Glenroy Smart Meter Meetings – Friday 24 August

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7 Responses to Glenroy Smart Meter Meetings – Friday 24 August

  1. GlennS says:

    Hi all,
    I took the afternoon off work so I could attend the afternoon meeting, but unfortunately was called away before its conclusion. The meeting was very well attended and informative – many thanks to all who organised and spoke at the event.

    I also missed out on receiving the handouts from the meeting and it would be great if someone could post them to this site.

    Does anyone have the official attendee numbers from both afternoon and evening sessions?

    Where there any action points as a result of the meeting? Did any local politicians attend?


  2. Nina says:

    The effects of smart meters on a neighbourhood is devastating. I’ve found this out first hand because being a ‘sensitive’ to frequencies is no fun with dizziness, head and ear pressure, anxiety and unexplained fatigue. Common sense must prevail on this matter and I think it will in the end. It cannot happen soon enough!

  3. antonio ro says:

    i had a meeting with glenroy action group on friday i know if we are strong we will win

  4. 1vimana1 says:

    Dear Readers,
    Just Padlock your Electric Meter Boxes NOW ! tomorrow may be too late, I just got a call from a woman I had warned about the Smart Meter Installer Men slapping Smart Meters into peoples Electric Meters Box when they were out shopping, or on other errands that called them away from home. On this occasion she had only relied on the No Trespass Signs she had errected, but had not locked her Electric Meter Box with a stout padlock as I asked her to do………The sad result of her not heeding my advise was a tearfull phone call to me. I could only state as kindly as I could that I had warned her of the risks entailed of not padlocking her Electric Meter Box.

    One can lead a horse to water, but one cannot make it drink.

  5. Pam says:

    Hope your Meetings are very successful. We are definately getting our message to many many Victorians on the Dangers of SMART METERS to our HEALTH, SAFETY AND PRIVACY. I Look forward to feedback from the Meetings. If you are attending, please help those folk who do not have access to a computer – print out some Posters and Signs for them and take them along to the Meetings…………….Good Luck ….Pam 🙂

  6. Paul of Gosford NSW says:

    I wish we could get these meetings going in NSW – I’m thinking of printing out a heap of flyers and post them into all my neighbours letter boxes….I don’t have enless funds but it would at least light a fire under some of them . .
    My understanding is that Smart meters are NOT compulsory unless we give concent or do nothing.

    • Pam says:

      Paul – Not sure about NSW, but here in Victoria we are fighting like hell to stop the roll-out. My Box is Locked a perspex cut-out so the Meter Reader can read my Meter, which was done without having to open it. LOCK YOUR BOX firstly and then ,DO YOUR SIGNS AND PUT THEM ON YOUR METER BOX AND YOU FRONT GATE OR FRONT DOOR. especially the ‘no tresspass sign’ with $173,0000 fine. These are available from the Victorian Websit e. There is so much information on the Website explaining the DANGERS OF THESE DARN THINGS. We don’t have a Group in Warrnambool either, but I have written to our Council, asking for their help similar to the East Gippsland Outcome. No Response as yet and I have a Solicitor handling stuff for me, because it is all too much to remember and re-call. I went to our Local Paper and had an Article ‘PENSIONER TAKES A STANCE” – This was back in May 2012. We need all the Publicity we can get. GOOD LUCK ……………….PAM

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