Can smart meters cause house fires?

burned meter removedIn yet another recent house fire, the electricity distributor, as usual, wasted no time in racing to the scene to remove the burned out smart meter. What’s the rush?

Gee, I’m sure the property owner is very grateful to the distributor for being so quick off the mark to remove that potentially dangerous smart meter. They wouldn’t want the meter left there to go up in flames yet again, would they?

And I’ll bet the fire investigators are pleased to be spared the effort of investigating one of the possible causes of the fire, now that the evidence has been hastily removed.  It can be tricky to get your mind around how those high tech electrical devices connected to old wiring can cause fires.

Just as well the house is now uninhabitable and doesn’t need electricity supply. I suppose it would take a lot longer to get a meter installed if you requested one.firefighter

In the same area some time ago the power distributor was not quick enough to beat the photographer to the scene.

You have to get to the property before the smoke dies down if you want to beat the power distributor to remove the evidence.

burned meter


Related story: In Texas there has recently been a lawsuit about the unlawful dismissal of an electricity company employee for testifying in a separate hearing about Landis and Gyr smart meters catching fire.  Landis and Gyr brand smart meters are commonly deployed in Victoria.

Photos supplied by Oscar McG.







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24 Responses to Can smart meters cause house fires?

  1. Anonymous 1 says:

    Our circa 1890 double fronted weatherboard house in Yarraville was destroyed by fire on the 5th Jan 2014. Two months earlier, a smart meter was installed against our written advice.
    We were not against SM’, but wanted Jemena to wait until we renovated (new wiring also). They said something like “if it is old and dangerous wiring that is your problem”…or similar. We said “the wiring is perfectly safer and serviceable unless your installer disturbs it. And we are telling you not too do that. Wait til we renovate and rewire” or similar…….
    They installed, house destroyed two months later. Stil getting screwed by RACV insurance……or Insurance Australia Group, who are the insurer behind names like, RACV, NRMA, COLES, RACQ, CGU etc etc.

    It will be near four years until we are back home. …….SHAME SHAME SHAME, Jemena, RACV, IAG

    • Dane Havelock says:

      Paul Adams it seems that you and your organisation in this matter have well and truly lived up to the reputation of pure scumbags

    • sdjm says:

      Thanks for sharing this important and factual information. This will serve as a lesson to anyone who considers their home safe with a smart meter attached….THINK AGAIN!

  2. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    A Must See!
    1000’s of “smart” meter fires: New Whistleblower and Court Evidence (Video)

  3. Ainsleigh says:

    I remember a certain CEO from one of our Victorian distribution companies (shall we say that is managing the Northern Suburbs Network) being interviewed on 3AW by Neil Mitchell sounding so very awkward when questioned why he had sent his goons to remove the smart meter from the scene of a fire before the cause of that fire could be investigated.

    • Paul says:

      Was this person charged? I know that if I did exactly the same thing (removing evidence from the scene) I would be spending time in gaol. Seems there are 2 sets of rules depending on how much power you have.

  4. Dieter P says:

    I know that smart meters can cause some people to develop increasingly chronic and debilitating headaches. That’s my own personal testimony and it’s very real. It most definitely is not a self created situation.

  5. Anonymous says:

    ENERGY SAFE VICTORIA need to write a new report.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Two years ago my neighbour told me that a smart meter in the next street from us caught fire.
    The device was replaced immediately by the distributor and because the house did not burn down the fire brigade was not notified. The residents put out the fire themselves.
    The story these people were told was that water ran down the back of the smart meter and this caused the fire. Of course the analogue meter would have been exposed to water as well, but did not catch fire all those years. It was recommended that these people have a meter box installed. They asked for the analogue meter to be put back as they had had no trouble with it. This request was declined. I wonder if this fire was reported to Energy Safe Victoria? You would assume it would have to be reported.
    It is my opinion that Energy Safe Victoria should be held responsible if any smart devices cause or contribute to house fires. They are responsible, that is why the are called Energy Safe Victoria.
    I do not know what caused this fire, obviously whoever came out to replace the smart device would have this knowledge.
    Energy Safe Victoria need to write a new report. Its 2015 now.

  7. Rik says:

    They want to keep all fires covered up so the public believe they are safe which they are not.
    The sooner they remove the meter the sooner its covered up as a suspect.

    I still want to know who got paid for all this cover ups? Someone has to be getting paid to keep it all quiet and there must be lots of money for bribes like the MFB, CFA, Police, anyone who investigates these type of things.

    The truth needs to be told and the public need to hear it. We need to get these smart meters removed asap. They cause fires, they DON’T save you money they actually raise the bills, they are installed by inferior installers, they have a lifespan of 10% of the old meters, they cause cancer and many health problems, there are many more reasons why we need these removed and the sooner the better.

  8. Cedar says:

    Yeah, send these dodgy meters to Australia. The Aussies are too naive to understand that these meters are crap!

  9. John says:

    Bring on the next State Election ( Victoria ). My family & I will vote for the the member/s, that will
    permit us to remove these disgusting New World Order – “meters”, and install a safer & healthy “Dumb” alternative, — even if we have to pay for the cost ourselves.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The first picture wasn’t from burnt out smart meter. Actually looks like source has come from roof space.

    • Anonymous says:

      The smart meter could of caused the fire in the roof space.

      • 1890 House Destroyed By Install of SM....930+ days since still RACV still fighting payout! says:

        Hi, this is the owner of the 1890 house that was destroyed courtesy of a SM install. Still fighting RACV!!!!……..930+ days since

        SM’ cam ad do cause fires in roof space, because they cause the supply conductor (copper cable coming from front of house) to overheat. This conductor is normally in armoured tubing and lays free in roof space. It runs to your meter and then is divided to fuse box. Cheers.

        • Juliana Radic says:

          Thanks for posting. Just confirms that SM are a genuine incendiary risk/device. Removing the communications chip out of the SM alone just doesn’t cut it for me as an acceptable solution. These devices of death (in more ways than one) being placed on and being allowed to remain on our houses is just not acceptable full stop.

        • Anonymous says:

          If they are aware smart meters cause fires then that is criminal.Has any seen how many fires are on the news and they don’t say what caused them?

          • Anonymous says:

            Anyone that has any knowledge of smart meters causing fires or even if they think they may have caused a fire has an obligation to make sure that the people are made aware of this. This includes those that are legally required to inform the public and those that are responsible for protecting the public from potential harm.

        • Anonymous says:

          Anonymous why don’t you put your facts in an affidavit, send it to the distributor or your insurance company. have you any proof of what you said to them? They would also have to reply in an affidavit under penalty of perjury. If you are telling the truth you and i am sure you are then, you won’t be committing perjury. Its something to think about if you have not already done it.Did you consent to a smart meter? Can they provide evidence to show you consented?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I sent a letter to the MFB some of the fires were allegedly caused by poor installation. Also alleged tampering. Mind you they have not caught anyone as far as I know. I also sent a letter to Energy Safe Victoria, they are responsible as well. I asked about smart meter fires. I told them I had a letter from the MFB stating some fires were allegedly started by poor installation.
    They did not respond to this.

  12. Ron says:

    This story doesn’t give the location of this smart meter fire…Victoria?

  13. Simon says:

    Ask the arson squad if it’s ok to tamper with police evedence also will insurance company’s require a electrical compliance certificate as required on anyone carring out electrical work on any dwelling I think cfa, mfb have been told to keep quiet.

    • Michael says:

      They are a pack of hipocrites. They can’t even get them to work in South Gippsland, let alone give you a good meter. Like coal generators, “smart” meters are going to be things of the past. Just cheap rubbish from overseas

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