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Are you concerned about the effects of Smart Meters being installed in Victoria? Then go to and register your vote/signature and if you wish to also enter your particular concerns.  Please share this information with as many people as you can.

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11 Responses to Sign the On-line Petition Now!

  1. Ray Brownell says:

    Michael O’Brien is no longer the minister for Energy & Resources, the incumbent minister is Nicholas Kotsiras.

  2. Veronica says:

    Hi, I sent the letter from your site to Hugh Gleeson CEO of united energy and got a repsonse to day it bascially. In summary after longwided letter said “the insallation of smart metering remains mandated by the victorian goveernment. Therefore the installation of a smart meter in our property (with our details in it) will take place as outlined in the notification letter recieved. I will also put up the sign and get a lock for the meter box. What happens if they turn up when I am not home? and they install it? Does any one know if they have put signs up and locked meter box and still enetered property and installed their meter

    • Stop Smart Meters Australia says:

      Installation is not mandatory/compulsory. Minister O’Brien stated in December last year that “there would be no penalties or fines for people who refuse to have meters installed. Instead they would have to “work with” electricity companies, who own the meters.” This is confirms that installation is not mandatory/compulsory and is a matter of public record, published in The Age newspaper on 15 December 2011. Tell that to those who would try to have you believe otherwise.

  3. David says:

    It wouldnt matter if it was Labour, Liberal or other as they dont decide anything for us, the decisions are made in the boardrooms of big business and the Polies just brownose them so they can line their pockets while in power. There is no democracy just Big Brother getting bigger, greedier and we little people getting sicker, less control of our lives and lied to.

  4. Anthony says:

    I may accept a smart meter installed in my home once they can communicate via the electrical wired grid itself and not via transmitters and mesh radio technology.And only if have options for plans and not TOU metering rates.

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      Hi there Anthony,
      Don’t get a smart meter even if they go ( hard-wired is the proper scientific term ). If you do you will be letting them SNOOP ON YOU. All so-called Smart Meters are Illegal Telephone Tapping Devices. For telephone tapping in any country of the world, A High Court Order Needs to be obtained by those secret or non secret bodies that want to snoop on anyone. Don’t give into these Lying Fiends of Overseas Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies. What you don’t seem to realise is that as long as you keep your present Analog Meter Safely Padlocked in your Meter Box which you own and not these Power Companies, you are safely locked into paying the FLAT RATE of X cents per Kilowatt Hour for using Electricity.

      Those people who have been unwise enough or unlucky enough to have had a Microwave Smart Meter foisted on them whilst out shopping or have been away for any other reason and who did not padlock their Electric Meter Boxes are going to soon to have to pay 10 cents per Kilowatt Hour from 11.00 P.M to 7.00 A.M. then 20 cents per Kilowatt Hour from 7.00 A.M to 2.00 P.M then 40.00 cents from 2.00 P.M. to 11.00 P.M thus locking one into having to do your major chores and cooking your Roast Dinners etc from 11.00 P.M. Who the HELL wants to do the clothes washing from ten past eleven P.M or have their dinner at those times when one should be asleep. No, Anthony this is just another Mad Grab for cash. So don’t give into them.
      1. Lock your Electric Meter Box. Put a Perspex window in it so the Meter Reader Man can get his readings.

      2. Put up you Legal by the High Court Of Australia and the Australian Constitution No Trespass Signs, which shows the $167,000.00 Dollar fine for anyone trespassing on your property. Affix one of these laminated signs on your front gate and the other also firmly affixed on your Metal or Wooden Meter Box. Keep the Meter Box Locked at all times.

      3. Write a polite letter to the C.E.O. of the Electric Power Company for your area. and politely tell him that you refuse to have a Microwave or any type of so-called Smart Meter on your property at any time. Sign it, Date it and send it Registered Mail. Keep a copy of same for Legal Purposes as I have done.

  5. Damien Giustini says:

    If smart meters save us so much money, why don’t Powercor keep collecting money from us from the system in now place and utilise the money in finding solutions for alternative power.
    Sounds like a scam to me to make a quick buck.
    Thanks Ted for your support you were all mouth before the elections buddy huh?

  6. Tom Oliver says:

    ‘UN-SMART’ Meters should not have to be installed compulsory if one’s Meter is working O/K. The engine in my car is working fine, yet I have no intention of changing that! There are grave realistic concerns about the lack of information in their billing methods, YOUR Privacy and Health issues, with many already. So, the Government made a mistake! Too bad! We should not have to pay for others mistakes, we don’t with any other Manufacturers!!!

  7. Maria Adeloju says:

    We do not want a smart mter because we have family from NZ and Melbourne who have become sick and unwell after a smart meter was installed. No to smart meters they are not smart technology if they harm human beings.

  8. Robert Gipp says:

    As I have Solar Panels installed I require a bi-directional meter to be fitted in my meter box. I am not happy to expose my family to radiation. with what I have read and heard regarding the health issues of many Australian house holds,I would definitely prefer an alternative meter.As an example,EMFacts Consultancy on 23rd September,2011 listed * World health Org.concerns with ironizing radiation * National Institute of Health recorded biological changes in brain after a few minutes exposure to the same radiation * Laboratory Scientists found human cell damage and DNA breaks Note, * Insurance Companies will not insure Liability damage from wireless Smart Meters, just to list a few. I was advised when I contacted my supplier, AP&G that a Net Solar Interval Meter would suit my needs

  9. Shaun Connell says:

    This just another stuff up of the labour party another billion down the drain.

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