Your entire home will become a node on the internet…


Yesterday, on the news, Mr O’Brien was seen supporting and promoting power companies’ push to sell the ‘benefits’ of HLAN (home energy monitoring) to electricity customers. Whilst it is understandable that the power corporations would do that (they desperately need a reason for the massive cost of smart meter roll-out), it is very worrying to see a Minister promote the very system that had UK Parliamentarians so concerned, that they eventually stopped the mandatory roll-out there.

In the UK, it was argued that “wireless transmission of personal data, with information about the DEVICES you use, WHEN you use them and WHAT you are doing with them at any given moment, will be available to energy companies and any potential hackers. WIRELESS IS EASY TO HACK. In a wireless “Smart Grid”, your ENTIRE HOME will become a NODE ON THE INTERNET. That means your home and electricity usage will suddenly become available to HACKERS, who can use the data to analyse when certain people are at home, eg YOUNG CHILDREN.”

It is unjustifiably reckless behaviour by the Victorian government to be pushing a system that is certain to undermine the privacy of our homes and the safety of our children within them.



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12 Responses to Your entire home will become a node on the internet…

  1. thanks steve for that suggestion. great idea. i for one would also be wanting to letter drop in my area. it would be in their face and hard to ignore. and with websites to reference they can do their own research and find out the shocking truth about smart meters and what they can do to stop getting one. if u can put appropiate flyer on this site i and hopefully many others will be willing to distribute locally. many thanks. leenah

    • Steve says:

      I will try to find some time over the school holidays to come up with something. I have a lot of letters to write at the moment (ARPANSA – with respect to their outdated and almost irrelevant RF standards, Michael O’Brien in response to his generic reply to a previous letter I wrote, Victorian Chief Medical Officer – in regards to getting EHS recognized, my local Council….)

  2. Archie Burke says:

    “OUR” politicians;many of them have high I.Q.s,E.G. Doctors,Lawyers,Accountants,Dentists,Actuaries;,SO! Stupid? NO! There,s a real worry,what I wonder could be the real reason why they make “SILLY” decisions? Quite apart from any decisions made,they are just showing us/you!,that they can treat us/you! with utter contempt,because the mob that would replace them, has done exactly the same,YET YOU WILL STILL VOTE THAT PARTY INTO POWER! NO NOT ME, EVEN INDEPENDENT IS BETTER!

  3. Pete says:

    Since when has it been government policy to ‘advertise’ for privately owned companies?

  4. Terry says:

    What would you expect from a State Government that fudges an enquiry into smart meters and is in the grip of about 5 large power distributors.Most of which are owned by oversaes interests. They were voted into power by conning the electorate on stopping smart meters, along with Myki. Both are alive and thriving. Remember this betrayal at the next state election. I for one will.
    I will declare my property ‘Closed Land’ and secede from the state before I allow an smart meter to be installed in my home.

    • Ms Rebel says:

      Yes, indeed! The transport system is a joke, hospitals and schools robbed of funds, nothing promised has been delivered and we are stuck with an arrogant government making choices on behalf of us all that make no sense whatsoever. Michael O’Brien needs to get out of Parliament and stop making all the false claims about the smart meters being of benefit to the customer…. He looks like a FOOL!

  5. Paul of Gosford says:


  6. John says:

    So it makes us vulnerable for government to know when were out & they can come rape our kids if they are still home, great , that says it all. This is just another of many reasons why they Government are pushing so hard for this abuse of power that compromises our safety in every way. & only just today government announced they gonna spend $4 Billion on Dental care. So what will dental cavaties matter for when were dying from the cancer we would have got from the Smart Meters in the future , if they have their way. They sound plausible in one way , but then shoot themselves in the foot in another way. Their Hypocracy is overbearing, can’t find honesty or integrity within government cause we’ve been sold out intentionally.

  7. Margaret says:

    If Any Politicians are Going to IGNORE The Vast Amounts of Scientific Evidence of The Harm These “Smartmeters” ??? CAN DO, To Humans, Animals, Plants, and All Living Things, Not to mention the Violation of Our Privacy, Then THAT PERSON SHOULD NOT REMAIN IN GOVERNMENT; as They are either Incompetent, OR They are Clearly Not Acting In The Best Interest Of The People, Furthermore, Smartmeters are Actually NOT a TRUE METER, Since a Meter is something that is already SET, but if it is a Device which can be ALTERED BY REMOTE CONTROL, THEN IT IS NOT A TRUE METER.

    • Pam says:

      Margaret – The Government could not care less about us they should be KICKED OUT RIGHT NOW ALL OF THEM. These Politicians only care at Election time and once they are elected Bugger everybody and everything. WE WILL WIN THIS FIGHT, because we are being kept informed by this Website of just what is happening on a daily basis. As you said if a device can be altered by remote control it is NOT A TRUE METER……….CHEERS PAM 🙂

      • Nina says:

        I agree with you Pam and Margaret – but if the media keeps the ‘silence’ up regarding everyones concerns and against all the credible research then I’m afraid many customers will not be well-informed and this website cannot reach everyone. That said, I am so grateful there is support on this website for us all, however as this smart meter issue is so important I would expect loads more people to be ‘taking action’ as we have and sharing the information with loved ones. It’s a shame that there are those who walk among us who really do not want to face up to facts. I have family members who are unwilling (head in the sand?) to listen to my findings on this site and we have had some ‘heated’ arguments. Can’t understand their attitude! Anyway, I sure hope this gets mass media coverage real soon, and the government/power nasties get exactly what they deserve- NO COMPLIANCE!

        • Steve says:

          A suggestion to bypass the Media silence would be to create a short informational paper that provides key points and some reference websites for people to get more details. I would be happy to do letter drops in my neighbourhood. All we need is to get some others who are also willing to do the same and we can blanket the community.

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