EMF Scientific Workshop 2011 : Energy Networks Association 22nd November

The annual ENA EMF Scientific Workshop for 2011 will be held on Tuesday 22 November 2011 at Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street Melbourne.

The Workshop is sponsored by the EMF Program of the Energy Networks Association. The guest speaker for the Workshop will be Dr Robert Baan of the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer based in Lyon France. Dr Baan will speak on the recent IARC review of RF EMF radiation which resulted in the “possibly carcinogenic” (Group 2B) classification. The focus of the Workshop will be research papers related to power frequency EMF (50Hz). The Call for Papers has been issued recently and further papers are welcome. The Workshop is free and will be open to the general public. A Registration Form is available for those wishing to attend. The Science and Wireless 2011 public meeting is expected to be held the evening before the Workshop.

For further inquiries contact Richard Hoy at rdhoy@bigpond.com or telephone 1800 076105.

Download Registration Form

via EMF Scientific Workshop 2011 : Energy Networks Association.

Symposium on Radiofrequency (including Mobile Phones) and Public Health 21st November

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