No5G Party registered as a Federal political party!

The No5G Party was officially registered as a political party by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) on 5 January 2021.  It intends to nominate and endorse candidates for elected public office in Commonwealth, state and territory parliaments and local government bodies across all Australian jurisdictions.

The party calls for a moratorium on 5G and associated technology until such technologies are proven safe to human health, flora, fauna and property.  The No5G party promotes legislative reform, in order to ensure Australian safety standards reflect true medical consensus.

The No5G Party has developed extensive policies and objectives in support of its goal of ensuring that the precautionary principle prevails.

Already boasting over 1000 members, the No5G Party is seeking to make the No5G Party the largest membership-based political party in Australia, saying that this will “give us a strong and unified voice that cannot be ignored”.

To find out more, go to:

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2 Responses to No5G Party registered as a Federal political party!

  1. Jolanta Kalandyk-Gallagher says:

    A huge achievement to protect our communities – the health and freedoms of people and the health of our environment. People’s concerns are being heard and acted upon. Let’s the No5G Party grow, let’s make a big difference!

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