Installed onto my property without my consent

I recently found out that a smart meter was installed onto my property without my consent. So I decided to contact the company for a please explain. To my horror the response I got was we can do whatever we want and we have government backing.
Since this Smart Meter was installed my family has been suffering headaches which is a direct result of the Smart Meter. I would think any government that supports a Smart meter does not care for the community they are meant to serve. Smart Meters are there to make Money at the expense of human health. I would urge people to get back the rights these power companies are taking away from us.

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2 Responses to Installed onto my property without my consent

  1. Mia Nony says:

    First, the aim is to stop the frequencies immediately. Try hanging an entire interior wall of the meter wall with affordable “space” blankets. They are cheap & they have grommets. They could be an interim measure. Another choice: Go to and once you look at the example of a thinner foil insulation, find out where you can buy it by the roll. Staple sheets of it to the whole interior meter wall. Then? Wrap the meter totally in this flexible foil if it is available in Australia. Or use many sheets of aluminium foil if you cannot find the flexible stuff that sandwiches bubble wrap. Or use the space blanket for the meter too, stop even a pinhole of transmission with duct tape to make the foil totally wrap the entire meter. The idea is to stop all bi-drectional transmission altogether before any more leakage across your blood brain barrier causes more harm or leads to cognitive impairment. There is no law against stopping the frequencies. To absorb radiation rather than reflect it which still does not help the pollinators, etc., try to find carbon sheets, like the kind that used to be used for typewriters carbon copies. Put it in something weather proof and try to wrap the meter. Do both if you can Another idea is to place a large metal shield between you and the frequencies, on the warm side of the wall.

  2. brouno says:

    when we elected mike hairass he gave away our ontaario hydro to his corporate thieves that was the biggest theft in history of ont mcguinty has the same adgenda it started with mulruinee it is so out of contol now we need a dictator

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