Smart Meter Public Demonstration on Channel 7 News

Smart Meter Public Demonstration on Channel 9 News

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4 Responses to Smart Meter Public Demonstration on Channel 7 News

  1. Anonymous says:

    All well and good and I thank every one involved but Ive been told that powercor has the right to install a meter whether I like it or not and that I am going to get one despite me saying that i dont consent. She said they have my letter which I sent them, but they will still go ahead and install one any way, she also tried to make me beleive that they are only getting opposition here in Horsham, but after seeing this demonstration I now know thats not the case. We parted company with nothing being resolved and so now I am expecting an official letter ordering me to comply with this mandate. I also told her to watch the video published on this site about the dangers of wireless / microwave technology featureing BARRIE TROWER and she just laughed at me. So what do I do now when it comes to the cruntch? They probably will disconnect my power or possibly take me to court to enforce this nasty smart meter on me. Can any one advise me as to what next?

    • peterrocker says:

      Just because they say it’s mandatory doesn’t mean it is. Ask them to send you details of the law that states you MUST have one, At the moment it seems that the power companies say anything to bluff you into accepting this monster imposition.

    • Stand Together says:

      Can you email with your contact details and someone in Horsham from our group will call you.

  2. Eco-Friendly says:

    Brilliant !!!
    Keep up the good work !!!

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