Will the Smart meter cause problems with my wife’s heart monitor?

Text of email sent to SP AUSNET re installation of smart meter on our property. What can be done?

I am writing to ask that the installation of a smart meter be deferred pending assurances and solid proof from all relevant bodies that the operation of the meter will not cause problems with my wife’s heart monitor.

I phoned your customer service department earlier this week and was referred to two companies conducting meter installation. One could not help as they do not install meters in this area, and the representative of the other company was cold, uncaring and rude. All I was requesting was deferral of installation until we are assured all is safe – and I was told repeatedly that installation would proceed regardless. I then chose to phone the DPI about my concerns and was not able to get definitive answers to my questions.

I was referred to EME Series No.8 Fact sheet from the ARPNSA and was told it would be of some assistance. This is, I believe, because of a belief that any EME emissions from a smart meter would roughly equate or be less than those from a mobile phone. Therein lies a problem as the implanted monitor worn by my wife can be affected by mobile phones, Bluetooth devices and the like. It is not a cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator, but rather a monitor to check that no irregular heart rhythms occur.

The proper operation of this monitor is vital to maintain my wife’s mental wellbeing as she suffers from a range of mental illnesses including depression, severe anxiety disorder, panic attacks and OCD. Any stress brought on by anxiety over potential issues surrounding the installation and operation of a smart meter can and will bring on severe anxiety which will result in hospitalisation. She has been hospitalised once already this year for an extended period because of severe anxiety and is taking medication to try and alleviate her stress and anxiety.

I am not prepared to allow my wife’s health to be further compromised. I am not prepared to allow access to my property to install a smart meter until my wife and I are both 100% certain that there is absolutely no chance of electromagnetic radiation from the smart meter interfering with the full and proper operation of her implanted monitor. I am not going to take any risks with her wellbeing – whether physical or mental.

I am happy to meet with a representative of your company and / or DPI to discuss this issue. I am not prepared to be forced into a smart meter installation that has any, even the remotest, chance of affecting my wife in any way.

I will take any action necessary to prevent having  a smart meter installed at our property. I will take action if I do not receive a satisfactory and timely response to my concerns.”

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3 Responses to Will the Smart meter cause problems with my wife’s heart monitor?

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Victorian Government should be held accountable, they spent billions of dollars for smart meters and how the budget is in deficit and funding is cut for TAFE, hospital beds, and other community projects for what?

  2. Informed Citizen says:

    The problem rests with government, they do not work toward our best interests (health). They are pawns of the corporations. Before the toxic electro-magnetic radiating CFL globes were implemented to every unsuspecting Australian household, I noticed the real reason for the CFL’s. What I found on the Australian government website was shameless. The government website explained how “shareholders” are not making enough money and the utility companies fear that “shareholders” will invest in other areas, so they will introduce CFL globes, so their “shareholders” continue to invest in the energy sector, the CFL globes will be made in Australia providing jobs to Australians. They are made in China, they were never made in Australia!

    The explanation above has been removed from the government website. The consumer has been deceived again by the sly, eco-friendly, green propaganda campaign; which was nothing more than a public relations strategy to get the Australian consumer to accept the very toxic, full of mercury, non-ionizing emitting, very dangerous, extremely “environmentally unfriendly” CFL globes. They forgot to mention that CFL’s can trigger epilepsy, headaches, muscle twitching by stimulation of the para-sympathetic nervous system, and a plethora of neurological symptoms/dysfunction.

    Now smart meters are being rammed down our throat with the premise to save the consumer money. This is a blatant lie! Smart meters interfere with the electrical frequencies of the body, heart function, cause headache= opening of the, blood brain barrier, interfere with circadian rhythm, disrupt melatonin production, disrupt intracellular communication= when the human cells talk to each other. These effects will alter the physical structure of human cells, and in time can also initiate cancer. Smart meters are another “cash cow” for industry, they do not reduce electricity bills, they are not in the best interests of mankind, ecology, nor will they save the planet. The industry and their puppets should be charged with ecocide! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecocide

    Any person who is forced to have a smart meter imposed on their home should state clearly their right to life under the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights – United Nations, http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/ ,
    The Nuremberg Code, http://ohsr.od.nih.gov/guidelines/nuremberg.html
    and whatever legal binding document that applies in your jurisdiction. Then after this go global and plaster the Internet, the utility industry will love the free publicity. Those who do not defend their right to life do not deserve to live, this is why these people believe strongly in the theory of “natural selection” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_selection

    There is nothing natural about smart meters. Do we want generations of mutant human beings unable to produce healthy offspring? Do we want reduced ability to function? Do we want reduced IQ levels? Or will we stick our head in the sand while our health is taken from us by the “Fat Cats”? … I hope you all enjoyed this article, especially the utility industry reading this 🙂
    People stand up for your rights or you will never have any!

  3. Terry says:

    Isn’t it disgraceful that this man should even be in this stressful situation. For goodness sake, it’s a no-brainer that people should have the right to refuse these electromagnetic radiation emitting monstrosities! As for the ‘s pathetic argument that they aren’t even as bad as a microwave oven or a mobile phone etc – what a crock! That’s like saying “Hey I know you have the occassional whiskey so you won’t mind if I tip this beer down your throat?” Or “You smoke, so let me shove this mask over your face and pump some smoke into your lungs.”

    We don’t want your damn toxic, spying devices! Get out of our faces you fascists!

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