Smart Meters coming to Queensland!

Documentation from the Queensland Government’s ’30 Year Electricity Strategy Discussion Paper’ indicates that the Smart Grid will be turned on in South East Queensland on 1st July, 2015. See: Advanced Metering Discussion Paper – Australian rollout

“The Queensland Government supports a customer-driven rollout of advanced meters where a range of different service providers can compete to offer customers advanced metering services and associated product choices. Customers can choose to adopt the technology based on their own assessment of the benefits.”  (Advanced metering ‘What is proposed?’ P. 20)

It is all about the $$ – no care or concern for the public health.  Queenslanders beware, there is little doubt that this so-called “customer-driven rollout” of wireless technology will be pushed by the power industry and Queensland government through stealth and misinformation.

The only protection against a smart/advanced meter in your home is to NOT HAVE ONE  – ie. LOCK UP YOUR METER BOX.  Once installed it is too late to complain and/or have it removed.

The proliferation of EMR from wireless and smart/digital meters impacts many people, including unborn children:


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21 Responses to Smart Meters coming to Queensland!

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Residents in the US Territory of Guam have filed a legal injunction against the forced deployment of smart meters there.”
    Here is the short version:
    Here is the full court case:

    Click to access meterinjunc.pdf

  2. Anonymous says:

    Question ??. Have Smart meters been fitted to the homes in Logan – Brisbane??. In the News it has been reported that there has been over fifty ( 50 ) house fires in this suburb. Are the Meters responsible in any way??.

  3. Vivien says:

    Energex replacing wiring to houses in Corinda,(Brisbane). They are servicing line they say! I understand I must allow, but luckily I am home & will relock meter-box again immediately after , then put NO SMART METERS sticker on box. I am worried if i put sticker on before , a smart meter may be installed immediately! It is all very sneeky.

    • Hamish says:

      Best to make your locking Bastard Proof because that’s the nature of the adversary that you are keeping out

    • Vivien says:

      I have changed mind & will not unlock meter box, but put a clear window so meter can be read! This will not stop Energex from putting new (smart) wiring to house with reading boxes on pole & house, but I will sleep better at night. Moving bedroom to back of property to escape neighbours meter boxes!

      • Citizen says:

        So if you’re locking your switchboard, with a padlock that does not meet supply authority requirements, what happens if there is an emergency and a first responder like police, fire, ambo or SES need to turn off the supply to make the installation safe?

        • Sally McCulloch says:

          Citizen, this is the problem that has been created when these devices are forced upon people who have every right and every reason to not want such filth installed on their premises. My grandfather’s meter box is locked but the keys are kept off site. This is to prevent him from being coerced and bullied by Jemena into opening the meter box or allowing it to be opened. Jemena bullied him relentlessly and turned him into a nervous wreck. So what happens if there is an emergency at his place ? I fear for his life actually but this is the terrible situation that the Victorian State Government and the Distribution Companies have created by pushing these infernal devices upon us.

          • Anonymous says:

            Sally, if it was a real emergency your grandfather would be okay, my mother’s is locked and and they also terrorized my mother. I am not concerned about my mother’s meter box being locked i would be more concerned about a potentially lethal device being installed.
            Some people seem to think that they have authority when in reality they don’t. Trespassing is a serious crime, citizen needs to look up the laws and the penalties.. Jemena smart meter installers also bullied my mother.
            Perhaps citizen can tell us who’s authority he speaks of and show us the proof. Public Servants or those pretending to be don’t have any authority. You are the master or mistress of your body, the true authority.

            A pretended law made in excess of power is not and never has been a law at all. Anybody in the country is entitled to disregard it.
            Chief Justice Latham 1942 High Court of Australia.
            Citizen this judge is a lot higher up the food chain than you and all the politicians and distributor lowlifes that hurt my mother. .

        • Anonymous says:

          I have every right to lock my meter box its my meter box, as for an emergency, here in the radiation state Victoria you are only allowed access to my meter and meter box when you give me notice unless its an emergency. If its an emergency i am sure that it would be okay for them to break the lock.What is supply authority requirements? Is this law? Can you provide a copy of this law? Who’s authority do you speak of? Are you speaking of a fake authority a fraud so to speak that tries pretend it has authority when it doesn’t.

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  5. Come on all people in Queensland….
    I’ve had a smart meter in my house for four and a half years…its killing me..I can’t sleep at night. My body is aching all over is making me dizzy..
    I am going to tell them to remove it today!!!!…And see what they say if they don’t. I will put a switch in the main line, to turn off power ..the ball is in their court ..
    colin lockyear 32042483 0418997935
    come on people make contact..

  6. brad says:

    Here in Newcastle one of the electricity providers placed letters to their customers telling them of a great new ‘offer’ that was available to them.The ‘offer’ was the chance to get up to $400 credit at several participating retailers if they had a new power saving device installed at their residence.There was no mention of the device being a ‘smart meter’.Most people would be unaware of what they would be getting installed.I checked on the electricity companies website and they were indeed rolling out smart meters.

  7. I live on the Gold Coast and my meter box has been locked firmly with a notice on it to not install a ‘smart’ meter for 7 months already. Now that it has been announced, I STRONGLY encourage all our Queensland brothers and sisters to do the same. It takes just 10 minutes of your weekend or evening to sort it out. Download great advice and a free sign to display on your meter box here:

    • John says:

      Hi, I live on the Gold Coast to, Have you had complaints from your energy supplier etc? Is it possile to contact you personally to see how yours was done? As I wish to do the same. Cheers, John

  8. sdjm says:

    Yes, put them back in their place….where they belong. It would need thousands of customers in unity to have any impact. If this were at all possible, I would not hesitate!!!

  9. Cedar says:

    “Customer driven rollout” of smart meters, huh, what a load of garbage, as if they would care what the customers wanted? They want us to believe that people are pushing for these meters when it is just nonsense, they are the pushers. The meters will not save us money and will damage the health of a great many people almost immediately, as they have done elsewhere.The only financial gain will be for the government and the electricity company owners. (Temporary financial gain, because they will be a lot worse off when they are sued for damaging the health of us all and as the effects of these meters is cumulative I do believe that it will eventually damage all of us) Democracy, where did you go? Oh, all the way to the bank I forgot. What a bunch of creeps we have running our country, show them dollar signs and they swoon with pleasure!

  10. Maggie Adeney says:

    On Friday 20th June Channel 9 News in Qld reported that “Smart Meters are coming to Qld”. It was reported in the 6pm news.

  11. Laurie Cunningham says:

    Does anyone know if the Smart Meters that were installed in Traralgon Victoria are operating yet?

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