Cyber security a key national priority

Prime Minister Julia Gillard says that cyber security is a key national defence priority for her, as per the recently published article in The Australian, of 4 February 2013 FL article

The PM’s push to have all state governments roll-out smart-meters appears as a misguided attempt to rein in power prices. Ironically, a rise in electricity prices is exactly what the carbon tax set out to achieve.

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13 Responses to Cyber security a key national priority

  1. MIRAGE says:

    People whingeing about the government, wake up, you are just chattel to the government who lays claim to your very own bodies and no one bats an eye lid… Like sheeple to the slaughter you still think your vote counts… TISk TISk TISk – it doesn’t matter who wins an election – that is mere theatrical entertainment as they both will implement the agenda given to them by the people running the show behind the scenes. Here’s a clue, most laws do not even apply to you only by your consent, seek and ye shall find, but be carefull, many a man has stumbled on the truth only to get up dust themselves off and walk away… The reality is that your rights and freedoms have been stolen from you while you were watching TV under the guise of security for the masses… Yet what’s really happenned is you voluntarily signed away your freedoms… you registered your car? you might as well give it to them… got a licence? dont need one, did you know you only needed one only if you make money from the act of ‘driving’? Stop lying down and get up and ask some questions, otherwise stop your whingeing, why this why that… they’re laughing at you… turn the idiot box off and start searching… I can’t guarantee you’ll like what you find… How does this help in relation to SMART meters I hear you asking? Since when is it that a corporation can put itself above your human rights is what you should be asking….

    • My life says:

      You may think you know about this agenda, or that agenda. Really what it comes down to is common sense – if we always ‘give in’ to the demands of corporate dictators and the like, then yes we will have a very controlled existence.Just take responsibility for your own choices (yes, we do have them!), don’t drink their poisoned water or read their one-sided propaganda. Media is what you make of it – lots of conflict of interest going on and nothing is what it seems. Freedom of speech and individuality should be encouraged and emphasised at home and in our schools.

  2. Rob Guy says:

    Not directly, but it does shine a bright light on the risks of sabotage to a computerised electricity distribution system , including domestic meters, by external and internal enemies. One precaution might well be to fit a second meter for private use as a check against a cyber attack aimed at adding dollars to my bill.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with above comment, We already have been forced to have smartmeter and want old meter back, how does this article help?

    • Pam says:

      Anonymous – No one can force you to have a Smart Meter. Was your box Locked??? Were your signs displayed????? Only advice I can offer is to write to your Power Distributor and tell them you wish to have the Smart Meter Removed and replaced with an annalogue meter ASAP because the Smart Meter is making you ill. Register the letter and pay extra to be advised that they have received it. SSMA Keeps us all well informed, and I have been following everything they suggest and so far so good I still have my Annalogue Meter, my box locked signs displayed and perspex cut-out so meter can be easily read. I also have a Solicitor acting for me. Let’s know how you get on. Cheers Pam 🙂

  4. Freddie says:

    This article is really important, as it points out very obvious security issues with the wireless smart grid, that our politicians should have had the good sense of foreseeing. It shows gross incompetence or worse to continue to push a technology which is potentially dangerous to national security.
    Surely, no one thinks that the sole purpose of this website is to offer a list of suggestions as to how one can stop installation of a smart meter (that is covered under ‘Actions You Can Take’)?!
    It is very important for this website to INFORM as widely and as truthfully as possible on all aspects of smart meter deployment. It is exactly lack of information and misinformation that allows power companies to ‘get away’ with what is essentially a criminal act.
    Thanks ‘Stop Smart Meters Australia’, keep up the great work!

  5. Terry says:

    What the posting of the above does is high light the fact that NO Smart device is unhackable. That includes Smart Meters. Makes gillards ‘dribble’ just that. Any future enemy attacking this country could shut down or disable our power systems within a very short space of time. Where would that leave us? Damn near indefensible thats where!! We need a Prime minister who has previous military service, someone who can see the wood from the trees. None, and I mean none of our current crop of so called politicians of any persuasion have the nounce to understand. They need to read their Australian history and reflect on how close we came to disaster in 1942 by Not being prepared, and trying to appease our enemies.
    Gillards method of appeasement is to send the likes of Carr alround the world giving away multi millions of Australian tax payer dollars to any tin pot regime with their hand out whilst our armed services cry out for equiptment. Wake up Australia. Consider your vote very, very carefully on september 14th. It may be our last chance to stop the rot.

    • Anonymous says:

      Terry – it is 47 years tomorrow since my Husband was wounded in Vietnam. He passed away in January 2005 at the age of 59. Our men an d women were sent over there to stop the Commun ists from infiltrating Australia. They were sprayed with ‘AGENT ORANGE’ full strength stuff – no wonder they all suffer to this day. They were not regognised by the RSL when they got home, the Public spat on them. The point I am endeavouring to make, just say a War broke out tomorrow and “WHOEVER’ had the POWER TO SWITCH US OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE WOULD THIS LEAVE OUR COUNTRY (the mind boggles – it is really scary). As you said we give away millions to tin pot regimes whilst our armed services cry out for equipment. Our V/Vets – the ones still with us still suffer the effects of the Chemical that was sprayed on them. The Australian Govt. have never acknowledged that this happened but the Yanks did and Compensation was paid – we got a small dividend years ago. The Australian Government both State and Federal need to be held accountable for the ways we, The Public , are being treated know, as regards Smart meters. They are not safe full-stop. The Privacy issue seems to come up more and more thanks to SSMA keeping us informed. Financially it is a nightmare – people just don’t get accounts, then eventually they get a huge one they can’t afford to pay. Then there is the Health Issue – many many people are suffering. They say there safe Bullshit!!!!!! Yes we all need to consider our Vote very carefully on the 14th September. It is only Febuary now – Why such a long Election Campaign???? I have never known one to be this long. It is going to cost the Country Mega-Bucks for a 7 month Campaign with the Pollies tripping all over the Country trying to tell us all HOW GREAT THEY ARE. THEY ARE NOTHING BUT LIARS THROUGH AND THROUGH AND I DON’T BELIEVE A WORD THEY SAY EITHER PARTY FOR THAT MATTER. Maybe we should have a STOP SMART METERS PARTY and see exactly how many Votes we would get – just an idea…………… Cheers …Pam 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    What is the point of posting articles like this? How does this help me stop the installation of a smart meter?

    • lindsay says:

      Apart from it being another “divide and separate the people of the world through fear” propaganda piece, this article informs the world through the main stream media that experts are convinced that our smartmeter grid is insecure from hackers.

      Thus the more people who become aware of the faults in the system the more likely the government will not enforce it’s plans.

      It’s safety in numbers I guess.

    • GlennS says:

      I think the point here is that if we have a national smart meter roll-out, we are potentially at risk from hackers remotely shutting down our power grid.

      What really makes me laugh is the Google executive chairman’s comment regarding China as a “dangerous and menacing superpower”. How much information does Google have on everyone? I would have thought that to be “dangerous and menacing”!

      • Pam says:

        Glenn S – I agree – Hackers are a huge problem not only here but World-Wide. See it every day in news items. “Google” point taken, just how much information does Google have on everyone? Scarey isn’t it???? This Website is keeping us all informed – Thanks SSMA for keeping us all up to date. …………….. Cheers Pam 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, you really have to read this one to find any association with smart meters.

      I have a question for STOP SMART METERS AUSTRALIA. Why havent any lawyers bothered to take up the challenge of actually takeing any legal action against the big power companies for forceing these smart meters on people? It happened in the states, so why not here, there has been a lot of talk about it but no action so far. Mean while they are still forceing these things on us, it seems to me that this whole issue is cooling down somewhat and people are just giving in to the government. It seems to me that very few people bother to even comment on this site, its no time to be drousy about this issue. Before you no it the government will have the whole state covered in smart meters.

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