Dizziness in the morning where the room is spinning/Heart palpitations

Since the SMART meter installation I have developed the following symptoms when I am at home –

There is a high pitched noise at regular intervals, intensity increases at night starting at around 8:05pm and then regular intervals of approx 30 mins, with highest intensity at around midnight.
  • Tingling on the scalp normally in the front top left and the right back of the skull.
  • Tingling and numbness in my extremities
  • Dizziness in the morning where the room is spinning.
  • Heart palpitations and swelling of glands
  • Muscle spasms and tremors when in bed.  Sometimes this is localised to the feet, kidneys, behind my head, etc.
  • Migraines
  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Loss of sleep.

The plant which was under the SMART meter started dying.  I’ve since changed its position and it’s beginning to thrive again.

I have seen various doctors and medical practitioners and have had medical checkups and a myriad test and they have found nothing physically wrong to explain the symptoms.  Physically I am healthy.  So the causes of these symptoms are outside of my control.

I do NOT own a microwave oven, mobile phones are powered off in the house, and all electrical appliances when not in use are unplugged.  I switch on my mobile phone 3 times a day to check on messages, then power it down again, and limit the use to no more than 2 minutes a call at a max.  I make less than 5 calls per week on the mobile phone and only in emergencies.

If I want to have a good nights sleep, I need to leave my home and stay overnight in a house which does not have a SMART meter installed.

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