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12-year-old Peter Tzirozidis was the hero behind a vicious house fire, caused by a Smart Meter, that destroyed a family’s home in Christmas Street, Thornbury. The courageous young man noticed the house fire and immediately alerted neighbours to save his grandparents who live in the house, including his bedridden grandfather.

His mother Sophie Tzirozidis, who was out walking the dog when the house fire began, heard her young son screaming on the street waving his hands for help, and immediately ran home to see her family home in flames. She also noticed that the smart meter had sparked the fire that quickly spread to the roof. She said she could see “flames coming out of the Smart Meter” that caused the fire to extend to the roof.  “The police, ambulance and fire brigade came and it looked like a scene out of a movie,” she told Neos Kosmos. “When I came back – bang – it was like a big explosion happened.”

Ms Tzirozidis added that her son “got the shock of his life” when he noticed the house fire and knew he had to do all he could to get his grandparents out and to safety. Three neighbours had to carry her housebound father out of the house, who was taken away by the ambulance to check for smoke inhalation.

The fire took firefighters between two to three hours to contain. Ms Tzirozidis was told that this was the third incident of Smart Meters causing a house fire they had seen in Northcote.

“I didn’t want the Smart Meter,” Ms Tzirozidis said. “They just installed it in our area, everyone got it on Christmas Street.” She said if she had known that it could cause that much damage, she “wouldn’t have gotten a Smart Meter”.

Building has just begun on the 30-year-old family home in Northcote, even though the fire occurred on May 9, 2012 and caused approximately $350,000 damage to the property. She said that although the insurance will help rebuild the house, the family are the ones who suffer the most having lost so many memories and contents that are irreplaceable.
“Everything is gone,” Ms Tzirozidis added, “all the photos, my kids when they were little they are all gone. It makes me angry because Smart Meters are dangerous and people shouldn’t go through this.”

Following the fire, Ms Tzirozidis contacted CitiPower who advised her that the fire had nothing to do with the Smart Meter, and was most probably caused by the wiring of the house, adding that it was old.

“Why do we have to go through this because of Smart Meters?” she asks. “There’s going to be another family that’s going to go through the same thing as us.
“People need to know the dangers of Smart Meters.”

Penni Pappas, 31 January 2013


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  1. super article you got here, thanks a ton for sharing it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    a citipower inspector went out to the site and it was not over the phone. the problem was thr nilcrom 660f fuses on meterboards. once connection was loosened the fuse was arcing. which created melting of fuse and would create fire. these fuses were in northcote and thornbury.

    a group of citipower guys went out and replace almost every single fuse with a new one. as most of northcote residents can confirm.

  3. Carol says:

    This is false story that is just completely irresponsible to cause so much anxiety over incorrect reporting. This story was in fact from May 2012 as reported in the Leader Newspaper – same person, same story just 12 months ago. And the fire was not due to any meter at all – it was due to very old house wiring.

    • Vickie says:

      False story hey Carol, it just happens that the old wiring caused a fire only very recently after the smart meter was installed, when the house had been fine for the 30 years before. you sound like a typical power company spin doctor. check out the news stories all over the world just type in house fires and smart meters, are these all false reports too ??

      • Elizabeth says:

        Smart meters = ANXIETY! Enough said Carol, you get the facts straight as Vickie stated. House wiring was fine until meter changed… if it aint broke, why change it?

        • Pam says:

          Carol – you must definately work for a Power Distributor making Comments like this. Go back through the Posts and learn the Dangers of Smart Meters. Nearly every morning we here of another Fire – a house burnt down. There is NEVER ANY FOLLOW-UP. It was never like this till darn Smart Meters came about. They are not compatible with the Wiring on older Homes and that is what is causing all these “un-explained House Fires”..If you care about your Family, please check out the Health, Safety, Privacy and Financial Issues of these Dangerous Smart Meters. There was also a Post from and Installer Jo – go back find ‘JO’S STORY” It would make you cry. Go back and listen to the two women whose Lives are a mess because of Smart Meters. The Forum was back on 25/11/2012. Their Stories made me cry. We are Fighting for You and your Family and the Families of all Victorians. Give us a Break and respect the Feelings of others who are really ill from these devices………………………..Pam

    • Vickie says:

      Carol, My home has been standing for over 80 years, it has not been rewired, therefore it has old wiring, so according to you if they fit a smart meter at my home and it burns to the ground taking my mother and myself with it, it is not the smart meter’s fault, it is the old wiring at my home which I might ad has proven the test of time for over 80 years, let us see how the so called smart grid and smart meters stand the test of time and also times are tough how many people can afford to have their old houses rewired on demand, while you are at it, why not check out the escalation of house fires, many of these fatal since the start of the installation of these so called smart meters, they are almost a daily occurrance and you will rarely ever hear what exactly cause the fires. I am insulted by your insensitive comment.

  4. James says:

    How much evidence do we really need to see to be convinced that these meters are causing house fires therefore endangering peoples lives, how many people may have died over these cheap garbage meters already?

  5. James says:

    I have noticed a steady increase in house fires since the smart meter installations began, fatal house fires increasing, years a go a fatal fire would be big news but now the story just seems to fade away, these are peoples lives, sadly I do not feel we are getting the facts and we may never, you will see the terms ‘unexplained’ or ‘under investigation’ constantly used and that is the end of the story. here is a relevant recent article from Philadelphia regards James

    • Jared H says:

      Those who deny that a smart meter has caused a fire do not seem to address the question of why the fire did not occur whilst the analogue meter was still installed

  6. Vickie says:

    Hello all, I have again received my first notice of installation of a smart meter, I managed to get through last year I did all the things listed here apart from lock my meter box, now I am horrified of the thought of having one installed, I live in a rented house and it is about 80 years old and has never been rewired, so therefore I am sure the smart meter will not be compatible, I have no insurance and I am not sure if I have the right to fit locks to my meter box as it is not my property, I do not want to ask in case they say no, I am thinking I should just go ahead and protect my meter box, I have no man in the house only myself and my mother, doe’s anyone know someone that can protect my meter box with locks at a reasonable price? and do you think I should go ahead and do this? my mother and myself are sick with worry. Also the letter states any notices or signs of refusal will be disregarded. I think the notices helped me last time but they won’t this time. wonder if anyone has any suggestions. We are worried sick, regards Vickie.

    • Pam says:

      Vickie –
      If I were you, I would LOCK THE BOX ASAP, GET YOUR SIGNS UP,

      • Vickie says:

        Hello all, firstly I wish to express a big thank you, to Pam, Eric and all the other caring members who contribute here, Pam, I will be taking your advice and installing a lock, just wish to explain this house is an old weatherboard home that has a layer of real brick over the top however there is a gap between the boards and brick which would be a disaster if a fire was to break out behind the meter, the meter box is a little wooden box and you can see the original weather boards at the back behind the meter, I am thinking locking the box may be pointless as they may remove it completely, I was thinking a bracket around the meter but looking at the distance around the meter not much room for a bracket either as it is back under the brick facing,I may ask at mitre 10 and see if there is an easy way, my mum has lived here over 30 years me also much of that time, we live at Edithvale, I received an email today which I tried to post here but am having problems, it states under the code I cannot block access to the meter and blah blah it is bullying and it is causing us much stress and anxiety, I will keep you all posted how this fight goes, although I have to say I do not feel too confident at the moment, Thank you all. regards Vickie

        • Anonymous says:

          Vickie, I have had to build a more robust box around my existing box because I also felt vulnerable. I would say, get a lock on there at least for the interim, any lock and put it on in combination with a sign. Then you may have to go through a more thoroug process of securing your box to the point where you can feel more a bit more assured with the security level.

          Also remember, if your box is not secured but you happen to be home when the installers come, you can always state your refusal for the installation and ask them to leave. They have to leave as they have no legal basis to continue with the installation if you refuse giving them consent. If they don’t leave immediately, you tell them that you’ll ring the police and then you do so immediately….don’t hesitate…….and keep the police number on hand just for that scenario should it eventuate Vickie. And do not get into any conversations with them about the matter. You refuse and they have to leave, that’s it……and you go through the process whatever it is that you need to do to secure the box to your satisfaction. Yes I know it can be a painful process but many of us here have become mini security experts through it.

        • CHEERS PAM :-) says:

          Vicki – If you have a mobile take a photo of your box and take it to mitre 10 and I am sure the men there will be able to advise you which is the best way to go but please don’t leave it too long – get your box locked ASAP and get your signs up especially the ‘NO TRESPASS SIGN” the one with the $173,000.00 Fine”. Scan the Email and send it to Stop Smart Meters or post a copy to them before you put it on this site. The letter is similar to what everyone is receiving a heap of bullshit and harrassment. There maybe a Group Member that lives near you that could help you install the lock etc. You also need a cut-out with a perspex backing, so your meter reader can read the meter, which could be a problem seeing you Rent but personally I would still do it, you can always replace with a new meter box door if you move. All the Signs are on this Website. Once in stalled again take photos of the Locked box and the Signs for future reference. Good Luck Vicki and look forward to hearing how you get on. Try a de-stress they can not cut your power off or break your lock. It is just them trying their “Best Endeavours” to get you to install a bloody Smart meter. If they turn up refer them to the signs and ask them do they want to have to pay the fine and tell them to leave your property as you are NOT HAVING A SMART METER INSTALLED………………….If you want to go back I had an Article in our Local Paper back in May last year – (warrnambool standard Pensioner takes a stance). They haven’t been near me since and I also have a Solicitor acting for me……..

          • Vickie says:

            Pam, Eric, and all the caring people here you guys are the best, so supportive and helpful, I have it all planned out now, will be fitting like a metal strapping around my meter and also locking my little wooden box, will be doing it tomorrow, the window can wait until i am ready, I will not let this dictatorship Government force me to have an unsafe smart meter at my home, I will protect my home and my family, let them try to punish me for it !

            • Pam says:

              Vickie – I was like you initially, till I started looking at this Website always looking for reassurance from somebody and I have found some wonderful friends through this Website. As far as the window is concerned, just a point – how can your meter be read if you are not home when they come to read it???? They will probably send you an estimated account, so please check your account throughly. They can only “estimate” your account I think it is 2-3 times a year, then you have to make an appt. with your Power Dist. for them to come to your home, unlock your box in your presence at a cost of about $40.00. I always read my Annalogue meter about 1 week before it is due to be read and a week after till the account comes in. Just write it down on a piece of paper and keep it safely somewhere. If you don’t get a cut-out also place this information on your meter box, so the reader has no excuse to estimate your bill. Hope this little bit of extra info helps you. You sound much stronger and less distressed. Say Hi to your Mum for me………………..Pam 🙂

              • Vickie says:

                Thank you so much Pam. they are coming next week so my main concern is locking everything up, I will get a window cut out, I checked my last power bill so they wont be coming to read it for a few weeks, by then I will have one in, I do feel stronger, and it is people such as yourself who have made me feel that way, if more people stood up for their rights it would help instead of people saying oh I really don’t want one but we have to have one and that’s the way it is, mum says hi back to you and I would like to say I think you are a treasure, thanks again Pam x

                • Pam says:

                  Your Welcome Vickie. If we all help each other we will get there and beat them. Look forward to hearing how you get on and please don’t let them bully you – stand your ground and tell them to read your signs, as they are Tresspassing and to leave your property immediately because you do not want a Smart Meter installed. They could threaten you with cutting off your power, well they can’t do that either. Hopefully they will leave you alone for a while then……………………Good Luck Pam xx 🙂

                  • Vickie says:

                    Hi Pam, Have my lock in place, signs in place, photographed all set and done, Last year when I contacted all the relevant authorities I got the cold shoulder but this time seemed different, the man I spoke to at DPI told me he lived in an old Victorian home and it had not burnt down yet, he seemed to be to understand my concerns but at the same time saying there was nothing he could do to help me, the lady from Jemina or service stream told me in our conversation that I owned the meter box and if it was locked that they would move on to the next house and they would not cause me any trouble, the police said to me unfortunately we cannot help as it is mandated by the Government, seems to me everyone is apologising for our sick Government trying to force people against their will to accept these cheap unsafe meters. one email I received in response to my fire fears stated that if I lose appliances there is a claims procedure, I emailed back that that was no reassurance to me what so ever, what if we were burnt to death in our homes? so this week it is all happening we shall see how it goes. Thanks again for your help it is much appreciated.

                    • Pam says:

                      Vicki – Good on you , Interesting to hear that You own the meter box – they usually say They Do!!!. We had a brown out a couple years back and My aircon died. Power Cor paid for the repairs, so you can claim on your supplier if you lose any appliance, food etc. Lets know how this all pans out. I will keep checking this particular Post. …..Pam 🙂

                  • Vickie says:

                    Hi Pam, a quick update, I was out the front of my house and noticed a white Jemina van out the front, while I was out looking a man headed back to the van with a trolley with big grey box on, as he passed my house he glanced across at me with a smirk on his face, he had obviously been and seen my locked box, as far as I know he did not knock on my door, he must have just left and went on to the next house, I wish to thank you and all the members here for their support and help, I am so glad I took your advice. regards Vickie xx

    • Eric says:

      Vickie, perhaps it may not hurt for you to indicate what suburb you are in. That would be useful information to those on this site who may be contemplating whether or not they might possibly be able to come forward and offer to lend you a hand. Some form of affordable lock can be done and I think should be done.

      It’s not right that you and your mother should be made to feel terrorized like this.

      Remember those who terrorize others are just that TERRORISTS and that is a very serious matter especially when it is being purposefully instigated by a government upon it’s own citizens.

      • Informed Choice says:

        Yes, I agree! Nobody should have to put up with that kind of harrassment by Industrial Terrorists. The government are bloody useless here in Victoria, not looking out for ANYONES health or safety but receiving handouts by various corporations and vested interests. Never trust these lying theives, they are the lowest form of life.

      • Pam says:

        Eric —- Vicki has said where she lives do you know anyone nearby who could help her get her box Locked ASAP….Cheers Pam

        • Eric says:

          Anybody in the Edithvale vicinity ? Chelsea Bonbeach etc etc (say anywhere between Mordialloc and Frankston) if you can help Vickie perhaps leave a contact (email address wahtever) for Vickie to get in contact…………..

    • Eric says:

      Vicki, good girl, protect your own interests and don’t leave yourself open by trusting anything that comes out of the mouth of any party with vested interest such as any representative government agencies or power companies and and their associates… matter how favorable or sympathetic their words may sound. It can quickly turn to treachery.

  7. simmo says:

    Remember the state Governments adds telling all Victorians that if ANYONE works on electricity in your home UNDER LAW they must provide you with an ELECTRICAL COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE which means checking the whole house wiring for safety. Be warned the insurance industry may win millions of dollars on payouts by suing the power industry for non compliance.

  8. Donna Johnston says:

    Can an analogue meter be read through a Perspex window? I thought they were scanned by meter reader and if so would it work through Perspex?

    Regards Donna

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    • Ronald Tan says:

      Yes It can the meter reader just looks through the perspex and reads the figures.I had a perspex front fitted to my meterbox and I locked it up a meter reader happened to come on a day I was there in front of my meter box and I asked him if he could read my meter and he said quite easily looked through the perspex read the meter and went on his dont worry.

    • Pam says:

      Donna – works perfectly fine. See my Comment below 4/2/2013 at 1.49pm. …Cheers Pam 🙂

    • Eric says:

      normal analogue meters are not scanned nor probed, they are visually read so the perspex window is fine. I suspect you may be talking about a meter with digital readings. I know this because some people have what they call electronic interval meters which are like the smart meter but without the communications module. These can be probed for it’s data ie. the meter reader plugs a probing device into the meter to suck out the data. However, these meters can also be read visually. They will automatically display 7 or 8 screens of readings one by one and they also can be visually read…..thus perspex is fine. Don’t worry I have first hand experience of a meter reader coming to such property with perspex window on such electronic meter and he said perspex window was ok for him, then he just visually read each of the 7 or 8 screens (in front of me) and wrotes the data down.

      • Paul & Di McMahon says:

        Hi Eric
        Thank you for this info re digital meter reading. We happen to have an electronic interval meter which was installed about 3-4 years ago when we had solar panels fitted. Little did we know what was in store!!!! However, we have just today finished securing this meter by not only padlocking the box but installing a wire grille inside the box itself and securing that with iron bars and further padlocks as per suggestion from a very helpful gentlemen who also posts on this site. What you’re saying makes so much sense and will now look at putting in a perspex window as well so there will no need to open the meter box for future readings and risking the unwanted installation of a communications module.
        Just a question we need answered if possible- is this communication module an antenna as such?
        And if so, is it installed internally on the meter or can they install it externally on the meter box itself ? We have heard they can do it either way.
        Our only concern now is that after all this work securing the meter box that they can simply attach this antenna and it will become a so called ‘smart meter’ or are we worrying unnecessarily???
        Shedding some light on this would really help us as the roll out in our area starts on Mon 4th March. We feel as ready as we possibly can be.
        Thanks in advance everyone.

  9. Pam says:

    Hi everybody – Just got my usual Electricity account – not an estimate like last time, so a Friendly annalogue meter reader read it from my Locked Box,with my perspex cut-out, with signs everywhere. I have the “friendly meter reader sign up as well”. Just goes to show if we perservere long enough we will win this fight…………………..People with Smart Meters are having all sorts of problems with their accounts. Huge increases in prices, not receiving accounts etc etc. —well mine was down on last time and I use my Dryer quite a bit. I was very pleased with it..Have a good week everyone and NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT….CHEERS PAM 🙂

  10. Eric says:

    Let me tell you why Citipower are acting despicable.

    The old wiring in old houses is fully compatible with the old analogue meter. Smart meters are not compatible with old wiring in old houses. Replacing the analogue meter with the smart meter is what introduced an incompatible situation into the Tzirozidis home. It wasn’t the old wiring itself that caused the fire. Had not the smart meter been installed it is highly likely that the Tzirozidis house would not have caught fire, would still be standing today together with all the treasured memories of the family which has now all been taken away from them……and the family itself would not have gone through this terrible ordeal that nearly cost them their lives.

    Distribution Companies sometimes tell householders that their safety checks have uncovered faulty wiring and cause them to fork out thousands to have their whole house rewired when in fact there is nothing wrong with the existing wiring itself but they are only trying to cover themselves knowing that their smart meter itself is what introduces the incompatibility factor that causes fires.

    They fully well know all this and that knowing such they are prepared to deny it and falsely put the blame on the the very homeowners that they know that they the power company came so very close to ending their lives. They are bastards not only because they do these things but because they can do it and have absolutely no conscience about it afterwards when an incident occurs. I believe these type of despicable people would not have felt anything on their conscience even had there been a fatality on this situation.

    • Pam says:

      Eric – I could think of other adjectives that better describes these bloody mongrels, that caused these fine folk to lose everything they treasured, but it probably would be moderated. These Distribution Companies couldn’t give a rats arse and just don’t have a conscience – it is all the
      ALMIGHTY DOLLAR that drives them and thats all there is to it. Thank God I have perservered and absolutely refuse to have a bloody SMART METER INSTALLED EVER. I hope this Family sue the arse off their Power Distributor. Thankfully there were no fatalities this time. WHAT ABOUT NEXT TIME???? Is it going to take someone losing their life to make these peoples wake up to all the damage SMART METERS cause.

      • Cedar Wilde says:

        Pam, I’m afraid that even fatalities will not stop these people from pushing these devices, as you say it’s THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR that drives them. Some of these companies are owned by countries that have a very poor record on human rights so why should they care about Aussies lives?

        • Pam says:

          Cedar – We
          as a Group do CARE about Aussie Lives and by voicing our Opinions and supporting and helping each other I feel we are getting the message across Victoria and hopefully the rest of the Country will not have to go through what we have had to over the last 2 years here in Victoria. We are a VERY STRONG GROUP and SSMA keeps us well informed. The Power Distributors can go to hell. I have a letter from Power Cor saying they can’t guarantee my health and safety and it also says I can’t opt-out. Well we will see about that. My Solicitor is acting for me and they haven’t even had the decency to reply to a letter he sent before Xmas, requesting that I go on the Refusal List. WE MUST NEVER EVER GIVE UP………………………..PAM 🙂

  11. Pam says:

    Peter, what a brave young man you are. I agree no one should have to go through this. At STOP SMART METERS AUSTRALIA, we are all aware of the Dangers of these SMART METERS. Hopefully your parents will insist that their new house is NOT FITTED WITH A SMART METER. If you have a computer, please look up this website and see some of the Comments from many many people who are fighting to have the roll-out of SMART METERS STOPPED IMMEDIATELY – UNFORTUNATELY for you and your Family (who have lost treasured possessions in a Fire caused by a SMART METER) it is a little late. I feel for you and your Family. Peter, there are many dangers asssociated with these devices as you will see when you check the Website. There are a lot of people sick from these darn things, so there is the Health Issue. Privacy is another big issue. who of us wants the world to know when we are cooking, Cleaning, etc etc. It is none of their business. Smart Meters give this information to a central computer and they can turn down our power and know what we are doing every minute of the day, if we are home or not home etc etc. it’s frightening. Financially you are better off with the old annalogue meter (at least it is Safe and you can read it yourself). and your Family have experienced the Safety Issue – Your Family lost their home. I wish you all the best and Thank you for SHARING YOUR STORY. IT CONFIRMS EVERYTHING WE HAVE ALL KNOWN FOR A LONG TIME. By sharing your Story, hopefully this will make people more aware of the DANGERS OF SMART METERS AND insist they be removed immediately from their homes. Good Luck young Man you deserve a BRAVERY AWARD.BEST WISHES TO YOUR PARENTS AND I HOPE YOUR GRANDDAD IS OK NOW……………………………PAM 🙂

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Hi Pam,
      You are correct as are all of use who know just how dangerous these accursed so-called Smart Meters really are. These C.E.O’s who keep these Smart Meter Installer Men running around and forcing these Machines on people must be made to pay dearly. We the people of Victoria are outraged. How many more homes will be turned into burning wrecks by these truly Incendiary Devices. These C.E.O’s of these Foreign Owned Victorian based Electrical Power Companies could soon have multiple deaths on their hands with even more fires breaking out after more of these Deadly Microwave Fires break out in the future after these now proving to be Incendiary Microwave Smart Meters keep being installed.

      We have already had a number of fires in Geelong and one In Northcote that I know of, with the Northcote Smart Meter Fire where $300.000:00 of fire damage was caysed to a two storey home, again after a Microwave Smart Meter had been installed.

      The continuing forced installation of these Microwave Smart Meters Must be Stopped Right NOW, BEFORE ANY MORE FIRES ARE CAUSED BY THESE ACCURSED INCENDIARY DEVICES ! How long will it be before more homes catch alight from these accursed Microwave Smart Meters and end up burning not one but a number of FAMILIES TO DEATH ! ?
      For GOD’ S SAKE Mr Michael O’Brien Stop the Roll-Out of these Bloody Dangerous Meters Immediately.

  12. Janine says:

    Another example of a not so smart smart meter, my employer’s son has been away ill from his unit for the past 4 months. Whilst he was away they installed a smart meter but did not turn the electricity back on, hence all that was in his fridge/freezer was ruined. He has just received a bill and was shocked at it being over $400. When he rang to question AGL why it was so high when the unit was empty and no electricity on at all for at least two weeks he was told that it looked like the data from the smart meter was not feeding correctly!! The analogue section before the change over was fine, showing small usage of 47kw.
    Another one of they many reasons why my meter box is locked and staying that way.

    • Pam says:


  13. Elizabeth of Mt Martha says:

    After the HUGE power surge that happened on 12th December,2012 in Mornington there were many fires caused by explosions in meter boxes at peoples homes and appliances ruined. United Energy have denied claims regarding the recent smart meter installations … what a surprise! Do not trust these Distribution companies to look after your safety. As I mentioned, this power “event” caused the death of many household appliances, luckily nobody got hurt, but what about next time? The surge affected a major shopping center leading to mass evacuation with 330 volts being recorded where there was only meant to be 200 or so – implications could have been huge for those nearby. Thanks SSMA for the above post – it certainly demands thorough investigation by the authorities. I hope to see the end of smart meters in Victoria – nothing good will come from them… only heartache.

  14. Rob Guy says:

    News of yet another smart meter fire prompts this re-post of my earlier thoughts, especially since Citipower blames old house wiring rather than damage possibly caused to the house wiring during meter installation. Possible causes could be;
    (1)Bending wiring to fit the new meter causes cracks/fissures in the old insulation creating a path for electric current. An accumulation of house dust then might ignite. To prevent this, the Australian standard for house wiring, AS3000, requires an electrical tradesman to sleeve affected wiring. Smartmeter installers work to a lesser standard, AS4742, which specifically excludes any reference to AS3000. Thus, re-laid house wiring is not sleeved and a fire risk is not avoided.
    (2)Stripping insulation with pliers instead of wire strippers is bad practice since it risks denting the copper conductor. The reduced conductor cross section can overheat, leading to long term oxidation at the wire/smart meter interface. The process is cumulative. At least one sub-contractor, on piece work rates, uses pliers because they are faster.
    (3)AS4742 requires a final test of the smart meter, particularly to ensure correct active/neutral polarity. It does not require a stress test to confirm that the new connections can provide full power without overheating. All that is required is to have the householder switch on the stove, drier, washing machine etc and any overheating could be tested with an infra-red probe. Easy-peasy. My iPhone camera is good at infrared wavelengths but I could only check the view from the meter box front. For the long term, I fitted a smoke detector, of the type which is sensitive to the gases given off by heated PVC, inside the meter box.

    I am left with limited choices after a series of chnges to the law. They include;
    the vice regal proclamation of AMI by Order-In-Council;
    assigning ultimate responsibility for safe house wiring to the householder,
    Installation by sub-sub-contractors, and,
    Assigning lead status to the Department of Primary Industries who are not set up to manage secondary or tertiary industries

  15. Melbourne Mum says:

    If the truth of what is causing all these fires, and some have been fatal, gets covered-up here in Victoria once again then what the F is going on??? This is criminal behaviour and Citipower is in complete denial of the problem, as is the MFB little doubt. So who is getting paid ‘blood money’ at these corporations? I really hope people take notice of this deception as it is up to us to protect our loved ones (and homes) from these idiots who think they have it all figured out, but they are actually our worst enemy!!! NO SMART METER FOR ME, EVER.

  16. melb resident says:

    You guys should sue them for negligence, installing something that causes your home to burn down
    is not cool! and then to not take responsibility…..just a disgrace! who are these horrible people from the power companies and what is wrong with them?

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Readers,
      It is obvious to me that it is the C.E.O’s of these five foreign owned Victorian based Electrical Power Companies who don’t ” Give A Damn,” about their customers health and safety in respect to the Forced Installation of these Damnedly Dangerous so-called Smart Meters.

      Why is this Minister For Power so heartless towards the people of Victoria in continuing to FORCE Victorian home and small businesses to accept these Microwave Smart Meters against the peoples’ Will and Better Judgement. It’s simple really, because he has proven to all of us that he no conscience whatsoever. He knows about these fires, but obviously he doesn’t seem to Give A Damn !

      This continuing Roll-Out these now proving to be Incendiary Microwave Smart Meters is the Height of Madness and Criminal Irresponsibility and must be stopped immediately now by this Victorian Minister for Power Mr Michael O’Brien.

      • Cedar Wilde says:

        I’ll bet the reason they are continuing to force these “Smart” meters on us is that they have done deals with overseas companies (maybe governments) and they feel unable to back out of them, but they must, they have no right to risk the lives of their own (or any other!) people because of politics.

  17. melb resident says:

    The power companies are in denial that it is THEIR respondsibility to make sure any changes done are safe. They have not done this, and should be charged with a crimminal charge of negligence which could result in death.

    Smart meters are not a smart idea at all. The worst part is the power companies causing all this distress and then denying their respondsibility. Shame on them!

    I hate smart meters with a passion!

    • Pam says:

      melb resident – So do I!!!!!!!!! Everyone knows my feelings about these bloody things and I am sure O’Brien has checked this website and seen all our views and comments, yet he continues to insist they are – Safe “Bull-shit”. He is just Lucky there have been no deaths YET and I hope to God there never is. How would he feel losing his valuable possessions and his home burnt to the ground? The whole thing makes me sick. IF WE ALL STICK TO OUR GUNS WE WILL WIN……………………….. Cheers Pam 🙂

  18. TheBThing says:

    I said, “If the temperature exceeds 54-60 degrees celsius, then the battery could be damaged or have its life reduced.” in one of my posts below. I typed this as that is the range for some older battery heat ranges where the coper anode dissolves. >+60 was going into meltdown region. This info shouldn’t be relative to batteries used in Smart-Meters here today, well I hope they aren’t.

  19. TheBThing says:

    Some may find this interesting. It’s a pdf on how batteries used in smart-meters should be handled and their conditions.

    (Smart Meter Technology may use these batteries) Warning Sheet;

    Click to access ER_Warnings_12e.pdf

    I’ve also found out that Smart meters will be replaced every 10 years. I’m not sure if this is the exact replacement period for Victorian Power Distributors, so ask them. The meters need replacing each 10 years mainly due to the battery. Did you know you could be paying for a new meter every ten years? The meter may need replace more frequently if there are power outages as the battery only lasts about 14 hours if they are using Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery tech. The battery is used to move time of use data to non-volatile memory and also listen and transmit on the RF for modes or pushing data to corporation/data-hub.

  20. fiona says:

    Now logically why would anyone connect a smart meter to old wiring??! Can’t they see there has to be an interaction between the two. Plain and simple common sense, even to a lay person! It just smells of danger. How many houses have old wiring? Why wnt they take some responsibilty for goodness sake.

  21. Lets take the Power Back says:

    Its so easy to just “blame the wiring” isn’t it. When will this madness end? When there is a death? Then I guess the authorities will just “blame the wiring” yet again.
    I definitely WILL NOT be having one – I’ll go off the grid if it comes to that – just as I believe many others will do the same.

  22. TheBThing says:

    Regarding batteries in Smart Meters I found this link of a product that is used in smart-meter assembly or maybe similar. I don’t have a smart-meter here to check.

    In the link posted above, that product’s specs are:
    * High energy density – 3.6V\19Ah;
    * Operating temperatures from -40° to 85° C that fit a range of global climates;
    * Inherent long life – up to 20 years without replacement;
    * End-of-life indicators built into each smart battery design; and
    * Low self-discharge – less than 1 percent per year

    My note is: the battery voltage would be ramped to 5V regulated and also taped 2.5volts for the measurement circuitry.

    In America the meters are open to the climate. In Australia, we mostly box our meters due to the tradition with analogue meters. A shade is always needed, but must be accompanied with ventilation.

    Even if a battery is rated at 20 year life span, it’s maximum age can dramatically change if heat or cold is a factor. With high heat a lithium battery anodes will dissolve. With freezing temperatures the battery’s cathode can breakdown and or short out. You also have the factor of faulty manufacturing.

    If anyone has expertise in this field please speak up. I’m no expert at electronics.

  23. There was an installer in Thornbury who did not follow the correct procedures and connected smart meters to unsafe wiring. He did my house too – though I didn’t have a fire, it was discovered when storm damage led to some rewiring. The point is, this is is actually a dodgy electrician issue and has nothing to do with smart meters per se

    • Rob Guy says:

      Yes Dean, Dodgy electricians helped along by management not controlling the installation process-no checking, no audits, no forensic examination of work done. And no visible ESV involvment, But “incompatible wiring” and “exploding batteries? I don’t think so. Cheers RobinG

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Don’t kid yourself. Some S/Meters, not so smart meters actually have been found to be made of Crappy materials by Independent Experts. That’s just one reason I won’t be having a dopey so-called Smart Meter. You can shove these dopey devices where the Sun Never Shines.

  24. TheBThing says:

    People who have weatherboard homes that don’t have a metal electricity box, should avoid having smart-meters.

    People who have metal meter boxes that are directly in the sun should be concerned about heat build up.

    Viewers may like to test temperatures inside their meter box on a hot summer day. If the temperature exceeds 54-60 degrees celsius, then the battery could be damaged or have its life reduced. Power Distributors should replace batteries in Smart meters every 3 years, if they are using conventional items. Meters with emergency capacitor powered electronics wouldn’t need a battery. The battery is used in the action of moving memory to a non-volatile memory chip, and possibly other tasks and states.

    Has anyone heard of plans to replace batteries in Smart Meters in Australia? Is there costings for the battery replacement? Who’s paying?

  25. max protest says:

    Funny that citipower can diagnose that it had nothing to do with them over the phone. Do I smell the avoidance of clear culpability?

  26. Justice says:

    Sue the Power Company they continually tell lies. I can prove this we have a property and have completely shut off [meaning off totally] the smartmeter as we did were not there for months. I recieved a bill for double the previous bill. I called the Billing company and asked is this an estimated reading or a actual [ knowing full well it said actual reading on the bill.] the lady confirmed this was an actual reading, I asked how did they read it, oh she said Smart meters are read from the office and not coming to your property. I then asked when did they read it ,she then called the power company to ask and came back and said 27th December 12, I told her this was untrue as this was Christmas and no one would be working there,then she throw the phone done. How many people are been ripped with lies and over charging electrical bills , this is profoundly dishonest from the Electricial billing Company and the Power Companies. I called back the billing company again who then said it was estimated and I said we have the smart meter completely switched off, he could not answer. Where is the decency in people like this, these people are getting away with deliberate robbing the people all because of greed. I also know this same billing company send there staff for magnificent holidays and other favours. Most probable “WE “the public pay for this, surely something must be done to expose what they are doing.

  27. TheBThing says:

    I’ve been researching the technology of smart meters for various reasons, I’m a computer scientists you see, and the Australian method of installation could be erroneous compared to other nations in my opinion. The problem is heat and stability. Smart meters usually have batteries to maintain volatile memory, therefore the battery becomes one extra lynch pin in failure. Due to having micro controllers, the Australians summers, and smart-meters being housed in electricity boxes, a heat strain is put on all the added electronics, compared to an analogue meter.

    If the lithium battery explodes and burns the plastics, the building the device is attached to is at risk of being burnt tot he ground. There is also the added danger of the micro-processors and analogue to digital chip being fused into states allowing power to remain on and the whole situation becoming a powered disaster.

    How many times have you heard of batteries exploding in the news?

    We can only guess if heat toleration tests have been carried out to suit the way Australia place their meters and the heat we experience in summer.

    If someone investigates any lack of testing of smart meters and finds there hasn’t been enough study, then it could be grounds to reject or have removed current smart meters installed on homes.

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