Smart meter health concerns – A Current Affair

They call them smart meters but a growing number of homeowners disagree. They’re claiming the new power monitoring devices are actually bad for your health.

via Smart meter health concerns on MSN Video.

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11 Responses to Smart meter health concerns – A Current Affair

  1. Bev says:

    I live in an area with 50 meters within 1/4 of a mile. I am tired all the time, I know it’s the meters. I don’t have wireless in my home computer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I dont understand 1 thing. We all agree “no smart metres”. we seem to be going around in circles. Why hasnt this sight taken up a legal action against it. Im sure everyone will sign up. A court action was lodged against the banks inregards to fees. Why hasnt anyone done the same thing with this situation. Everyone is filling out the forms and putting up the signs but realistically were not moving/getting anywhere.

    • Di says:

      One question, who do you think “this site” is? They are a bunch of hardworking volunteers who decided to “put in” and get the word out to people and help as many as possible. If you want Legal Action, source it and post the details on this site for us “all” to contact them and join in. This fight needs every single indvidual to “put in”.

      • Anonymous says:

        your missing my point. Im not having a go at anyone. As i said in my previous listings this sight is fantastic. But speaking to other people we are all doing the same thing but not really moving forward. The number 1 question I have heard is “if its illegal why doesnt anyone take the same steps like the action against the banks and this was my question. Di, this was not an attack it was a question, idea. I would be the first person to join any act against them. In my area we have all received letters stating we are still going to put the smart metre in. This website has already gone on T.v so they do have the media behind them. My “question” “suggestion” was why dont we as a group start a legal action as a group because more people more weight behind it.

        • Informed Citizen says:

          Hi Anonymous,

          For any legal actions to commence it takes an informed public to take appropriate actions and become known, rather than anonymous < (and I am not having a dig at you). It will require money from persons whom are dedicated and understand not only the health impacts, but also inflated utility costs, invasion of privacy, technical issues, and so on.

          As a general rule it usually is the case that persons in general would like to see this and that happen, but rarely want to put their heads on the chopping block, as I have evidenced recently when asked to write a synopsis to block a motion (in relation to another health disaster). However when the crunch time came, the person did not want to get involved for fear of blow-back. In other words this person wanted my help but did not want to help in the process, which would have placed undue pressure on me, since the person knew how that particular system operates, which I did not.

          The situation will change when there are more committed persons who put their money where their mouth is (metaphorically speaking), and some sort of a litigation fund is initiated, however unless persons contribute to it, it will undoubtedly fail. Unfortunately, everything in life costs money. I have noticed that people want results but they do not want to become involved, this will never work. This issue is a global assault on our health, the health of the unborn, newly born, the children, the adults, animals, plants, and so on.

          I honestly believe that if people put down their iPhones and iPads, etc, for a few hours and looked at the science with an open mind, instead of being brainwashed with "pie in the sky explanations from government" = "AKA Industry", there would be a balanced perspective of credible information, and people would hopefully see this issue for what it is and try to retain the integrity of their health and their loved ones. A mistake is only a mistake if it is not corrected.

          Time to video all acts of trespass and all unlawful acts by megalomaniac corporations who are acting like prison wardens in so-called Democratic Australia.

          Full credit to all the volunteers whom make this site possible, in such a short time you have all achieved in my opinion: The impossible, and this will only lead from strength to strength. We must never loose sight of our human rights to protect the children's health!

          THANK YOU ❤

        • Vickie says:

          Anonymous, I tend to agree with Di, you referred to this site as taking the action, A Class action will be very costly, fighting a Government who can throw Billions of dollars around as though it were confetti would be extremely hard, we may if we were lucky get an opt out option, but the Govt and Power companies would try to defer people from doing this by inflicting such high costs that some of us may be unable to afford it, I do not see us as as you put it, getting nowhere and going in circles, i in fact I believe as a result of all the good people on this site and the people who run it we have got many stories public, made more people aware of the dangers, and in doing that we are causing major problems to their Big Brother plans, we are seeing more bullying and pressure put on people which tells me they are worried as the amount of people standing up for their rights is growing. everyday I wake up and hope that this whole nightmare would be over and I dont give up hope that it will, we can only do what we can at this stage and hope that good wins over evil and greed, I am finding it hard to make ends meet as are many others therefore some people could not offer much financially toward a Class Action.

    • Ryan says:

      To Anonymous, Why Why Why ??? why havent we done this why havent we done that? what are you doing? sitting whining and expecting everyone else to do your work for you. I guess you expect us all to pay for the Class Action too…….

  3. Vera says:

    WAKE UP PEOPLE! Talk about this to your neighbours and friends! If we had terrorist bombs going off on peoples homes there would be absolute uproar from the Government and the media. But because the Government have legislated these dangerous smart meter bombs themselves, they say NOTHING. Doesn’t that tell you a lot about your government? People power need to demand the IMMEDIATE HALT OF THIS SMARTMETER SCHEME. We are supposed to live in a Democracy, but unless people stand up for their rights, we will have none.

    • Richard Leschen says:

      Good on you Vera,
      This Ted Baillue Victorian Liberal Government had the chance to get rid of Smart Meters when they assumed office. They bellowed loudl and long and promised they’d get rid of the Smart Meters if they got into office, saying ” That the Smart Meters were a bad idea of the previous John Brumby Labour Government.” We now know how dangerous the so-called Smart Meters are, starting so many fires in meter boxes and damaging home electrical appliances as well. I say….” Stop the roll out of all Smart Meters immediately and force this tardy Liberal Victorian Government to remove all the Smart Meters and reinstall the older and Proven to be safe Analog Meters the Electric Power Companies stole and keep stealing from their Customers.
      Demand that the Electric Power Companies foot the expense of removing all of these Damned Dangerous Smart Meters and replace them with the Safe Tried and Tested Analog Electric Meters. Let these Bullying and Money Grubbing Electric Power Companies foot the whole expense.

      Richard Leschen.

  4. Keep up the good fight to empower the people with knowledge. Excellent coverage in the media. Keep up the pressure and hopefully more persons will understand the health and financial implications. Thanks 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations stop smart meters team – great coverage. Thank you for your ongoing efforts to protect our health and community.

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