Queenslanders: More smart meter information sessions for your diary…

Queensland retailers are ramping up smart meter rollouts!

Come along to one of the following sessions and become informed.  Bring your family and friends.  Spread the word!

Time: 1 pm
Date: Tuesday, 28th November
Venue: Kookaburra Village, 123 Mark Road East,  (Cnr Daniel Street and Mark Rd),                           Caloundra West, QLD

Time:  2 pm
Date:  Wednesday, 29th November
Venue: Caloundra Gardens, 72 Mark Rd, Caloundra, QLD

Time:  5 pm
Date:  Saturday, 2nd December
Venue: Verandah Room at Maleny Community Centre, 23 Maple Street, Maleny, QLD

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4 Responses to Queenslanders: More smart meter information sessions for your diary…

  1. Cathy says:

    Are you in Queensland?? Then it’s your retailer who needs to be told. (In Victoria, it’s still the distributor.) I googled the Queensland govt webpage on ‘digital’ meters and this is what it said: “The new rules also transfer the responsibility for electricity metering for residential and small business customers from electricity distributors to electricity retailers. This means that when a new digital meter is required, your electricity retailer becomes responsible for all aspects of the meter.”

  2. wordsbyjax19 says:

    Hello SSMA,

    I’m attaching the letter I received from my energy supplier in response to my sending your non-consent letter as recommended prior to 1st December.

    If you can make head or tail of it, you are better than I…

    It seems the enquiries specialist struggles with English as a first language.

    Thanks for what you do,



    • Anonymous says:

      my energy supplier Alinta says they are not responsible for installing the meters so now dont know who to write to?

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