Unable to sleep soundly

Since the smart meter was installed (just above my bed head) I have been unable to sleep soundly leaving me tired, lethargic, listless and unable to work to my full capabilities. I want the bloody thing removed before I suffer any more physical side effects from it. I had never experienced any sleep issues prior to this device being installed. What can an individual do to get this removed and the old meter re-installed?

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5 Responses to Unable to sleep soundly

  1. Michael says:

    You can start by getting on the phone and the word processor and giving the utility hell, as well as contacting politicians in order to get your message across. Everyone who is experiencing the negative effects of the poor decision-making going on in Victoria needs to get as noisy as possible. Getting on here and posting your story is a good start, as you add to the voices. Look at the item on the right hand menu, “Actions you can take.” Your direct communications to the utility will be most significant if you are to try to undo the personal negative situation that has arisen for you.

    Maybe your doctor can help here too. Ask them for a medical certificate that states that you are electrosensitive. Insomnia/sleeplessness is a major effect of EMR / electrosmog, as (amongst many other things) it tells the pineal gland that it is not nighttime and so you don’t get the pineal making melatonin, and hence this is one mechanism of sleep disruption (it is also damaging to the immune system). The pineal is responsible for the circadian rhythm and critical to health. Chances are most doctors don’t even know what EHS is. So either they educate themselves up on this and be a real practitioner, or go and find someone more competent who is. There is a lot more on EHS and what is happening to your body because of EMR on the web: scientific papers, documents, forums of EHS sufferers. Get educated, get activist. If your health is stuffed, then nothing matters.

    Regrettably, corporations are attempting to run roughshod all over your rights to health itself to maximise their dollars, and the government is allowing this to occur with something of a blessing, in the name of sustainability. But what’s so sustainable about poisoning people to meter energy? They obviously don’t care or understand yet about the ill effects of EMR, and all the science and evidence backing up it’s detrimental effect on the body.

    And so you must join in the fight that you see being fought right here, or risk being trampled by these careless entities. You are not alone: this is indeed a worldwide fight where every voice counts, and whilst we live in at least a pretend democracy, there maybe some chance of success if significant action is taken by enough people just like you.

  2. Lindy-loo says:

    Join the club, we have the same problem in our bedroom. The smart meter is right behind our heads as well. We have got the black paint that is supposed to block the EMR and we will see if that works. In the meantime, I am sleeping in the study because I wake up with headaches every
    morning! It is not funny and nobody is listening to us!

    • Anonymous says:

      Just reading your comment. Our smart meter is also behind our bed head on the wall outside. It’s only been installed for 12 months, and we’ve noticed a considerable deteriation in our health. My husband’s health has gone downhill quickly. He’s got headaches, rashes and nausea almost every day and I’ve been getting headaches, nausea and dizziness for months now. We didn’t put it down to the smart meter till people told us its really bad to sleep that close to them, now I’m wondering if this is why?

  3. Carmela Leone says:

    I have written to my power company asking them to remove my meter. They have said I have no option. I said I will be seeking legal advice on their installation of a surveillance device on my home without my consent.
    I have written to the Minister O’Brien, asking for it to be removed. I received one reply which criticised Labor for the most part, to which I responded quite sternly, asking the person to stay on topic! I then asked the Minister which state law specifically says I have to have a Smart Meter, commenting that if it is law then why aren’t the people who have resisted one not been charged with an offence? (Sorry people who are actively resisting one! I am not trying to get you into trouble, I am trying to make a point!) Does our Constitution even allow mandatory laws when the issue at hand is not a matter of public or individual safety?
    I have written to my insurance provider to ask if my insurance covers house fires and damage to appliances due to the Smart Meter – no reply yet.
    I intend to seek legal advice as well.
    I suggest you fight. I would move bedrooms for now if you can, too. Write letters, see a doctor and document your situation. Keep a diary. Inform yourself so you can write articulate and well presented arguments. Seek legal advice.
    This fight isn’t over yet.

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