I am now getting pulsating headaches at night!

Sony Crystal: Well it’s official, I am now getting pulsating headaches at night, ever since these guys installed a smart meter on the wall out the front of our home, a few days ago.

My armchair is right next to the wall where the smartmeter is on the other side. I have not had one headache or migraine for nineteen years ever since I gave up having sugar in my diet.

Every night now I start to feel like I am catching the flu, and then I feel this weird pulsation on the right side of the brain which faces the wall, which results in me developing a headache. If I walk far enough away from the wall where the smart meter is, the headache starts to subside.

It really feels like there is a giant mobile phone on the other side of our wall. The guys straight out lied to my face before they very quickly installed the smart meter, telling me how safe and ok it was as far as my health was concerned.

They told me that the people on Current Affairs had just made up stories about the smart meter, that the old lady who said she could hear humming and felt really ill after her smart meter was installed, was just trying to get out of paying her bill.

They told me a whole lot more bunch of lies so in the end I trusted them, against my own better judgement. I was very against the stupid meters in the beginning, but these guys work on you so convincingly, that you begin to think that you might be worried about nothing.

I am now going to go to the local council with a letter from my doctor and I am going to get them to remove the *** stupid meter.

If you want to learn more about how other people feel about the stupid meter, here is the link: https://stopsmartmeters.com.au/

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5 Responses to I am now getting pulsating headaches at night!

  1. Dee says:

    I am still trying to keep them locked out as the meter is inside. I have gone to the doctor about tinnitus. I am hoping there is a class action soon. Any lawyers have any ideas. Very grateful for this site.

  2. Don & Sharon Gamble says:

    I sympathise immensely with you, Our bed head is located on the other side of a PLASTER BOARD wall from where our meter box is located , its a distanance of less than 600 mm between them , there must be a lot of other people in a similiar situation , as yet they have not attemped to install a smart meter here but after your and other peoples experiences I can assure you they are going to have one hell of a job doing so , Hope you can get this hazard to your health removed , smart meters , a final indignity after being ripped off by the power companies and the Federal and State Govts.

    • Desiree says:

      Hi, ,
      I had a smart meter placed on the wall of my bedroom approx 12 months ago. When it was installed I complained that I could hear “an electrical buzzing “. I called SP Ausnet and they told me it was fine. Upon my insistence they sent an electricin out to check if it was “faulty” – he reported that it wasn’t, however i wasn’t convinced and asked them to replace it with a new one. he did this but stated it wouldn’t make a difference. He was right – now 12 months later i have put up with this terrible electrical noise and it drives me crazy at night to the point that I burst into tears because I can’t sleep…. not to mention the migraines i have at least every 3 weeks which i have never had in the past. they are absolutely crippling and make me feel extremely nauseous. I don’t know what to do anymore. I recently went away for a week and I couldn’t believe the difference, i was beginning to think it was my imagination . Approx 6 months ago we had solar added to our roof and I wanted the smart meter removed but i was told that it had to stay because of the solar.
      I think the government is slowly trying to kill us… are they going to accept responsibility for all the problems this smart meter is causing – or is it going to take someone to die from all the radiation before they realize what a colossal mistake they have made.
      I dont know what else to do now except continue buying migraine tablets to help my headaches – as for “current ” buzzing through my head at night – perhaps i need to take a strong sleeping tablet just so I know i’m not going crazy and get some peace. !!!

  3. Pam Densley says:

    Sony – I have put a response to your letter under Daylesford Public Meeting..Please read it. I feel sorry for you. This nonsense has to stop for all our sakes. Best Wishes Pam

  4. Rosemary says:

    I am so sorry to hear of your struggles. Sadly, this is happening to many, many people. We were on A Current Affair, Today Tonight, etc. We had a smart meter installed last year and got so sick we slept in our van for 6 months, whilst fighting United Energy, going to the ombudsman, etc. I have a doctor’s certificate, but United Energy don’t care and refuse to remove the meter. We suffer headaches, ringing in the ears and brain, nausea, muscle spasms, heart palpitations, brain fog, etc when we spend time at home. These symptoms clear up when we stay away from smart meters. I have lived in my home for 22 years without these problems. We have not been able to live there for 8 months thanks to the smart meter. We just sold our home and are planning to move Interstate. We may come back to Melbourne when the class actions begin, as they surely will.
    The power companies have not provided safe electricity for their customers. Wireless smart meters have not been proven safe and they are now being removed in California as they have made so many people sick and caused house fires.
    As for not wanting to pay pur bills, prior to the smart meter we spent $10,000 on solar panels. We have NEVER not paid our bills! This is a complete lie and very insulting. These people have a lot to answer for and I totally believe in divine retribution.
    The insanity must be stopped.

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