I understand that Contract law requires CONSENT

If you do not consent to a smart meter being installed at your address, here is what two people did, along with the letters and signs that were used.

“I understand that Contract Law needs CONSENT – I DO NOT Consent to a Smart Meter being installed, and this is what I have done to stop it:”

No Smart meter, the Meter Box is mine, so I’ve locked it. Did you know that under Contract Law in Australia there needs to be consent by both parties for a contract. Well I do not consent to a smart meter being installed on my home and based on all the information I now have on health, privacy and economic issues of smart meters, and on contract law in Australia I am now “prohibiting the installation of a smart meter at my address”.

My interpretation of contract law is that if I do not reply to a letter telling me that a smart meter will be installed between certain dates, then I am implying consent by doing nothing. I will not be phoning the number in the letter either as they could trick me into a conversation where I  give “implied consent”. Any callers will be told “I require all communications in writing”.

So I have sent a letter to my power distributor stating that I do not give my consent, telling Minister O’Brien I do not give my consent, locked my meter box and installed windows for the meter to be read and pasted a notice on the box that I do not give my consent. Posted a notice at the entry to my property that I do not give my consent to a smart meter being installed and they are trespassing if they enter my property to do so. And I have taken photos as proof that I have done all this.

To summarize these are the steps I have taken –

  1. Here is the first letter I have sent to my Power Distributor and to Minister O’Brien  1 Prohibition of Smartmeter installation letter
  2. If the Power Distributor replies to my  first letter or still sends another installation notice – ignoring my first letter, I will be sending this letter Prohibition of undue harassment
  3. I have locked my meter box and put windows for the meter reader Click here for an example. – and put my meter box Stop Sign up which I have signed, dated, laminated and photographed (Click here to download your sign if you are not the owner of the property use this sign) after putting on my meter box.
  4. I Placed this sign at the entry to my property (after signing, dating, laminating) then photographed it in place.
  5. If you receive a reply from your first letter of No consent to install, it will probably have strong words and contracts, codes etc listed re Meter Ownership, the Power Distributors entitlement to access your property etc, and a paragraph suggesting you raise any further concerns re the Victorian Government policy to the Dept of Primary Industries , DPI. So, many people are then sending the Prohibition of undue harassment letter to the Power Distributor and also sending a letter to the DPI and their Member of Parliament, saying that No matter how many times it is stated that Smart Meters are safe, WE DO NOT BELIEVE THEY ARE.
  • WHO SAYS ARPANSA and other Australian standards being used are right AND ALL THE OTHER REPORTS ARE WRONG.


Remember as a wise person once said “if you don’t know your rights, you have none”.

To all those reading this, ask yourself honestly, if you feel strongly enough about something, do you just moan and talk about it, or do you DO something about it, or do you sit back and say “they should do something about it” – as so many typical Aussies do.

“Stand for something or fall for anything.”

I have posted this information to make others aware, as with all things in life we have choices about the stand we make for what we believe are our human and democratic rights.

This is another reply from a visitor to our site:

I’m not a lawyer but, according to Halsbury’s Laws of Australia the only justifiable reason for trespass to install a meter is by consent; it is the ONLY justifiable reason. This brings us to contract law, as consent to trespass may be implied implicitly or explicity as a contractual agreement.

I contacted the electricity distributor that was harassing me for a copy of the contract between their company in connection to my property. Their response was to provide an extract of a government gazette and some policy document. I replied by stating that this was not a valid and lawful contract (referencing formation, offer, acceptance, known terms, etc.) according to contract law. I stated I rejected their claim that a contract exists on known and agreed terms, and that I did not accept their documents as an offer to contract.

Further, I requested on multiple occasions for proof of ownership if they claim ownership to any equipment on my property. They refused to provide evidence, so I informed them that they own nothing on my property. Look up Sale of Offices Act 1551 and Sale of Offices Act 1809 – both in full force within the Commonwealth (to my knowledge). No letters in a month since but I assume I’ll be receiving one soon.

I have also written to Michael O’Brien stating I reject any claim by the Crown or any corporation of the Crown can enforce the purchase and use of a product against my will.

The other notice to be sent is to the retailer to inform them that no consent is provided for the installation of smart meters under any conditions. If they try to intimidate you then you can threaten to move to another retailer.

142 Responses to I understand that Contract law requires CONSENT

  1. Ripped off says:

    Smart meters are a Wi-Fi device that can and are programmed to read whatever Singapore power wants them to, my power bill went from $150pq to $1250pq and when I looked at my meter a month later it hadn’t changed, no matter who you think you are dealing with it’s actually Singapore power, who don’t care about law because they are in another country and don’t care about our laws, as far as I am concerned labor and liberal parties should be declared illegal organizations and their leaders charged with treason and used for target practice.

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  3. Mark says:

    An energy company told my spouse it was ok to sign my name on a contract when I was not home can I sue them for this the power was in my name only I did what you did and put a lock on the meter called the ombudsman that was about 2 months ago heard nothing back yet should I just seek legal action

  4. amanda duran says:

    I have contacted AGL who forward me to Ausgrid who has then forwsrd me to gregory field at zetland nsw only voice message
    I do not want a smart meter installed
    can they really make me have one

  5. Anonymous says:

    We have been told to change our point of attachment at our cost , we would be out of pocket $2500 which obviously we don’t want to do, can you believe they actually told us to remove our verandah so these so called 2 bob installers can stand directly underneath as they can’t use a ladder, our home is nearly 100 years old, not going to happen….glad I read is, I can now tell them with confidence that we don’t want one…thanks Andrea.

  6. Jason says:

    Well today, my smart meter was installed. The installer disregarded the stop notice, pulled it off the box and took it with him.
    Refused to stop working on my house as he apparently knocked on the door whilst I was indisposed and took that as the go ahead.
    This was the third installer. The other two followed letters stating they were coming. This one did not.
    I called the police and boy did he hurry to get out! As I was on the phone he quickly removed the old meter and ran to the truck to drop it off!
    And of course, because it was a Saturday morning, my tv and computer were both on, my computer appears to have died and so has the bloody tv!

    These scummy ass*oles need to be stopped
    I think I’ll just go outside and destroy their bloody meter and see what they want to do about it

    • Ms Rebel says:

      Jason, I’m sorry but you should have LOCKED your meterbox! That would have stalled him long enough for you to take more action. What an arrogant jerk. Best of Luck to You and Everyone fighting them, just don’t Give Up!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Was the meter box not locked ?????

    • David says:

      As people on here are constantly stating….. YOU MUST LOCK YOUR METER BOX!
      In most cases, the installers are just subcontractors, thus the power distributors can play the plausible deniability game.

  7. cristine clissold says:

    I just had the smart meter installer here i told him i didnt want it my two dogs were barking at the gate he told me he was getting a stick out of the car and he would use it on the dogs i told him id call the police he started taking photos and threatening me he said they will disconnect the power not nice

    • Anonymous says:

      I would have told him that I would get a bigger stick and use it on him if he layed a finger on my dogs (which would get bitten off anyway).
      And if he went anywhere near the meter, I’d use the stick on him as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, and that’s scare tactics about disconnecting your power, that lout is just trying to intimidate you.
      They can only disconnect your power if you don’t pay your bills.

      • Well aware says:

        Another idea – keep the garden hose handy and give him a dousing, how dare he threaten to harm your dogs! Just vile behaviour – proves how desperate they are at this point, doesn’t it?

    • Jay says:

      Christine, if he comes back get his name, car rego number, and company ID number if you can. Photograph and film him and give this evidence to the police. He has threatened violence towards your pets who were legally on their own property defending their owners against someone who was obviously behaving in a threatening manner! His behaviour is despicable!!

    • 1vimana1 says:

      This smart meter man cannot Legally disconnect your power so long as you are paying your electricity bills. I was threatened the same way as you over a year ago being bullied twice over the phone. I exploded into the mouth-piece very angrily on the second time with, ” You B****Y STUPID B***H, I am your Customer not your SERVANT.”
      Seconds later I heard, ” Boohooohooo, you nasty man……..etc.”
      “You are the nasty one I bellowed, what you are trying to do is actually ILLEGAL, and a Mandate is not THE LAW.

      She never phoned me again but her boss did.
      It didn’t do her boss any good either as I sent her a polite but strong and stinging letter of complaint and told her that all of them were breaking the LAW and that we were supposed to be living in a DEMOCRACY and not a Police State here in Victoria Australia.That shut her up for good as well.

  8. I would like to thank everyone for their stories and this wealth of information. We were advised last year by our meter reader to refuse the “smart” meter, and he also gave us details of how we could stop the installation (lock + no permission sign). Today we received the dreaded letter informing us of an imminent installation; thanks to all of the information listed above, I am immediately writing to United Energy to refuse the installation….AND installing a stronger lock! Makes you wonder what the hell is this government doing to us.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      I agree,
      My meter reader man advised me to padlock my electricity meter box as well, which I did straight away and that was well over a year ago. He said….
      “Thanks for keeping me in a job mate !” I responded with the following question.
      “These foreign owned five electric power companies here are a pack of money hungry sods who’d steal the pennies of your dear old grandmothers eyes ?,
      “Too right mate, they’re a pack of money hungry bastards !” I responded with….
      ” And so is this present Victorian Liberal Party Government, just like the last Labor Party mob……..just a pack of self-serving bastards once they’re in power !

  9. John Wilson says:

    Hi All,
    One comment was concerning contracts.
    For information I will paste the following on essentials of a Contract.
    A contract is a legally binding or valid agreement between two parties. The law will consider a contract to be valid if the agreement contains all of the following elements:

    1.offer and acceptance;
    2.an intention between the parties to create binding relations;
    3.consideration to be paid for the promise made;
    4.legal capacity of the parties to act;
    5.genuine consent of the parties; and
    6.legality of the agreement.

    An agreement that lacks one or more of the elements listed above is not a valid contract.
    NOTE: And possibly a seventh could be added and that is the ability to contract, i.e. children, those with a mental condition that makes them unable to contract, etc.
    If you have not met any of these essentials nor signed a contract I doubt that any contract is valid.

    I will add the following story about I family I am a close friend. this family has refused to allow the installation of a smart meter on the grounds that it breaches their common law rights under the Commonwealth Constitution 1901. Importantly they are extremely sensitive to Wi-Fi.
    The family has gone through the various attempts from PowerCor .e.g. sweet talk on the benefits to threats of disconnection, fines, etc. Because it has been a male member handling the matter and who is aware of the constitution laws the company has been unsuccessful in installing the smart meter on the property.
    The latest strategy has been a campaign of constant texting of one member who is in hospital dying from cancer with only a short time to live. This texting is very stressful to her. Why can’t they leave this poor lady in peace for her remaining time?
    This company can only be considered as totally without compassion, arrogant and ruthless.
    I believe we have reached a stage where we need to have them charged and also those supporting them with whatever charges are applicable.

    The government is equally involved and it raises question what benefit does it gain either collectively or individually by supporting the companies to the extent they ignore the concerns of the public.

    • Pete says:

      I have been continuously contacted by Jemena and today I got tired of the threats so I called the number at the bottom of the Jemena bully letter. This number turns out to be the DPI. What is the DPI’s number doing on a Jemena letter head?. The person I spoke to told me that “installation of smart meters in Victoria is mandated and legislation”, which they also have IN WRITING on their website.

      Apart from being illegal, this is proof of illegal behavior and needs to be noted.
      After telling this person that what they are telling me is not only illegal but its also against the constitution etc… she then told me to call Jemena directly. Which I did.
      The Jemena representative that I spoke to told me “sorry, we all have to install smart meters whether we like it or not. and if you refuse the installation, your power can be cut off”. I told this person “Oh so you have just threatened me, thank you”. He then proceeded to give me the number of the subcontractors that are supposed to do the installation. Once I spoke to these contractor’s representative (service stream), the person also threatened me that “if you don’t allow access to install a smart meter, Jemena will cut your power off”. Yet another threat, all recorded on .mp3 file.
      I have all of these calls recorded, for quality and training purposes 😀

      So I clearly stated to this person, that he make a note on my case that I refuse to install a smart meter on my property and because I have clearly visible signs on my property, any person entering my property with intent to install a smart meter is trespassing and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This comment seemed to have very quickly brought us to the end of the call. Not happy with the threats, I’ve opted to call the ombudsman, as per a post on this site which quotes a phrase from the Essential Services Commission.

      “In answer to this question the Essential Services Commission wrote:
      ”ESC does not consider the behaviour described as being consistent with “best endeavours”. We recommend any such instances be brought to the attention of the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria (EWOV).” ”

      Well guess what… I lodged the complaint, and the very next day I got a phone call from Jemena… the lady who I spoke to ALSO told me that “it is legislation that smart meters are to be installed”… she also stated that part of the rules are that I am not to hinder access to anyone from the power company to which I replied, if its to read the meter, fine no problem, but I do not give permission to install a smart meter. The Jemena representative’s comportment is obviously a bullying tactic and against the law, but they don’t care. I stipulated to her that she is not only in breach of the law by making a threat to me but also in breach of the Australian constitution.

      I called the EWOV back and got escalated to a higher level, but what was their answer? “Sorry our hands are tied, we cannot do anything because the legislation states that you MUST have the smart meter installed” bla bla bla… so what good is the EWOV? Good for NOTHING. They didn’t even try to stop the bullying, they don’t care and basically are a waste of time so before anyone tries this road, I’ve done it for you, it doesn’t work.

      Therefore what are the solutions?

      1- Follow the guides that this website has provided.
      2- If you want additional protection, apart from locking gates and meter boxes… try to install a CCTV camera that is pointing to the meter box, you can pick up real cheap ones for $50 on ebay and you can install a simple memory card to record the day’s goings on. It is very easy to maintain.
      3- Know that even though the meter “MAY” be the power supplier’s property (this is left to interpretation), the WALL to which the meter is attached and the meter cabinet is YOUR property, NOT the power company. Therefore if they damage the locks, door, or open any of your property, they are breaking the law and you can sue them for property damage amongst other things.

      Why go to all this trouble? Well…
      (a) Stand up for your basic human rights because no one else will
      (b) Protect your property, your home is your castle.
      but the best part is (thanks to my mum for giving me this idea), is if you happen to have a smart meter installed, against your will when there have been several correctly placed notices on the property and locks on the meter box (which is YOUR property) and you have filmed the whole thing, you can SUE for damages, then with this money, purchase the relevant equipment and have it installed to get yourself OFF the power grid, all at the expense of the power company.

      So now it leaves us 2 choices…

      Option #1: Organise a Class Action once and for all. Lets stop talking and complaining and lets start taking these people to court. We have all the evidence of bullying, its even on the DPI website, you can’t get better proof than that for starters, let alone all the video evidence and written documentation… there is no escape. Lets do it now.
      I’m ready to participate, I’ll put in $500 to start the process right now… who is with me? the more people the better, remember STRENGTH IS IN NUMBERS, please acknowledge and lets organise this now. Its time to stop talking and start doing. Action is what is required now.

      Option #2: Because I, like many others, have placed CCTV cameras, no trespass notices etc… around the property, padlocked the meter box, padlocked the gate to which needs to be opened to gain access to the meter box, I am waiting for the installation company to break locks and install the meter. I’ll then take them to court (YES I COULD BE BOTHERED) sue their proverbials and when I get the payment, I shall purchase an off the grid system and say good bye to these blood sucking leaches once and for all, at their expense. Fan bloody tastic !

      I’d prefer Option 1 because this will make it very public, then the public will know the real truth and governments and the power companies cannot hide behind such a class action, it will be huge. Lets do it now !!!

      • moremalice says:

        Hi Pete I’d be so up for getting in on a class action to take them on for this harassment they are continuing to inflict on us all, however I’m on a health care card so I probably couldn’t contribute much to the $ side of things. Does anyone know a lawyer who could take this on pro bono?

    • Power Unseen says:

      Surely to repeatedly contact someone is harassment? I believe here in UK calling six times is enough, I gather even debt collectors stop at five. A company continued cold calling me even though I asked them to stop, a threat of this clearly shocked the sales caller and I received no more calls after that.

  10. Geoff says:

    I had the new meter installed today whilst I was out shopping. I received a letter dated almost 6 months ago saying the meter would be installed about 3 months ago ( I should say I’m in Dandenong). I wonder if there is some sort of expiry time as the letter was saying instalation was to be done 3 months ago and I haven’t received anything since. It was also interesting to note that neither of my neighbours were changed over to smart meters, only me….
    I was also thinking about the radio transmission on the smart meters. Would it be possible to put a faraday cage arround the meter to stop the radio waves. This cage doesnt touch the meter so in reality its not really interfering with any of ‘their’ equipement.
    The term ‘their equipement’ is also interesting, hasn’t the price for these meters been added to the power bills??? I would have thought that if these meters were in fact owned by the power companies then the power companies would have fitted the bill for the meters instead of us the user. Think about it…

    • Eric says:

      I wonder what answer they would give to an up front question of “Do people who pay for meters own the meters ? Please explain”

  11. Maree says:

    I got to my home in Melbourne at 7pm and discovered the power had been disconnected – by the installers of the Smart Meters because I was not home at the time. I had been visiting my elderly parents in the country – my brother was killed in tragic circumstances recently and I have been spending a lot of time with them. Both of my parents and I have several serious medical issues and I had a panic attack while on the phone to United Energy asking why my power had been disconnected. They said to me that a crew will attend within the next few hours. I continued to phone several times over the next 18 hours. During one of these phone calls I was speaking with “Lorraine” – I told her I wanted someone to phone me back after Easter as I wanted to make a complaint. I told her my mobile phone number but then asked her to read it back to me. Twice I had to correct her. She then read it out correctly. But during the next phone call, when I asked for my phone number to be read out to me by another operator in order to check it, it was INCORRECT! Lorraine said the correct number to me when asked but had deliberately typed in a wrong number!!

    I was told that my power would not be reconnected unless I granted access to the crew inside my apartment where the board is – actually located in my bedroom. As a single female I resent any strangers entering my home, especially my bedroom. A young female neighbour of mine refused to let them into her premises as her mother was not home – their power was not disconnected. These bullies took the opportunity to disconnect my power and force me to allow them access into my home in order to get the power reconnected. The power was finally reconnected at 1.45pm (Good Friday). When the crew arrived they told me they had only been given the job half an hour earlier.

    So for all that time I had no power – no hot water, was not able to cook, food in my fridge went bad, I had candles burning during the evening which I consider unsafe, I had no tv or internet, no heating, and my mobile phone battery died which meant that in case of an emergency I was unable to contact anybody. The entire experience was very traumatic.

    Shame on you UNITED ENERGY!!

    • Estelle says:


  12. Dave says:

    Just had the installers here today in rural Vic. I have a sign on the box refusing installation and have previously refused. The installer did not get out of his van because we have dogs. I spoke to him through the window and told him he could not install anything or turn the power off today as I work from home. I told him to make an appointment in writing, he replied ‘Whatever!’ in a nasty tone. Why do these people refuse to accept some of us ‘Do not want these things installed?’, if not for their greed.
    I still understand it is NOT Illegal to refuse to have these meters installed, however they are obviously changing tack and becoming more sneaky. Shame on them.

    • Jason says:

      Too true!
      My dogs always carry on when a vehicle pulls up on the street: even if it’s one or two doors away, and have warned me a couple of times previously so that I could intercept the sneaky bas%7@ds tippy-toeing up the driveway.
      Yesterday they went off, but I could see nothing in the street, and the dogs were running to the BACK door, which opens onto the top-end of the driveway about the middle of the backyard.
      Sure enough, there was the ubiquitous white van parked very nearly in the middle of my backyard, and the thug was sneaking DOWN the driveway towards the front door (where the meter is, of course). I countered his snarly implied threat by picking up a shovel and he waddled off, parking out on the street for about ten minutes typing up a message, and taking photos of the house! When I went out to challenge him he took off.
      Next time I’ll take such an invasion as a (‘reasonably’, as the law requires) threat to my person and make sure the dogs can get out of the house.
      (the biggest of them has a taste for testicles, believe it or not!)

      Fortunately I’m running a grid-connect solar system which can be converted into a stand-alone setup, so they can do what they like. My advice is that EVERYONE should get such independence; it’s not that expensive these days.
      (I’m happy to help if anyone wants info or a hand. Can be contacted at dabbbles@gmail.com )

  13. kerry says:

    Hi all, I recently advised a friend who had received a “letter” from SP Ausnet (I call them a different name) stating they “WILL” be installing a Dumb Meter on her premises on the 11th March. I advised her to respond in writing immediately noting simply that she is electromagnetically sensitive (as are most people today!); that the Federal Government has recently stating the installation can not be mandetorially performed; that she did not consent to any installation of such a meter and that should it be required, she would provide a letter from her GP to the effect that the meter would be deliterious to her and her families health as has been shown in too many research articles to number. She received an email from them 2 days later stating they would not install a meter on her premises. She is still going to lock her box though….just in case! We will win this battle, hang in there and keep activating!!

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Hi Kerry,
      Yes, please do padlock your Electric Meter box pronto. That’s the first think I did and only then pop the Anti-Trespass sign on it.

      • Jason says:

        I’ve seen a number of meter-boxes that have had locks cut off them (even a cleverly-protected one) and believe the practice is becoming more prevalent.
        If you make sure there’s slot through which the meter can be read, a better idea is to SCREW-and-glue the door shut. 😉

  14. John says:

    I beleive that if they ever pass laws to no choice but to have their Pathetic Dumb Meter then it would be invalid. All because they stripped our constitution Act 1958 & Act 2000 Section 44 where 53 politicians to date have been charged with Prision Of Treason. But they are so corrupt they use DPP Director Of Public Prosecutions to throw the charges out the window. Ju-Lier Gillard was to have her day in court 24/Oct/2010 10am Lonsdale street she would have got life inprisonment but Criminal DPP Jeremy Rapke done his dirty deeds & later resigned in disgrace due to other totally diffrent criminal acts he was comitting at the same time as then. We no longer have freedom of speech due to fabrications within the race hate laws perfect example Brendan OConnell defending pallestine & because they see us as peasants they pray on our vulnerablity of ignorance to fool most of the masses that are lied to about it in the lamestream media. So what we need to do is toughen up & say we ain’t gonna take this BS no more. I now see mothers in USA California going to jail for refusing get their BS Meter & i personally would go to jail as well if it comes down to it cause i believe in humanity so i have rights. It’s time to make a stand for a class action & not only get rid of all these Illegal Crap Meters but WiFi as well cause do we really need to keep giving our kids brain damage for being exposed to this EMF pollution. Their corruption needs to stop & we need to hold them acountable fo these crimes against humanity.
    Angry as hell …….Rob Reiken aka John

  15. Alex says:

    Installation without owners consent would be breaking of law imo.

    • Anonymous says:

      Does anyone know what options you have if building a new house? Can we somehow buy an old one?

      • John Macey says:

        I don’t think you can because you most certainly would be contractually obliged to accept a smart meter as a condition for the power to be turned on. Spend an extra $40-$50,000 on the home with an off grid system NOT grid tie and be free of these monopolistic thieves and their tyrannical dictates for life.

        • Jason says:

          Hi John.
          Good thinking, but you can get a decent stand-alone system for much less than you quote. Well under TEN grand will set up a system that’ll run a house, especially if you’re prepared to adjust the way you use power.
          (I’ve been using solar-power since 1981 in all sorts of applications. Get in touch if you (or anyone) want to discuss it. (My email address (dabbbles..) is posted above.)
          There are legal considerations re voltage, etc. Nothing serious, but necessarily accommodated. Particularly if you’re going to completely wire a new house to suit.)
          All the best.

  16. pen mads says:

    I am in Frankston. We have a padlock on our meter box. The installers came at 8.20am this morning and told us they were here to change our meter over. We told them we did not want a new smart meter and that we would ring the police if they did not leave. They (two men, one old one young) replied “go ahead and ring the police, they will tell you to cut the padlock off.” I hid inside the house and rang Frankston Police station who replied that they could not help, and that he personally had, had to have one installed at his house too. At this point, the installers had left and were just standing at the front of the property looking down the driveway. My partner again when outside and told them that “Julia Gillard had stated Smart Meters were not compulsory.” The installers called him a dickhead and told him that we would soon be receiving a l etter from the Power Company informing us that if we don’t have a Smart Meter installed our power will soon be cut off.

    • Bill Chambers says:

      We have installers who would openly call residents “dickheads”.

      People who would have the audacity to openly call a resident a “dickhead” or some other profanity in the vicinity of his/her own properties, those same people we are supposed to allow onto our properties to install a device with the wireless communication capability of a mini phone tower and that will pulse electromagnetic radiation through our brains.

      Victorian State Government are you joking ? You go to hell !!!!!! Just go to hell !!!!!

      If any installers come to anyone’s residence I urge residents to ensure they have obtained up front identification of the installer, get their photograph and photograph their vehicles including the number plates. People like this should not be made to get away with this sort of conduct. Put the terror back into them.

      If any installer comes to my house and was to think that it was OK for him/her to speak to me in any derogatory way such as what we read of here, I can assure everybody that my reaction to this will be very very severe.

      NOBODY should have to cop that sort of abuse on their own property.

      • pen mads says:

        I totally agree with what you have written and appreciate the support. Both myself and housemate were ‘rattled’ for the rest of the day (did that just happen?!) after such an aggressive start to the day. If it were ‘the law’ to have your meter changed over, would I not receive some formal written explanation, (other than the crap letter they sent simply stating what THEY want) outlining my rights, responsibilities and other details to provide me with details thus empowering me to make an informed decision? Something just seems so wrong about all of this? People are being bullied for not changing their meter box? If you want one, fine, if you don’t, that’s ok too. Is there some reason that we all have to have one, that we are not being told about? Do the installers even know why they are so determined that we must have them? Its just creepy and weird.

    • Bill Chambers says:

      pen mads, I am really seething about how you have been treated. I would consider filing a case with the Ombudsman about the behaviour of the installers. State the fact they they threw the expression “dickhead” at you. It would be good if you could identify the installers, you have the power co. information. I know the Ombudsman is a toothless tiger and is part of the dictatorial state government but your complaint will be just one more dent to the Power utility which I’m sure they won’t appreciate and which could cost them some money and may help force them to reign in these pathetic individuals who try to intimidate citizens and throw the “expression” dickhead at people who are just interested in standing for their own well being and the well being of their families.

      pen mads, in recent years I filed a case against one of the big four banks with the ombudsman. I had to fight my case in writing but the bank just kept shooting itself in the foot everytime by stuffing up and doing the wrong thing by me and I just kept using their mistakes to be building and building my case against them so that eventually the dossier of evidence against them was unsurmountable and they had no choice but to concede that they were in the wrong. I can’t answer if it was worth the effort or not but I think anything is worth putting a dent into these power companies which may one day become the thin edge of the wedge that will put them in their place once and for all.

      • pen mads says:

        Bill Chambers, (and many others) thank you again for your comment, and yes, I know how you feel and too am seething from the treatment we have received regarding installation of these smart meters. Your comments and story are INSPIRING, along with the many others put forward by ‘ordinary’ (or extra – ordinary) people on this website and have only proved to support my own ideas and beliefs on the subject. Thank you.

    • Davide.G. Papa says:

      Let me give you some legal arguments;
      The act of installing a meter by a qualified “Electrician” is a legal one.In this case , the entity must be acting for a disclosed principal – the energy provider. Accordingly as to law , such laws are as applied against the Energy Providers, and not the recipient to the the installation of meters .The law is one of ‘ Performance’ and not a law trampling on the right of citizens . The Energy Provider agreed to install such meters and in return are now bound to deliver , to ‘perform’ within a certain time .Failure to perform brings consequences as it pertains to ‘breach of contract.’

      As such; the installer MUST conduct itself as a representative of the Energy Provider – If any logo is visible anywhere to indicate as much, then position of a private contractor even though applicable does not apply. if no logo is visible anywhere they have no legal power to instal anything – as per the meaning under Victorian law. Delgatus non potest Delgare- One who is already ‘delegated’ cannot pass his authority to another. It is an illegal act for anyone but a qualified Electrician to install those meters.

      The threat made that ‘your electricity will be cut off ,’ is not a threat endorsed by the ‘Principal,’ for if it were, the principal will be serious trouble. If the installer insists as much , get it on tape.

      The act of forcing one, compelling one to accept anything not legally specified or in contrary to the law, is an unlawful act . Silence is acceptance . Not replying to the letter the power company sent you is ‘acceptance.’ It’s not consent It’s acceptance of their demand.

      If the power company stated on their FAQ section of the letter.”Do I have to install the meter?” Had they answered NO, I might have accepted that, as would many others ,and have it installed. But they used deceit to give perception of an authority they do no have ostensibly or formally. The law support their right to trespass upon your land to ‘ read meters’ The whole concept of the smart meter is to eliminate this burden.

      The energy providers are the creators of the angst they now face.  The Government sold the SEC and this is what we now have, Corporations ‘getting fat’ on the hog thanks to taxpayers

      Answer the door and say ‘No thanks’ . Have a smart phone apps recorder going on you. The installers may insist because, no installation means no payment . He needs to get aggressive first , and be on your property before the law can get involved. Once a person has been asked to leave , failure to leave could be construed as aggressive stance. Laying of a hand on any resident is an act of violence and defendable.

      In all cases the principal and not his agent or ‘ostensible agent ‘ gets the blame for the conduct of their installer. Don’t threaten legals action- Let them serve you, and you go to court and defend yourself – See who ‘legally’ wins.
      One roving electrician in a street supervising a team of installer is not allowed. Trade unions would not accept as much in the work place hence nor should we.

      Finally you may think think that right of a person who smokes or drinks..etc.. is worth trampling on , all because it’s suits your own position- Remember this. It’s not about the act but ‘your rights that is need of defending ’ the same common rights available to every single one of us. Even if the smart meter works for you- What’s next ? Once the rights of a minority tis stomped upon by the majority, then the majority is wrong and the minority stand on a moral platform.

      If there is no law in place that state residents MUST accept said meters, then such acceptance is an option for the resident to accept or reject. if there is a law in place, then cost of such must be made for the account of the ‘supplier’ including added cost related to so called (safely earth wiring checks , otherwise the rip off’s will be ongoing.

  17. Eddie Hunt says:

    Hi All my last post was in June,2012 just like to say if you take the steps set out on this site it does work my meter is still locked signs are up sent notices by registered mail so they cant say they didnt get them and havent heard a thing from them and it looks like they gave up on me for now GOOD! They can stay the hell away i will never give in no matter what they tell me.

  18. Tracy says:

    What does one do if a smart meter has been installed and you did not know you could refuse by law, how do you go about having it changed back ie I did not sign a contract or consent verbally as they were insistant and made one believe you would be charged anyway, I have health concerns an cost concerns with thes things. Please advise

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Tracy,
      Get yourself a good Lawyer, that’s what I did and the first half hour with him was free. A week later I called back for just twenty minutes of his time. Free again. He simply said that I was correct regarding the law and nobody could force me to do anything, as to try and force a person to accept a Microwave so-called Smart Meter…..read here dumb and deadly meter/s which I made clear to his was a very great health risk and certainly stupid risk to ones private electrical goods as well. He was pleased to help me as I had warned him to Padlock his Electric Meter Box as well.

      In your case you did not enter into any contract for the Microwave so-called Smart Meter to be installed, so you stand a chance with your Lawyer’s help and his Legal Letters to possibly force this Electric Power Company to remove the Microwave Meter which is bothering you, and get the older Analogue Meter they took from you to be reinstalled in place of this Miccrowave and as is now proving to be the case at times Incendiary Smart Meter. These Microwave Smart Meters have already caused house fires in Victoria on a number of occasions, as well as fires in some overseas homes and some small businesses as well.

  19. EJ says:

    Note to Ballaratians (including the afore-mentioned Brigitte and TLPG): We need to get together to better support one another. There are elderly and sick people in our communities who need our support and we too can benefit from such community mindedness. What about it?

  20. Georgie says:

    Point #5 in the summary above indicates that the energy company may claim ownership of the meter equipment at your home. Well, maybe they own the equipment, but I’ve just read FAQ on the Energy Australia website and they state quite clearly that the cost of installing the Smart Meter, is born by the home-owner –


    Smart Meters FAQ’s…
    “Will I have to pay the installer for the smart meter to be installed?”

    “The distributors will pass these costs through to your energy retailer and the costs of the installation will be recovered through your electricity bill over a number of years. This is the usual way in which industry programs are funded.”

    So if you are expected to pay for the installation, you must have a CHOICE as to whether or not you want it installed! My bet is that the costs they pass on, will include the cost of the equipment as well – meaning you probably own the meter anyway. Also if you are paying for anything, you can request an invoice to show the exact amount they intend to charge you for it, through your electricity bill.

    • Julie says:

      So can we charge then rent on the power being put through our newly paid meter boxes then as we own them? I know our both houses in Flowerdale we own the meter boxes one old type one and on the house we built we paid for it so I won’t be allowing them to be removed why would we pay for something that’s not broken?
      Also agree show us the invoice for smart meter all costs involved first as we never pay for anything before knowing total costs. Might use that one as well I think also might be able to pull it off as we run home business need to know and proof with invoice and quote to claim back on tax as we can with running business from home. Just a thought.
      Wonder if they’ll come through our gate with a Rottie sitting there bet they don’t.

  21. Audra says:

    may i ask is the smart meter compulsory now? At the start of this year we did have someone come out to put the smart meter on the house but we stopped them. Today we have someone here start insulting the smart meter before knocking on our door to notify us. we said we don’t want the smart meter, but he told us to bad its compulsory. we now have this smart meter without wanting it. we also did not recieve a letter to notify us of these changes.

    • Paula Bell says:

      Compulsory? That’s a new one. I think you may just have been lied to by a LOWLIFE. Please people beware of these cunning installers who will try their ”best endeavours” to get you to go along with the planned roll-out. It is not law and has never been passed in the lower or upper houses of Parliament in Victoria. The so-called government is turning a blind eye to this whole catastrophe and they will pay for it in the end, like they have done many times before.

    • Sorina says:

      Audra! The core of your analogue meter, which is your electrical wiring, is part of the
      house, not the electrical co . Now would it not make sense that the installation of the
      wire-less meter is not compatible with the analogue? Makes for a good argument don’t you think?
      Furthermore, if you were to sell your home, you have to leave anything that is
      permanently attached to the home, you may not remove it. My question is, what than gives the electric co. the right to install that contraption? IN my logic, it is all about money.
      Further more, there is no proof that the analogue belongs to the electrical co. it is part of the house, and therefore should not be replaced with anything else .

      • Sharron says:

        I agree with your comments, Sorina. The power companies have no right to claim ownership of the analogue meter, only their shonky smart meter (which we don’t want). Therefore, they are effectively stealing peoples property, replacing it with their own…and expecting the consumer to PAY for something which they will never own. It is bloody unfair and we should all be demanding our money back from them as we were never asked if we wanted to purchase a smart meter. They are nothing but criminals, afterall. People have been financially drained by these companies and treated with contempt when they dare to complain – there are HUGE problems in store for them no doubt!

    • 1vimana1 says:

      No, these so-called Smart Meters are not compulsory. In fact they never have been. This Victorian Liberal Party Government and the Minister for Power Mr Michael O’Brien are incorrect in this assertion. It is simply a Scheme to attempt to force even more money off Victorian home and small business owners through timed use of electricity over 24 hours every day with around four or more different charges over 24 hours. The facts are these……There has never been any Law of Laws passed in both the Upper and the Lower Houses of the Victorian Parliament under the past Victorian Labour Government or this Liberal Party Government to Make it the Law, that Victorian Customers must allow a Smart Meter on their properties. This so-called Mandate is A LIE.

      The Cheapest time for Electricity abouit a year ago, was planned to be from 11.00 P. M at night and through to 7.00 A.M the next morning. After that the rate was about double from 7.00 A.M and up to 2.00 PM. After that the rates were even dearer. These were the proposed rates about a year ago for when these rates were due to come into effect. Since then this is being reviewed. Where it goes from here, I cannot say. You will have to check it all out.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Audra,
      See a good lawyer and get 30 minutes of free advice as I did, to stop this meter being force on me. I just Padlocked My Electric Meter Box and it’s still locked. I just unlock it to let the Meter Reader Man take his readings and then relock it as someone is always at home when the door bell rings. I am retired.
      In your case, you did not enter into a Contract to allow this Smart Meter to be installed on your property so a Lawyer’s powerful letter could possibly help to get rid of this infernal Smart Meter. It is not The Law that Victorians must accept a Smart Meter against their Will and Better Judgement.

  22. Brigitte says:

    Almost the same happened to me. Powercor simply ignored my first letter and will come to install that wretched thing between 2. -15.11.12. What can I do? I shall send the Notice of Prohibition of Undue Harassment or Coercion for Smart Meter Installation by Registered Mail this time. What if they come anyway? I have a window installed for the meter to be read and locked the lid.
    I am in Ballarat, however, we are in the process of getting an almost brandnew council….so I cannot see much help coming from that end. Any suggestions?

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Hi Bridgette,
      Just keep your Electric Meter Box Padlocked with a stout padlock and never give into these people. Yes you must send your Electric Power Supplier that Notice of Prohibition of Undue Harassment or Coercion for Smart Meter. Yes keep a copy of all the details you put in that notice like the number of the Letter/s and the date/s that your Electric Power Company sent you and any other details required of that notice. If they do not answer that important notice within 14 days of receiving it they will have given in, and should not harass you any more. However if they do either phone you or send you another letter of demand for you to accept the Microwave Smart Meter against Your Will and Better Judgement…read here now proving to be…..(Dangerous Microwave Meter ) you would be wise to see a Lawyer with that copy of the Notice of Prohibition of Undue Harassment or Coercion for Smart Meter filled out as aforementioned with all the necessary details. Next step is for you, is to and get your Lawyer to fight them for you.

      Know this, that the Electric Power Company’s Demands for Victorians to take a Smart Meter is only ” An Order In Council ” therefore it is not Mandatory for you to give up your Passive and Safe Analogue Electric Meter for this now proving to be Dangerous to All LIFE Microwave Smart Meter. Try not to talk with them on the telephone. Demand that all communication between them and you must be in writing only. Remember that no law or laws have yet been passed in both houses of the Victorian Parliament to Make it the Law that Victorians must take a Smart Meter. It would be a ridiculous law anyway. Labours John Brumby brought in the Order In Council in 2005 as he was too scared to try to force the Smart Meters to become Law as the Liberal or Victorian or Opposition Party was baying from the Roof-tops that the Smart Meter Roll Out would be the height of wickedness and further impoverish the already Cash Strapped Victorian Electricity Customers.

      Of course when the Victorian Liberal Party won government, they became Turncoats and thought that the Microwave Smart Meter Imposition on the Victorian People would be the best thing since Sliced Bread as it would bring in a Huge CASH GRAB, so you can see the absolute Hypocrisy of the Victorian Liberal Party, whose Morals went out the window as soon as they got into power. Anyway look up the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 via Google. See Section 10 which effectively protects you and anyone at all in Victoria from being forced to accept a dopey deadly Microwave Smart Meter.

      Section 10. Says….Protection from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.
      10. A person must not be-
      (a) subjected to torture; or
      (b) treated or punished in a cruel, inhuman or degrading way or
      (c) subjected to medical or scientific experimentation or treatment without his or her full, free and informed consent.

      This Victorian Consolidate Legislation …….Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act SECT 10 Protection from to….. I have copied from the Act above.
      Please note that it is important to read the whole ACT,act very carefully,which I got through in about 25 minutes. These Foreign owned Victorian Electric Power Chief Executive Officers and their Minions are breaking not only their own Victorian State Laws, but the World Charter of Human Rights as well. We are supposed to be living in a Democracy but anyone would think that Victoria had become a COMMUNIST STATE the way things are going with these Power Drunken Fiends.

    • EJ says:

      Hi Brigitte, just wondering whether we Ballaratians can form a support group and if you would be interested?

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Forget a about the Council, they don’t even enter the equation. All this Smart Meter Business is from the Victorian Government and these Crooked Overseas Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies C.E.O’s and a Docile and Complicit Minister for Power, The truly Dishonourable Mr Michael O’Brien who is allied to this Smart Meter FIASCO of trying to force people to accept these now proving to be Dangerous to one’s Health and the safety of ones Private Electrical goods.
      Stick to your guns and keep your Electric Power Box Padlocked at all times. As well as this write a polite Registered Letter to the Power Company stating that you refuse to accept a Dopey Microwave Smart Meter at any time. Please do not phone them under any circumstances as they will try to force you to accept this Device against your Will and Better Judgement.

      Please send a similar polite but forceful Registered letter to the Victorian Minister for Power Mr Michael O’ Brien as well. That’s what I did about twelve months ago. These people are just a load of Bully Boys and Girls, who need bringing into line and taught not to keep bullying us.

      • Pels says:

        I so agree “These people are just a load of Bully Boys and Girls, who need bringing into line and taught not to keep bullying us.”.
        I am actually frightened. It’s madness. I’m a tenant in Victoria and while I placed a sign saying no last year, I’ve received a letter saying they’re coming in 2 days to install.
        I’m going to put another notice on the meter today – yet I’m unsure it will do any good?
        I live in a block of flats and the meters are all on the one box. Also, I thought you had to be home for them to install it, yet read today that now they will install even if you’re not home.

        I hate this government, I truly do – every last one of them. I’m so tired of being lied to all of the time by inadequate, dishonest fools.

  23. bassie Thoreau says:

    I finally after 3 days of recorded messages merri-go-round TALKED to someone from SP Ausnet. They informed me a LAW was passed by Government that smart meters are obligatory for all Victorians. They are coming in 10 days against my will to install this S.M.A.R.T. ( surveillance monitored artificial RADIATION transmitter ) meter and have ignored my letter and phone calls to ELECTRIX ans SPAusnet. I had delayed them on their first attempt for many months. The response person hung up on me stating it was and will be done. What future repercussions do I face if I start any trouble when they tresspass…………and will they terminate my electricity supply.Is there any class action by concerned house owners. Please inform me ASAP.

    • Peter S says:

      There is no law forcing you to accept smart meters. The power distributors have to use their “best endeavours.” Their threats and bullying are no legal. They cannot charge a fee nor switch your power off for refusing a smart meter. I bet these threats were never printed on paper!

      • Informed Choice says:

        If they start any harrassment, get the police pronto. It has been stated that they will not coerce or use bullying tactics against their customers, so you have every right to stand firm on your decision and don’t believe the lies… we are all in this together!

      • 1vimana1 says:

        Quite right,
        None of these COWARDS will give you anything in writing at any time, as to what is The Law as there is no LAW forcing one to accept a Dopey Dealy Type 2B Carciongen Causing Smart Meter against one’s Will and Better Judgement. Go and get up to 30 minutes of Legal advice from a good Lawyer as I did, this is the only way to beat these Stinking Cowards. It works every time in your favour.

      • 1vimana1 says:

        Correct Peter S,
        These people trying to force Smart Metrers read here Deadly Dangerous Devices are just a pack of Bully Boys and Girls. Stand up to them. Lock your Privately owned Electric Meter Boxes and send them a polite and forceful Registered letter stating that you refuse to allow a ” now proven to be Dangerous Smart Meter” on your property at any time. Please do not phone these people under any circumstances. If they phone you just say politely that all matters concerning Smart Meters must be communicated to you in writing and not by telphone.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Bassie Thoreau,
      Simply use an Industrial Padlock to lock your Private Electricity Meter Box. You own it, not these scheming liars. Put a perspex window in this Electric power Box for the Meter Reader Man to get his readings as many of us have done.

      Then send a polite Registered Letter to the C.E.O of the Electric Power Company for your area and state that you refuse to allow a now proving to be Deadly Dangerous Incendiary Smart Meter on your property at any time, for Health Reasons and also as it could as many of these devices have already damaged Victorian home owners and small businesses private electrical goods. Also state that your Lawyer and you will join a Common Class Action TO SUE if your are threatened by any more of their Bullying and Wicked and Lying Phone Calls or Letters.

  24. TLPG says:

    Here’s a curly one. We just got the dreaded notice here in Ballarat, and I made it clear when I rang Powercor that they were not to install it. They insisted that the government has mandated the installation and I told them that this was against the state’s Constitution (I’m not certain of that mind you, but that’s what I said) and they would be fought. That’s the simple part.

    Where it gets complicated is the fact that we are renting in a block of units. The meter box is a combined one and not individual. We also don’t have a front fence let alone a gate to lock. I’ve checked with our agents, and the property manager (ie the person who looks after all the units as a block) has expressly forbidden us to lock the meter box. To make matters worse I only know one of our neighbours and one other is one of those “neighbours from hell” who I’ve chased off more than once.

    So I can’t put up the signs or lock the box.

    As I type this I’ve left a message with the Mayor’s secretary at the Ballarat City Council, in the hope that they will quickly join Whittlesea, Greater Dandenong, Mornington Peninsula and Mount Alexandria (at least) in opposing this nonsense and backing it’s residents. Also, if they install the meters in the meantime, I’ll be using the aluminium foil idea that I saw to stop the signalling from getting out.

    • Ms Rebel says:

      TLPG, what you’re doing makes perfect sense & I hope you get some neighbouring support and council support as well. Does the property manager realise that if smart meters are installed, some tenants will want to move out, and others wont want to move in?

    • EJ says:

      Hi TLPG, How do you feel about getting us Ballaratians together to support each other through this invasion? EJ

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Please go see a good lawyer as I did. I got 30 minutes of free advice. This you can also do. It sure helped me to beat these Bully Boys.

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    with us so I came to give it a look. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Excellent blog and wonderful design and style.

  26. Jennifer says:

    A smart meter was installed in our meter box, we have a ppower point plug in there, would anyone tell me if this is dangerous with the smart meter

    • Anonymous says:

      It is ilegal to have a power point mounted on the meter board/pannel but its ok to be in the meter box some where but not on the pannel or board itself ….. (Im a meter installer)

      • Melbourne Mum says:

        Hope you’re learning something meter installer, especially since the job you have undertaken is actually causing yourself harm in the process. Anyway, I hope you can sleep at night with all the tears you inflict on the public in doing so….

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Get an electrician to check it out. Also get a good Lawyer’s 30 minutes of free advice to help you get rid of that damnedly dangerous Incendiary type Smart Meter, they are not safe and have caused many Electric Meter Box Fires and still do.

  27. Richard says:

    I locked the Meter Box and also have spoken to all my neighbors in the building (eight of them) and got them to sign the STOP DO NOT TRESPASS leaflets, Trespassing Fine of 176,000 Applies… which I stack to the Front door of the building and the meter box door.

    Also I have spoken to Origin telling them clearly we the Residents & Body Corporate do not want the Smart Meters installed in our building.

    Origin pass my stance on to City Power who called me today near 3pm today (Tuesday 19th June) telling me there was nothing to be concerned about the Meter since their signal was well below a Mobile Phone and they were to go ahead with the installation.

    So I said I did not and none of the Residents and or Body Corporate of the building wanted the Smart Meters installed. There was no Legislation that could force me to accept their contract. She said all the meters were their property since they purchased all equipment from State Electricity and they just wanted to upgrade to a better technology.

    So again I said City Power and or Origin have no permission to trespass into our property.

    You are only authorized to come and read the present meters and we do not want to change our present meters due to the EMF (Electro Magnetic Radiation) however were you can prove to us in writing that there is no Smart Meter danger by proper documentation I will be happy to pass it on to my committee for proper expert’s assessment and we will get back to you!

    She said she will be sending me the information however in the mean time they were going to go ahead with the installation. I again said you have NO Authority to Trespass into our building and install the Smart Meters so if you proceed we will see you in court in a class action against you and we already over 90,000 people against the installation of Smart Meters.

    So I then went to the Meter Box chanhe the lock (so they can not open it) and took photos of the Locked Meter box with the DO NOT Trespass sign stack on top of it.

    We both hang up!


    • Melbourne Mum says:

      Victoria salutes you Richard… these steps should be taken by anyone who cares about humanity or life in general really. Power Bullies MUST BE STOPPED!!! Keep up the great work!

    • Eddie Hunt says:

      Like your work Richard keep that meter box locked

    • ingrid says:

      Hi Richard. I have a single meter mounted on an external wall. It is in an aluminium case, with a hinged door. I am wondering exactly how to attach the metal hinged bits that the padlock would be fed through.
      I know how to drill aluminium and I could use some small nuts and bolts.
      But not sure about using an electric drill on a meter box. I might be able to borrow a cordless drill.
      I’ll check out pop rivets at the hardware shop today.
      Then for the viewing hole … I think I can drill a few holes then cut a square with my tin snips. It will be a bit rough.
      The I can silicone on a small piece of Perspex.
      So far my Do Not Install sign has worked, but time for serious action.

      • ingrid says:

        Hi Again.
        After I wrote that, I rode to the hardware shop and bought a pop rivet gun and installed a smart lock on my meter box today!!! Still got to tidy it up a bit, but the lock is on and it’s got a viewing window.

        Writing all those suggested letters will be a more difficult task.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Good on you Richard,
      These people are acting Illegally in every way imaginable. Go see a good Lawyer as I did over a year ago and get his advice. I got 30 minutes of free advice. He will tell you that you are correct. No matter what these FIENDS try to persuade you how safe these Smart Meters are……They are a bunch of LIERS. stick to your guns. Keep the meter box/s locked at all times to safe-guard the Analogue Passive Meters, whcih are safe, and put a perspex viewing window in it to let the Meter Reader Man get his readings only. That’s what many of us have done already.

      • Anonymous says:

        1vimana1 – are you the site owner or a contributor that simply constantly says get legal advice?
        What is your deal? Your comments are all the same/similar – 30min free legal.

    • Mei Lin Li says:

      Well done. I rang up to express my decision not to install the smart meter today as I recieved a letter stating they would come between 6 May to 17 May 2013. The person asked for the reference number in the letter, my name, phone number and address. He said he would put down my wish and details but he could not guarantee that the installer did not install the meter. He also pointed out that the installation was compulsory and I disagreed and I told him that I read through the information in the internet and I know that the meter should not be installed without my consent. I put a ‘stop’ sign next to the meter and I will locked my gate. I hope I can keep my old meter eventually and I am really disappointed with the government. They are hopeless and have no contributions to our daily life and wellbeing.
      Mei Lin

      • Sharron says:

        Hi Mei Lin – your comments are so true! Don’t give up hope as we are all confident to win this war on smart meters. These government people need to understand they are ‘messing’ with lives here in Victoria by allowing distributors to dictate and force the unwanted technology (that they know is questionable) onto us and we wont have it! All they do is create more problems for the public such as myki, the desal plant, inefficient health system, etc, etc. None of them deserve our vote in my opinion.

  28. tahlee Hickson says:

    I live in the Country, near Drouin, has anyone had these dogs come to their property yet? This is what EVERYONE needs to DO.

    DONT bother writing to the manager or ceo at the electricity suppliers address,
    go onto A.S.I.C. website which stands for (Australian Securities and Exchange Commission) ask for a copy of the company extract for the name of the power company for example if your supplier is SP OZnet put that in the box, go to checkout pay your $12 and you have ALL THE HOME ADDRESSES OF THE BIG BOFFINS WHO RUN THE COMPANY!!

    CAN YOU IMAGINE IF THESE GUYS GET 200 letters a day or MORE, OH ,wouldn’t that drive them up the wall??.

    Bit difficult to do it with ALL of SP OZnet directors though, because its is ALL owned by Singapore POWER.

    Please write to all directors at their home addresses, they will soon GIVE UP on the people that DONT want smart meters.

    • Eddie Hunt says:

      For the last month all so smart meters have started to be installed in Warragul , Drouin , Bunyip and so on. Im yet to see anyone with the signs i have up they do work just like i said in one of my past posts people just need to say NO! Stand up to them they cant do a thing to you

  29. Eddie Hunt says:

    someone came today to Bunyip Vic to do the meter came up my drive saw the gate was locked and sat there red the signs on the gate and left didnt even get out to talk to me.
    ME1 SpAusnet 0

    • Sharron says:

      They have been taking photos of my sign and meter box locked- wish the pests would just go away (Jemena/ united energy) and leave us all the hell alone. My neighbours aren’t helpful, didn’t protest one bit and now we have the meters all around us!! Not me though, I wont give up the fight!

      • Linda Reid says:

        I now have smart meters all around me but my signs are still up and I am now trying to rally the other residents of Broadford to say no to Smart meters. I had a good response and don’t feel so lonely now. Stay strong.

        • 1vimana1 says:

          Lock that Electric Meter Box of yours Linda Reid Immediately Please.

          • Stand Up says:

            My Brother locked his Meter Box and they unscrewed it and installed it while he was at work and he is already feeling the effects of it! I am looking for remedy to help him. He also has to wear hearing aids. It is a rental but he has no time as always called in to work. Please help

  30. Eddie Hunt says:

    The power provider(SpAusnet) tells me the meter belongs to them how can this be my meter was installed many years ago long before SpAusnet took over the power grid.????
    I have taken the steps above got the standered reply from my first notice to them will be sending the Harassment Notice on Monday (SpAusnet will not be standing over me everyone needs to stand up to them.

  31. Lyn Kellett says:

    I’m in Frankston and had a guy come today to install a ‘smart’ meter. I refused to have it installed (on the other side of our bedroom wall) after reading about possible dangerous health implications caused by electromagnetic and radiofrequency fields. I’ve never been one to engage in any kind of ‘civil disobedience’, just had an argument with my husband who can see nothing wrong with them and was furious I’d refused it, and I’m now very worried about the consequences of my actions. Installer seemed to be suggesting it would cost me extra on my bill and possibly other penalties though he wasn’t specific. I’ve been heartened to find your site and know I am not alone in worrying about having one of these meters forced on me!
    I’m a little scared now, but even more freaked out with possible consequences of having one of these meters pulsing away next to me all night! More info on EMF and RF health effects can be found at http://www.aaemonline.org/

  32. Ken says:

    I’m also in Frankston, A neighbour told me that her friend was told by the electricity company that they can legally cut a pad lock off of your meter box to install a smart meter. Does any one know if this is true?

    • Vickie says:

      Ken, I am sad to report this but a friend of mine came over to tell that a few of his neighbours came home and found their locks smashed off and thrown on the ground and a smart meter installed, I was horrified to hear this, I would like to know if anyone here has had this happen.

      • Take the Power Back says:

        Can the people who had their locks busted off please contact this website through the “contact us” button please. Your locks are your private property, so lets charge them for breaking and entering.

        • Stand Up says:

          My Brother installed a lock I wrote about him in an above post.They unscrewed around it and took the box off to install it while he was at work. He is in Morwell Vic

    • Terry says:

      Sorry but I need to rant. No, of course it is not legal for them to damage your private property! The meter box and padlock are your property.
      I get the feeling from reading some of the posts on here that too many people are phoning these electricity authorities
      and being led up the garden path by these no-brain customer service robots. It has been said on this site before, and it is good advice, try to keep your battle to written communication only. Write to them. Do not phone them. And if they try to phone you, insist that they write to you instead.
      All this crap these plebs say to people on the phone only serves to confuse everybody and leads to questions like this. “Is it lawful for them to come and saw off my padlock?” Of course it bloody isn’t and we wouldn’t even be questioning this if someone hadn’t phoned up and spoken to some schmuck who knows nothing but has picked up brainless ideas like that from fellow parrots.
      Rant over.

      • Sharron says:

        Smashing padlocks off meter boxes just goes to prove that the mongrels (worse than the dog kind) are nothing but common criminals who trespass onto private property and behave like MAFIA to get their own way! Needs to STOP!!!

    • 1vimana1 says:

      No Ken,
      This is not allowed under any circumstances. Smashing or cutting your padlock by these Smart Meter Installers would be Breaking and Entering which my Local Ararat Police State is a CRIME and is punishable by Law. Just who the HELL DO THESE IDIOTS THINK THEY ARE ! ? For such a crime as this you can SUE these IDIOTS !
      Get yourself a good Lawyer as I did.

  33. Archie Burke says:

    The absolute ZEAL with which these companies act to get Smart Meters on our properties,& are not criticized by the press,suggests to me that there is probably someone with the surname MURDOCH holding huge shareholdings in the OVERSEAS POWER CO,s Anyone else think the same?

  34. Kris says:

    Make sure your meter is readable. Dont end up with an estimated bill. That can cost you a lot of lost time.

  35. Ex Facie says:

    If someone enters your property when you have no trespass signs erected, then request them to leave the property immediately (“you are trespassing on private property, leave immediately”, etc.) and to provide their name and address. If they refuse make a note of the company they work for and the registration number on their vehicle. At all times record what happens (with a dictaphone, mobile phone, camera, etc.) Advise them they will be reported to the police.

    After they leave go to the local police station and file a complaint. If you claim to have been harassed or been trespassed upon then report it! Once the report is filed asked for a copy of their report and what action they are likely to take.

    You could then write to the CEO of the power company via registered mail to inform them of the facts – ONLY of the facts (their agent harassed and trespassed and it was reported to the police). Keep the letter as concise (short) as possible. It would not need to be more than a few paragraphs in length. Please, PLEASE ensure you have written to the CEO and informed them that you do not consent to the installation of a ‘smart meter’ on your property. If you are lazy or fearful then they will walk all over you.

    Following that, contact your local members of Parliament, both State and Federal, both ‘upper house’ (senators and MLC members) and ‘lower house’ (local rep) and demand a meeting with them to inform them of how you are being harassed and that you need their assistance.

    This is not legal advice but suggestions as to how to handle people trespassing against your will.

  36. Frustrated says:

    The advice provided on this site is both helpful and most useful. However, I question in the long run, will it be worth it?? Twice now I have personally gone outside and told workmen to leave and not to install the smart meter. I’ve since written a letter as advised on this site. However, I live alone have not been well and again just recently discharged from hospital. To be honest, if this whole exercise results in harassment and/or court action I doubt I can deal with the stress. Is anyone more informed as to a possible outcome from all this, or advise me further??

    Thanks in advance.

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      Dear Frustrated,
      Please just lock your Electric Meter Box with a good stout padlock, that is the first thing I did and that will deter the Smart Meter Installer from trying to install the Idiotic Electric Smart Meter. Next put the Legal Anti Trespass Signs by the Australian Constitution firmly on your front fence and on your meter box and photograph these for any COURT APPERANCE YOU MAY HAVE TO MAKE. Next write a firm but polite letter to the C.E.O of the Electric Power Company for your area and inform him that you refuse to have a Smart Meter installed on your property, that is what I did and it has kept the Sneaky Smart Meter Installer away. Just stick with these guiding principles and they will pass you by as they do when we take these simple positive actions. These Foreign owned Victorian Electric Power Companies seem to me to be the New Maffiosa.

  37. Stuart Dobson says:

    Great point about consent. Can we also use this for not paying for water that has flouride in it, or for not switching to Myki?

  38. Anonymous says:

    hi we have put a lock on our box,and have cut a square hole for them to read our meter,also a notice with a big red stop no smart meters. And I rang all the companys and the local mp, Iam on hold, hope it works for you. jan seaford vic

    • Fiona Campbell says:

      Hi Jan,is your box metal? In which case, how did you cut a hole in it? Thanks, Fiona

      • Anonymous says:

        I cut a hole with a small angle grinder. It was easy enough. I had a piece of perspex and stuck it on the inside of the window with silicone.

  39. Diane Roberts says:

    I live in Warragul, and over the next couple of months they are or already have installed smart meters, so people have just come home from work and they are done. Others are getting written notice, as i did. I have done everything on your site, mentioned so far. I have a friend in Drouin who has done the same thing. However they have threatened this elderly couple with cutting off there electricity and with a letter for legal action and costs ect. They were so frightened, and bullied into letting the guy in stall the meter. When this happens, do we just send the harassment letter off? And has this helped with anyone else service provider is sp ausnet. Can they really cut off your power?
    Regards Diane Roberts

    • Terry says:

      Hi Diane

      Are you saying this elderly couple were threatened in writing to have their power disconnected and that the letter also claimed costs and threatened legal action?

      If so, that is a very interesting development and it would be very helpful for our cause here if that letter could be reproduced on this site (with names and addresses deleted of course). Is that possible?

      • Diane Roberts says:

        Hi Terry,
        Not in writing, just verbally told them they would have there power cut off and it would cost them alot of money, to have it re connected, and also the cost of them coming out to reinstall the smart meter, legal fees ect. As they are pensioners they wouldnt be able to afford it. So frightened of the thought they unlocked there meter . The letter they received was saying that it was mandatory and had legal jargon (standard letter) I also received one when I wrote to them I didn’t consent ect. Sorry I didn’t make my self clear, when i wrote the above. Diane

    • Wendy says:

      Sounds like the installer verbally threatend them. This is illegal and the couple can complain to the Electricity Ombudsman. They can also write to their power company telling them what had happened. I am sure their company will apologise (at least) and will follow up. Then if no action from them, they can contact their local MP. I am optimistic their MP will follow up with the power company.

      • Lets take the Power Back says:

        Don’t hold your breath re the apology. There are no apologies being made. All these threats of costs later, and disconnection ARE BEING MADE VERBALLY to bully people. There have been a lot in our area – particularly to the elderly and more vulnerable people. Bullying is illegal in all other areas of our society – but not from Power Companies and installers VERBALLY so that there can be no proof. I did letters to the editor in our area to tell people but no media is printing them. Getting word out to help people when the media aren’t being fair to the people who BUY their papers won’t print articles, STINKS. I noticed the same issue has occurred in Canada. Guess the Corporations behind the Power Gold mine have bought off the media. Bullying shows just how serious this fight for our rights is. Excuse my sarcasm but DO WE STILL LIVE IN THE LUCKY COUNTRY??

        • Vickie says:

          Lets take the power back, no we are not in a lucky country anymore, since the Government is running daily newspaper and radio commercials to try and convince the public of their evil plans re smart meters you will be very lucky to get any letters out there, it is a sorry day when the Government can buy the silence of the media and we have no say, my only hope is that this demonstration march is a huge success, bullying the elderly, intimidating people, threats and taking away our citizens human rights, people getting sick and their welfare going ignored, I never would have thought such a thing could happen in our Country, and if allowed to continue it sets a very bad precedent for the future of all of us.

  40. Barbara says:

    Thank you for all the above info, I will be following advice above.
    Had a letter they will be installing Smart Meter to my property in Corio between 2nd and 15 May 2012

  41. kevd says:

    Many good ideas in this article, but I would suggest you take even stronger measures,such as
    1/ a no trespass sign needs to be near your front boundary as well (about 6′ inside) Like this one http://sosnews.org/pdf/trespass-notice.pdf It quotes the case law that says without a warrant for property/person not even police can pass by.

    2/ Fee Schedule needs to be posted next to sign and meter box. This document states what you will charge for an act inside the boundary of your premises . No one ever told you that you don’t have to provide “free” services regarding your property did they? ie Unauthorised entry by contractor to property $100 k , Unauthorised entry to install smart meter $500 k, Monthly site fee for installed unauthorised smart meter $50 k etc. Corporations only understand one language $$$. A trespass sign by itself is not much disincentive. Send a copy to your energy supplier as well, out of courtesy, of course. google fee schedule for template/info

    3/ If you have a gate keep it closed, An open gate is an ‘invitation to treat’ in law. Anyone can walk to your front door lawfully, even past the no trespass sign. Thus the wisdom of the fee schedule.

    I’ve personally used the no trespass sign with the census people, worked a treat in keeping them at gate and no fine.
    The best thing about smart meters is that people are “waking up’ to the coming UN NWO.
    smart meters, smart chip (credit card), smart bus, smart card (myki), smart growth corridor, smart phone, smart gate (at airport), smart…… = Agenda 21.

    Great site thanks

  42. J Holmes says:

    Good stuff in this thread.

    I received an “Important Information Regarding Your Electricity Supply” letter from my electricity provider yesterday. Said provider was notified last July that I was withholding permission to install a smart meter. 2nd letter refusing permission is in the mail. I am also awaiting a reply from O’Brien (Minister for Energy & Resources) wherein I advised I refused permission. I have also asked O’Brien to give me a Government guarantee that I will not be disadvantaged in any way – and that includes my health; the possibility of my home burning down; the possibility of electric shock plus the inconvenience of corresponding with an arbiter because of incorrect billing. Of course, the Baillieu Government will not guarantee anything.

    What I see coming out of this is one huge class action.


  43. MATTHEW says:

    I allso got that notice,rang yesterday,and commplained,and was told a higher up person returning my call and concerns, she told me it is compulsory,so from 10 to 20 april gate will be locked and if they jump it,i WILL CALL THE POLICE AND CHARGE WITH TRESPASS. NO TO METERS. AND THANKYOU FOR THIS POST

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      Hi Mathew,
      The Microwave Smart Meter is not Compulsory. This woman is telling you LIES. These Smart Meters have been the bane of many peoples lives and still are, here in Victoria and overseas as well. This attempting to force people here in Victoria to accept a Smart Meter against peoples’ Will And Better Judgement, is brought about by….
      ” An Order In Council ” started by the old dismissed Brumby Labour Government way back in 2005. The facts you need to know is that for the Smart Meter to be made COMPULSORY are these…………………” The Smart Meter would need to be voted in to LAW by both Houses of the Victorian Parliament.” This was never even attempted by the Victorian Labor Government as the then Premier Mr John Brumby back in 2005 felt that it would never get passed in both houses of the Victorian Parliament. He cooked up another scheme which was to get it passed by CUNNING ! That is the way it went with John Brumby and 3 or 4 of his henchmen plus the ‘ Then Governor General of Victoria ‘ and all of the C.E.O ‘s of each of the five Foreign owned Victorian Power Companies getting to hold a private meeting and cooking up their Own Lttle Nefarious Scheme. Therefore as the Microwave Electric Power Smart Meter Scheme and its Smart Meters was never passed in both houses of The Victorian Parliament at any time it is not the LAW. Nor is it Lawful for these Electric Power Companies to State that……
      ” You have to allow an Electric Microwave Smart Meter On Your Property at any time, now or in the future.”

      Please everybody ………Just firmly padlock your Electric Meter Boxes and put up the Legal No Trespass Signs as I have done to keep the Smart Meter Installer Men off your property. Make sure you get these proper Legal Signs as I have done by going to the Anti Smart Meter sites, many of which can be found easilly on the Internet here in Victoria.
      Please also do as I have done and write politely, but forcefully to the C.E.O of the Electric Power Company for your area, stating that you refuse to allow a Microwave Electric Smart Meter on your property now or ever in the future. Sign it and date it and send it Registered Post and keep a copy of same should you need it as Evidence for the COURT.


      Richard Leschen.

  44. jan purcell says:

    hi So far they have got me on hold,they have already done my street,in seaford vic.I put a notice up saying I dont want a smart meter,also rang them telling them I had an op for brain tumour,coursed by radiation,and I dont fancy getting another one,so they put me on hold. jan from seaford.

  45. John Samphier says:

    I have sent my letters to both the Electricity supplier and Obrien
    Results was a letter back from the supplier that the installer was informed not to install at my address in Millgrove.
    Just do it !


  46. Ex Facie says:

    I have had a similar experience. I’m not a lawyer (IANAL) but, according to Halsbury’s Laws of Australia the only justifiable reason for trespass to install a meter is by consent; it is the ONLY justifiable reason. This brings us to contract law, as consent to trespass may be implied implicitly or explicity as a contractual agreement.

    I contacted the electricity distributor that was harassing me for a copy of the contract between their company in connection to my property. Their response was to provide an extract of a government gazette and some policy document. I replied by stating that this was not a valid and lawful contract (referencing formation, offer, acceptance, known terms, etc.) according to contract law. I stated I rejected their claim that a contract exists on known and agreed terms, and that I did not accept their documents as an offer to contract.

    Further, I requested on multiple occasions for proof of ownership if they claim ownership to any equipment on my property. They refused to provide evidence, so I informed them that they own nothing on my property. Look up Sale of Offices Act 1551 and Sale of Offices Act 1809 – both in full force within the Commonwealth (to my knowledge). No letters in a month since but I assume I’ll be receiving one soon.

    I have also written to Michael O’Brien stating I reject any claim by the Crown or any corporation of the Crown can enforce the purchase and use of a product against my will.

    The other notice to be sent is to the retailer to inform them that no consent is provided for the installation of smart meters under any conditions. If they try to intimidate you then you can threaten to move to another retailer.

  47. Lynda says:

    Can someone please tell me who “owns” the meter box that is screwed to “MY” wall of “MY HOUSE”,….on “MY PROPERTY”…that I pay taxes on? I have put a bolt on the box….the so called smart meter is nearing! I have sent registered letters with doc certificate….put signs up…..my meter is not due to be read for another month and half or so…..bolting the box then would be ok??? For now???

    • Terry says:

      You own the box.

      You can usually tell from the last reading date on your last bill when they will be back to read your meter again. Three months give or take a couple of days. I have a theory, and it’s only a theory so please don’t take it as gospel, that they will not plan to change your meter when it is scheduled to be read as it would cause them billing problems (I have experience in that field). I would be very surprised if they would try to replace your meter close to a scheduled reading date. So you should be OK leaving it unlocked for 2 or 3 days at that time. Having said that, I intend, when I get a chance, putting a window in my meter box so they can read the meter without me needing to unlock the box.

      • Richard Leschen. says:

        Hi Terry,
        I am retired and keep my Electric Meter box locked at all times, bar when the Meter Reader Man calls. If you put in a clear glass window for the meter reader man to get his readings, then so much the better. I only unlock my meter box for the meter reader man to get his readings and then I padlock it straight away. Next time he calls he rings the front door bell and the same procedure is repeated.
        Please Terry and all your friends try to keep the Meter Box locked at all times as one never knows when the SNEAKY METER INSTALLER MAN WILL CALL.

        If the meter box is not firmly padlocked the Smart Meter Installer Man could easily rip out your Trusty Analog Meter in a trice, then whack in the not so Smart Microwave Electric Meter within around 20 to 30 minutes or less. This has happened many times to people who have not padlocked their Electric Meter Boxes and have gone out shopping or are away from home for any reason at all. Even the ” Do Not Install A Smart Meter ” Sign on the Meter Box has not deterred many of these Sneaky People, as some of them just rip up this sign and install the Microwave Smart Meter anyway.


        Richard Leschen.

        • Ashley says:

          “Sign on the Meter Box has not deterred many of these Sneaky People, as some of them just rip up this sign and install the Microwave Smart Meter anyway.”

          That’s interesting to hear because I’m in the process of placing signs and plan to also place a photo of ‘the signs in place’ on the meter box. Obviously locking it sounds more and more like something I should do too.

          I notice on my power bill it states the actual ‘Next Schedule Read Date’ with a ‘+/- 2 business days’ notation.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hi Richard
          Thank You for your valuable info. My dilemma is that attached to exterior of my loungeroom/bedroom wall (my private property) are electricity meters to service 7 of the 14 units in my over 55’s complex. (There is a second similar group meter on another unit’s loungeroom wall). I’m trying to get advice as to how these 17 electricity meters were permitted some 30 years ago to be attached to private property instead of common property? With the advent of smart meters and their radiation health hazards, as an anti-smart meter resident I’ve been advised to write to Independent Body Corp. Management who will pass the matter to the residents Owners Corporation for its consideration. An electrician estimates that relocation of these meters away from units to common property would cost from $5,000 – $10,000+ and our Owners Corporation has no funds to cover this and would seem an improbable task as all of the resident are elderly pensioners or self-funded retirees. That is why I need to pursue whether or not the original placement of these electricity meters on my private property was legal in the first place. Can you recommend where to obtain such info. please?
          Yours sincerely

      • Stand Up says:

        A person I know who was asked to remove the lock from his meter box told the power company that someone keeps switching his power off while he is asleep and at work. They did not have a negative answer to that and provided estimates.What do you guys think?

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      Dear Lynda,
      Regarding…….Who own the meter box that is screwed to your wall? The answer to that is simple…….” You own the meter box if you own the house in which you live. If it is a rented property, then the Landlord or the Landlady owns the meter box. Don’t let the Electric Power Companies tell you otherwise ! ”

      I have had my meter box locked with a very strong padlock for nigh on 9 months now and have three No Trespass Signs…………One firmly affixed on the front fence, one in the lounge window and one on the meter box lid. These have all been photographed should I need this as Court Evidence. Each of them is from the High Court of Australia and the Australian Constitution…….dated 1900 – 1901 and still effective today. They warn everybody not to trespass on my property or they will incur a $167,000.00 fine unless they have written permission from me to be on my property. These same notices warn the Smart Meter Installler Man not to trespass on my property as well. The only person allowed on my property is the Meter Reader Man, who is sensible enough to ring my front door bell when he comes to ready my meter. I greet him and unpadlock My Meter Box and he takes his Meter Readings. I then repadlock the Meter Box. He thanks me for keeping him in a job and I see him in another three months.

      Please be sure to write a polite but firm letter to the C.E.O of the now Foreign Owned Electric Victorian Power Company for your area, stating clearly that you refuse to have an Electric Smart Meter…( not so smart meter really) on your property at any time. Please sign and date this letter and send it Registerd Post and keep a copy of same as well.


      Richard Leschen.

  48. Wendy says:

    Thanks for the legal standing we have against this monster! I will be quoting your letters to my power company. I now feel empowered. Thank you very much.

  49. jan purcell says:

    I have put a notice up saying,I do not want a smart meter,if compolsary I demand a certificate of compliance from a regested qualified electrictrion,I have also put up the notice that has the red sign saying stop smart meters,they have put me on hold. jan purcell seaford vic.

  50. Maria Jordanou says:


  51. GlennS says:

    Thanks for the advise. They’re planning to commence the roll-out of “smart meters” in Pascoe Vale this week.
    I’ve just followed the steps in this post and encourage everyone else to also take action!

  52. maria says:

    I Thank you for sharing this information I also have taken steps to send the notice of prohibition to the appropriate persons. You are right If you don’t know your rights you have none, that’s why i am spreading this website to persons who are serious about doing something. thanks again

  53. jan purcell says:

    I have the sign on my box and padlocked it,also emailed the provider dpi and my frankston mp,they have put me on hold,so far so good.I agree with di we have to stick together and fight this,and dont let them fool us. jan purcell

    • sue says:

      Hi im in Frankston and I just got a letter that they will be fitting the smart metre shortly. How long did the provider put you on hold for???. I going to do all the steps listed above tomorrow.

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