Smart meter hostility surge – Casey Weekly

A CRANBOURNE woman says she will continue to resist having a smart meter installed in spite of a government review recommending that the roll-out remain.

The review, which included an independent cost-benefit analysis, dismissed health and safety concerns and concluded that the economic benefits of the new automatic technology relied on the meters being installed at all properties across the state.

Mandatory installation of the meters had been suspended while the review was under way but will now resume. Rosina ONeal told the Weekly she would continue to secure her meter box to prevent her electricity supplier from installing a meter at her property.

Mrs ONeal dismissed threats that households would lose supply unless they had a meter installed. “You can’t leave elderly people like my mother without electricity. Its immoral and dangerous.” A coalition of groups, including the Casey and Cardinia Smartmeter Awareness Group, is now seeking legal advice on their position. A spokeswoman for the group, Kate Everett, said mandatory installation violated the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities. The charter, which became law in 2006, requires governments and other public authorities to consider human rights when they make laws, develop policies or provide services.

Opponents of the new technology claim radiation from the meters can cause cancers, Alzheimers disease and heart attacks. Another Cranbourne resident, Heather Rostan, told the Weekly she had suffered severe headaches since having the meter installed against her wishes 10 months ago.

via Smart meter hostility surge – Local News – News – General – Casey Weekly.

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9 Responses to Smart meter hostility surge – Casey Weekly

  1. Jay says:

    Ok, so the media spin at the moment is to label those against Stupid Meters as “hostile” is it? People who are merely trying to protect their health and their property rights. But apparently the jack-booted behaviour of the power companies who are forcing these toxic and flammable devices on the population of Victoria is ‘benign’ is it?

  2. John says:

    No smartmeters !!!
    How dare you waste my hard earned money on unnecessary elaborate gizmo.
    Waste your own money if you feel like being extravagant . Forget about silly meters. Do something better with spending like gasfired turbines(a lot cleaner then coal) or underground cables. . Why should we pay to change a device that has a couple of moving parts an immense service
    life and an extremely low failure rate . Service industry you should be ashamed of yourself your more
    like serveyourself industry .

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m renting, so I get no say but I have 14 of these things connected to my unit. Are they safe? They maybe Smart to read but can they stop power surges?

    • Martin says:

      i support you, don’t give up.

    • Francois says:

      No, they cannot stop power surges or over-current situations. However, there is a HRC fuse at the consumers terminals which provides some protection to the consumers mains cable, not any appliances that you may have connected in the home. The switchboard is there to provide protection to your home wiring, not any appliances that you may have connected in the home. And no, the meters are not smart. As for having 14 of them up against your wall????????? I’d be doing one of two things, either move, or put in a big sheet of lead plate behind the wall where the meters are.

    • Ashley says:

      I believe you could have a say. The arrangement is between the Power Company and yourself, not the Landlord. I had this experience regards stopping the installation at the shop I rent.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the above comments but I am looking at it from another angle, and that is it is against Trade practice laws. Is it legal to sell goods that represent capital equipment in order to run the business for(1) valuable consideration and offer no reward or value for goods you are paying dearly for. ( 2) goods for which you never gain ownershjp . Apparently the next step is to include poles and wires under the same illegal umbrella. I tried to put this view to the Minister in charge of the review but although promises to return my calls were made, it did’nt happen. The unsmart metre was installed on my property with no contact and full trespass near my bedroom..

  5. Martin says:

    I support everyone who is resisting the installation of the “stupid meters” on their properties.
    I will never let them on our property. We must organize a rally in the streets of Melbourne soon.
    If anyone would like to contact me my number is 0416 223 669 or email
    Thank you,


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