3AW audio – Fires linked to smart meters?

Fires linked to smart meters?Posted by: 3AW Radio | 7 November, 2011 – 9:35 AM. The Metropolitan Fire Brigade says there is no cause for public alarm after it launched an official investigation into fires, linked to Smart Meters. Brigade Command has ordered all firefighters to report fires, where smart meters are present and has advised officers not to allow power companies to take the meters from the scene. There have been three smart meter switchboard fires in recent weeks. Chief Fire Officer Shane Wright says its a standard procedure and at this stage there is no firm link with the meters.

PLAY: Neil Mitchell investigates the issue via Fires linked to smart meters?.

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2 Responses to 3AW audio – Fires linked to smart meters?

  1. Robert Scott says:

    To start with there is no god so stop asking for an unseen, non existent entity for help, there is none coming.
    The government can do this because most people know little or nothing about electricity. The great unknown is used against you the great non enlightened masses. The way to stand against these people that have a vested interest in the generation of power is simply to generate your own and go totally off the electrical grid. Now I have done this , granted I am an electronic tech and have completed an electrical & radio trades apprenticeship and other related trades courses but anyone can do this with a little knowledge and understanding of electrical principals.
    Most home handymen can do this properly with a short course on electrical principals understanding. This is the only way to defeat these people, take away the demand for what they supply, grid connected solar is not the way to go. With grid connected solar you are still being charged a standing rate of between $100- $200 a quarter for nothing more than grid cables being connected to your house plus hire of a very expensive smart meter that can indeed blow up or surreptitiously start a small blaze in your meter and power distribution box which can indeed burn houses down within hours. Robert Scott

  2. Anonymous says:

    People stand up! our government is screwing us………they want us homeless, jobless, and they want us to have no privacy….What about religion?? Where is our freedome?? Have we conformed to, or been a bit lax. I think so, how about you? No, they want to take away all, and everyone of our rights. The have subtely done that, and we have become blind. It is time to really open our eyes……….We have no home insurance that will cover THE SMART METERS……..it proves are Government wants us, homeless, jobless, all are rights taken from us. What next my fellow friends?? It is scary, and you should be scared. It is time to stand up people. What about the Flu that kills…it is our government.?…….Of course it is. They do not want us to get our retirement…..if that don’t work…then they will burn us out of our homes, they want us to believe we are hopeless. IT IS TIME TO TAKE STAND…….If we don’t stand for anything………..Then we will fall for anything…….a cliche! Whatever you want to call it. We are screwed ppl. Lets band together, and if you are not religious……..then I think it is time to do so….We have been so blind. The worst is not happened yet…this is only the beginning, and it will get worse. Please my brothers stand together, and stand tall……….We have too! May God Bless us All. We have o fight back.

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