Victoria it is time to Act as one!

Its time to pull together Victoria. So many of us have been fighting in our own area, now its time to ACT AS ONE.

We need everyone’s help to step up the campaign against smart meters – people are being seriously affected and their lives turned upside down, and most of the meters already installed have not been turned onto transmit yet (ie they are still being read by meter reader) which means they will not be causing these terrible health effects on people until they are – so just think whats going to happen to us when they are.  DON”T WAIT UNTIL THEN, lets STOP THEM NOW so that those installed CANNOT START TRANSMITTING. You may think that by deferring your installation, that the fight is over, well it’s NOT, so please make a stand with us now. 

If you heard Minister O’Brien on 3AW this morning I’m sure you would have got the same message as I did, that they have no intention of stopping the smart meters installation, because they are “too far into it”  well they wouldn’t have been if they had stopped it pending the review. So we MUST ACT STRONGLY. 

What can you do?  Make sure you send your horror story or concerns to all the following. 

  1. Read the article on page 15 in the Herald Sun today, Tues Nov 1st  – here’s the link if you don’t have the paper
  2. Send in your horror story to the Sun, Email  
  3. Please put pen to paper NOW, keep a copy and  send it registered post (keep a copy of the reg post number with your copy) to The Hon. Michael O’Brien, MP Minister for Energy and Resources 1 Spring Street Melbourne VIC  3000 or at least email it through (not the same impact though – too easy to hit the delete button) michael.o’ & Minister O’Brian’s Energy Advisor, Sarah Leslie, told Mark Florio he was the first person that she knows who has had health problems with Smart Meters.  If this is true, we need to bombard her and the Minister with (Registered Mail) letters AND emails. 
  4. “sign” our online petition at  and tell all your neighbours and friends to as well.  If you don’t know how, ask a family member or friend to help you. 
  5. Write a letter to the editor at your local paper and to the state papers  (I have attached a file with lots of papers names and email addresses to help you at the end of this message)  
  6. Go to  (our new site) and put your email address in the “subscribe” field on the right side so that you will receive all our update notifications to be informed. Tell all your friends, family and neighbours to register too. 
  7. If you seriously want to know where you stand with your rights then you may want to make the effort to attend the following meeting. A free public meeting is held by two solicitors who are experienced in constitutional law on the last Tuesday of each month starting at 7.30pm. The venue is at the Library, 154 High Street, Ashburton (Melbourne suburb). Melways map 60 C9. Next meeting will be held on Tuesday 29th November 2011. Topics of concern can be discussed. Many people have been asking questions about smart meters – their rights with privacy, trespass, fires and health problems from the pulsed microwave radiation into the meters. Solicitors are: Darryl O’Brien and Peter Gargan.
  8. If you are one of the 400 members of the public who made a submission to the review, then you will know that as members of the public our submissions were not published – so if you would like yours published for others to read email it to with a note that you are approving it to be published on our website.
If you are into phoning talk back radio here are some numbers: 
3AW Open Line: 03 96 900 693 Outside Melbourne Open Line: 131332 by email 3AW 
774 ABC Melbourne TALKBACK: 1300 222 774ABC Radio National.
Have Your Say Talkback: 1300 22 55 76 or go to ABC Local and find your nearest ABC – 
MTR Melbourne Open Line and Talkback:131 873 (Local Call) 
Today Tonight 
A Current Affair 

We need to get the momentum going.  Also, I think some anti Michael O’Brien letters are necessary, indicating that he seems to have his head in the sand concerning the well documented health risks and as a result some places overseas are now making the meters optional etc.

I hope you realise that we have a serious fight for our rights and that there is always power in numbers.  Please join with us to show Victoria we can make a difference if we stand up for our rights. Thank you in anticipation of your support

Di Bell Fighting for our Human Rights.
Anti Smart Meter Alliance
Email addresses papers
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4 Responses to Victoria it is time to Act as one!

  1. John Wilson says:

    Hi All,

    Here is a pretty story about a family and the greed and ruthlessness of Powercor.
    I cannot go into details for confidentiality but suffice to advise the public that a staff/employee of Powercor being unsuccessful to for the resident into allowing the installation of a smart meter on the property because the family refused to allow it.. Guess what they did. They resorted to contacting a family member in hospital and dying to try and force the acceptance.
    These companies and the government are running out of control.
    This is totally unacceptable behaviour and I believe it is time to stop talking and taking some action.
    As has already been discussed in previous correspondence about the various breaches of the constitution, Weights and Measures Act, the Commonwealth Crimes Act and the Trade Practices Act. I believe that we can add coercion, bullying, extortion to our vulnerable members of the public and charges should be levelled against the company and perhaps the Minister for supporting this action.
    We will probably be told the Minister and Public Service members are protected from prosecutions, but they are not because they are using a false and invalid 1975 Victorian Constitution as their power base. They do not have the authority, regardless of them passing an Act to protect them. An invalid Act does not create a law and can be ignored. We the people are the sovereign and are the government, not the parliament who is our servant. Unless the people have approved the Constitution then it is not law. There has been no referendum in Victoria seeking approval of a new Constitution.

  2. Seph says:

    Dear Stop Smart Meter Australia Team ,
    and all supporters, thank you, thank you, You all do a brilliant job, thank you, and, please keep on it. Fighting for our physical & financial health, privacy and safety in Australia is most important.. Yes, Victorians it is time to Act as one!

    “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free – it expects what never was and never will be”. By Thomas Jefferson


  3. Resident of Victoria says:

    Yes! I agree. There are no benefits to the smart meter!
    Electromagnetic radiation is a real thing and major worry.
    They must be banned.
    What an unsmart (dumb) idea to have them installed.
    Let’s show the companies and leaders we are not fools!

  4. Darryl says:

    Just a short note to inform you that Darryl O’Bryan and Peter Gargan are Commonwealth Public Officials not Solicitors.

    Kind Regards
    Darryl O’Bryan

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