have them and no plans to install yet. In due course I would also move out of Victoria, no qualms about it. Victoria is toasted with over 1 million of the evil meters installed already…BIG SHAME!!!

  4. kathy says:

    Where can I get a RF metre from to test my neighbours metre which directly faces into my kids bedroom which has also been turned down as per my request to the power company ?

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