Blew up my oven!

My smart meter was installed just prior to Easter, and blew up my oven. Contrary to the polite assurances of the installation inspector, Citipower are maintaining a stance of minimum cooperation. It is now my responsibility to have the oven inspected and quoted for their consideration, with only the prospect of current market value compensation. Of course market value of a two-year old oven will not reinstate me to my previous capability which is what appropriate compensation should deliver. I did not want to ‘trade in’ my oven! As a single person working full-time, I must find time to remain home to get appraisals and quotes, which impacts my earnings. I have been without an oven now for nearly four weeks. They must have indemnity for this type of outcome, yet the responsibility is left to the consumer. I would change suppliers away from Citipower, but of course I in no way expect decent treatment from any of these ‘money collectors’.

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2 Responses to Blew up my oven!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Blew my oven about a month ago no word yet on who will repair it!!!

  2. Eco-Friendly says:

    In one word … Extortion!

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