Smart sickness – Channel Ten News

A Victorian couple has been forced out of their home because of an electrical smart meter.[id]=1

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11 Responses to Smart sickness – Channel Ten News

  1. Tony says:

    Yes, looks like these meters are installed on purpose to get all of us sick. It is shocking that most people do not care, that this device destroys their health and life.
    Americans, Canadians, Australians, are lazy, comfortable, not willing to sacrifice their comfortable life. Looks like it must change, otherwise all of us will be burned slowly.

  2. dI says:

    well I am on the list now.. long story.. have struggled and it took me one month straight to even work out what was wrong with me.. i became electro sensative once the dumb meter was installed.. i could not pay my bills or see my balance as could not touch the computer… i turned all wifi off to recover quite a bit but still feel sick.. i feel the meter.. my friend feels it and she is not electro sensative.. i have been back and forth with everything.. keeping an eye here on this site as I am prepared to live without power as i want to know where in our Law does it say.. i have to have United Energy’s property on my property.. my health is more than precious to me.. it is precious to my parent whom are getting old.. i am in perfect health.. have tests back.. so why this raw feeling in my body.. ears back of neck etc.. am furious. Not giving up fighting.. never…doing research.. bought testers..talking to caring scientists..not jerks like the ones i spoke to at Apansa.. whatever they are.. finally see my government are a bunch of arsewipes who want to give me cancer.. I am watching and i see microwaves on my meter.testers.. I will soon have 4 meters to be testing everything.

  3. Freddie says:

    My heart goes out to this couple. They are truly courageous Australians for speaking out and throwing light on the evil that is being done to the people of Victoria!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have been watching this site for some time, and have done what has been suggested here, locked meter box , sent letters today.

      What bothers me a bit is that very few people are putting up a fight and the general feed back from ones that i have been talking to is that we wont beat them. Powercor is being sneaky about installing them as well, buy installing a meter in different streets so as not to raise alarm with the neighbours so that people can not band togeather.

      i dont want a smart meter on my house as im concerned about most of the issues being raised here, but what truly WORRIES ME is the time of use tarrif which will eventually kick in once every one is connected, i can see this new scheme being open to abuse by the power companies efectivley forcing people to pay high bills dureing peak usage.

      they will also know about your movements in your own home, they will be able to tell when y get up, when you watch TV, have a shower and how often you use your AIR CONDITIONER AND HEATING !! etc.

      I HATE THE FACT THAT MY PRIVACY COULD BE COMPROMISED and i feel as though they will control what you do in your own home.

      More people need to make a stand, puting your head in the sand is giveing the power companies tme to install these things and the more people they get with smart meters makes it harder for the general public to fight as those that dont have them will become a small minority.

      So I ask you all is this issue quietly fadeing away or are more people going to get involved?

      • Freedom Fighter says:

        All those visiting this site need to download the information flyers and hand them out to others. Many have no idea what they are in for or what a Smart meter is all about. We must tell everyone and help others. approx 30% of the Citizens do not even have the internet. Offer to help others and give them information. We must fight for our freedom.

  4. Rosemary says:

    Thanks for all your comments of support. I have lived in the house for 22 years and never had these problems prior to the Smart meter being installed. We’ve had various professionals do all sorts of tests to rule out other things, but it always comes back to the Smart meter. The ombudsman investigated for over 5 months. Their options for resolution were to have the main fuse to the house pulled or to have the Smart meter removed at our expense or to move interstate! Great help! It is comforting to read your comments. Many thanks. Rosemary and Vic.

  5. Butterfly says:

    This makes me so angry & upset for these people, it’s just not right. Jemena has a lot to answer for – the cruel money hungry arseholes!

  6. Dee says:

    we had smart meter installed in warragul, but wont be here for long to see if it goes good or not.

  7. Terry says:

    What we all need to realise is that scum like these electricity providers will lie like cheap Thai watches no matter what evidence is presented to them. They have their scripts and they have learned their lines and will just repeat them over and over like broken records. That is always how corrupt governments and authorities deal with dissidents. It is an approach as old as the hills. “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” Vladimir Lenin. In this news coverage we see a couple sleeping in their car because their home has been turned into a monster by one of Jemena’s evil little toys. The poor man has cancer. I’m pretty sure, especially in his state of health, he would rather sleep in his bed inside his house instead of his car, don’t you think? His wife says it sounds as if she has a tuning fork in her head. Their garage door opens and closes by itself. Their computer monitor has blown up. So has their fridge and kettle. But what does Jemena say? Emissions are lower than mobile phones and microwave ovens and the meters meet all Australian standards. Your pathetic scripted statements don’t match the facts before your stupid eyes, Jemena, you corrupt bunch of bloody liars. Did these people start sleeping in their car when they bought a microwave or a mobile? No, only when they got the wonderful, “safer” smart meter. Did their appliances play tricks, burn out and blow up before they had the smart meter. No of course not. I say this to you, Jemena, and all the so called “authorities” who think they have the power to act outside the Australian constitution, intent on ruining the lives of countless decent citizens – stop this madness! Stop this madness or be forever remembered and held accountable as the criminals you are for carrying out this heinous attack on Australian citizens.

    • Tony says:

      To Terry.
      It is a fact, that people live in cars, I met them by myself. Mister, these meters destroy human, animal health and environment, Do not compare them to a microwave which you can turn on and off, or a cellphone? In the areas where these meters were installed radiation is going up hundreds up to thousands times more than in areas smart meters free. Looks like you are a brain washed by criminal owned media and their propaganda.

  8. Mike says:

    It says this video is not available in my location 😦

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