Where there’s smoke …there’s a ‘smart’ meter

The January 24th edition of Victorian regional newspaper the Midland Express reported that a local fire brigade was called to a property after smoke started pouring out of a meter box.

Fire brigade captain Tyrone Rice said, “It appears water from a sprinkler got into the little vent of the meter box causing it to short circuit and then smoke started coming out”.

The mind boggles.  Was it a few drops of water which caused this calamity?  Or a veritable flood?

Victoria’s state-mandated rollout of smart meters to every residence and small business owner was reported as being effectively complete in 2015, although approximately 2% of customers remain without a smart meter.  Surprising (read: alarming) outcomes continue to occur at properties which received a smart meter.


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7 Responses to Where there’s smoke …there’s a ‘smart’ meter

  1. Jodie Donnelly says:

    As per my discussion and emails with Steve W and SSMA in 2015, as I was seeing quite a few fires reported on the news, that, showed a smart meter or looked suspicious that it could have been caused by a smart meter. I pointed out that they would say the cause of the fire had to be investigated and then you would hear no more.

    I asked that we inform and let as many reporters as possible look out for this as they would eventually put the pieces of the puzzle together. As I believed the cause was being covered up, of which you agreed.

    Well I have no doubt that the answer to why we hear no more here in Australia is exactly the same as what is happening in comment by Christopher B. Turner, Esq below, attached, to the link/story below. Not that this will surprise any of us, but, just thought I would share.


    Are ‘smart’ meters dangerous? Man wins round in fight with electric company

    Christopher B. Turner, Esq.
    2 days ago

    “… The fires generally caused very little damage, destroying the meter itself and charring the outside wall of the home. Two fires, however, consumed much of the homes. One burned a man’s face. One killed a woman.
    The investigation files also offer evidence that the meter blazes could be more widespread than even fire investigators know. In the reports, NV Energy employees on the scenes of two of the fires told investigators that such blazes happened regularly.
    In an interview last week, an electrician who helps NV Energy replace the meters told the Reno Gazette-Journal that often meters would be fixed before the fire department could even be called. The RGJ has withheld his name because he continues to do work for NV Energy and didn’t want to put his employment at risk.
    “NV Energy was so quick in having me or one of the other guys out there that the fire department never knew about them,” he said. “We’d have the panel changed out and power turned on within five hours and a guy painting the wall right behind us.” …”

  2. Tanya says:

    See smart meter fires story https://bc-freedom.com/2017/01/29/500-more-smart-meter-fires/. Different country but similar facts.

  3. Doreen Agostino says:

    The ‘Global Elites’ are installing next-generation spying smart meters in homes worldwide http://massprivatei.blogspot.ca/2017/01/the-global-elite-are-installing-next.html

    ‘Silence’ is tacit or implied consent from the public that empowers and sustains mass surveillance.

  4. Tanya says:

    How many smart meters are fully exposed to the elements, i.e. not enclosed by a meter box? Can we expect those smart meters to go up in flames when a few drops of rain fall on them? Add a bit of wind-driven dust, bird poo and spider webs to the mix and you’ve got a free fireworks display.

  5. Rik says:

    Thats 1 reason why i refused to get a smart meter. My old meter wont ever do that.

  6. Robert Scott says:

    There was nothing wrong with the old analogue meter, it was made in Australia and built like a brick dunny. There was very little to go wrong with it, it had a voltage coil, quite thick current coil and the Faraday inspired aluminum disk motor was suspended on jeweled bearings. It was meant to last indefinitely , one wonders who long the smart meters will last ?

  7. Terry EALING says:

    Having a powerline on your property is a dangeous hazard but the Energy Companies won’t tell you that. There are many things the power corporations fail to warn you of if you have a power line on your property but there are many things they will charge or fine you on if you do anything wrong. In Western Australian Western Power occupy your land with a power line under 200kva there is no easement and they pay for nothing to have free use of your land.That means you lose all your property rights as they can cut your gate chains and locks and do what they like without your consent as the Landowner. When there is damage they deny the damage and make you jump through hoops to get it repaired in their time. Do not buy a property with a power line on it without an easement or with an easement. Your giving the Energy Operator complete rights to enter your property at will for any whim they desire. In 2009 the Department of Commerce issued an order for Western Power to renew all their wooden poles in W.A. as they could not ascertain the condition of the poles on the inside. There was no warning given to all landowners with a power line warning them of the of the possible danger to life and property! 2013 they cut the chain on my front gate as they regarded the matter Urgent some 4 years on believe it or not so they entered without notification or ringing us! Caused damage and left without notifying us they had been in our property or owned up to the damage. Approximately 130 emails over the damage and twelve months later to get my gate fixed.3 years on and they have never resolved the situation. Do not let your neighbour to place a line across your property as you can never get rid of the Energy Operator off your property for ever! The encumbrance is not included in your Title of the Land under the Torrens System as it is deemed an Implied Easement. I have Solar, wind and generator power and cannot get rid of Western Power. Be careful when buying Rural Land as you cannot ascertain the condition of the power line on your property or any of their connections and you will lose all your property rights! Cheers!

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