Confusion being generated by the Wireless Communications industry.

The confusion being generated by the wireless communications industry is no different from the confusion that the tobacco industry generated for forty years. The question is: are you and your loved ones going to fall for it? How many of the people you know and love are going to contribute to the statistics that finally prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that wireless technology is dangerous? – when these statistics are finally gathered. And, will it be too late for many? Hopefully not many, but they will be someone’s loved ones. Please help get the information out, most news media isn’t.

The following article is recommended reading for every household with a mobile phone or wireless technology. Our smart meters are using wireless technology, just like many other appliances in modern day homes. To read the article see

Further interesting articles at

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3 Responses to Confusion being generated by the Wireless Communications industry.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lilla,
    My wife and I watched the interview, thx for posting the link, we were totally shell shocked and left stunned.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Sydney surgeon Charlie Teoh has made a link between brain cancer and mobile phones. Operating Industrial wind turbines are also implicated in making people who live near them extremely ill. In the case of the latter, large increases in adrenalin is believed to be produced with affects the nervous system, especially the heart. Wind turbines also employ wireless technology.

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