Environmental Physicians Issue Stern Warning on Biological and Health Effects from Electromagnetic Field Exposures

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) issued a position paper on “Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Field Effect on Human Health,” including wireless technologies and smart meters.

The report on electromagnetic fields takes a strong stand that society must acknowledge the biological effects of electromagnetic fields, educate the population about the risks from wireless technologies, and develop safer technologies. The group, AAEM, is an international association of physicians and professionals that has been dedicated to expanding the knowledge of human health in relationship to the environment since 1965, They have been first to recognize many conditions, including Gulf War Syndrome, chemical sensitivity and the role of mold in the development of systemic illness.

In its new report, “Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Fields Effect on Human Health,” AAEM is calling for:

  1. An immediate caution on Smart Meter installation due to potentially harmful RF exposure.
  2. Accommodation for health considerations regarding EMF and RF exposure, including exposure to wireless Smart Meter technology.
  3. Independent studies to further understand the health effects from EMF and RF exposure.
  4. Recognition that electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a growing problem worldwide.
  5. Understanding and control of this electrical environmental bombardment for the protection of society.
  6. Consideration and independent research regarding the quantum effects of EMF and RF on human health.
  7. Use of safer technology, including for Smart Meters, such as hard-wiring, fiber optics or other non-harmful methods of data transmission.

The report comes on the heels of AAEM’s letter to the California Public Utilities Commission in January 2012.

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3 Responses to Environmental Physicians Issue Stern Warning on Biological and Health Effects from Electromagnetic Field Exposures

  1. Maureen says:

    What will it take for the Government to accept that the technology used in the smart meters is causing problems healthwise, especially to people who are electrically hypersensitive.
    I live in Murrumbeena, and although I have managed to delay the installation of a Smart meter by locking my meter box, they have recently been installed elsewhwere in our area. I now not only suffer from continual head pressure, but a piercing ringing sound in my ears that is driving me to the point of despair.
    I would happily move, but where can I go ????? Can anybody help me???

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi Maureen,
      Please contact your local police with a detailed written letter as written by a lady friend of mine to her Local Police some three months ago. These her Local Police read her detailed and heart felt letter stating the exact problems she was having with the constant Microwave Radiation similar to what you are experiencing and still are experiencing from the dopy and far from Smart Meter forced on your property. This now very common Electrical Hypersensitivity E.H.S. brought on by these DAMNED so-called, but far from Smart Meters is affecting more and more people here in Victoria and now World-wide throughout the day and night.

      They the local police in the same area as my Lady Friend contacted the Electric Power Company who’d forced the dopy and far from Smart Electric Microwave Meter on my friend. These Police demanded that the Electric Microwave Meter and or the Microwave Card must be immediately removed from my Lady-friend’s property.

      Fortunately the Electric Power Company did as demanded by both my Lady friend and the Police as this constant Microwave Radiation coursing through her body and brain was making her so sick she thought she’d soon die.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maureen they will never admit what they have done. They would probably go to jail.We are not talking about only a handful of people being at risk, we are talking about millions of people, including children that have not been born yet.
      Hammer Mann is correct you need to make sure they are aware they are liable for any harm. This will probably make them think twice about installing a device on your property, but i would never trust these people ever. I would still keep my meter box locked. We all have the same problem as you, that is the neighbors transmitters. One of my neighbors has a smart transmitter right near her front door so when i knock i have to stand right next to it. I usually knock and move away as fast as possible.
      Make sure you keep all letters, either answer them within 28 days or send them back unopened and photograph these for evidence of harassment. Unfortunately we all can’t move it is not that easy. We have to stand up for our rights. They know what they are doing. They are just hoping they don’t get caught. They will eventually, some of them will resign, they have already. They will also state that they are not aware and this is why it is important to make them aware. If this ever goes to court and you have evidence that they had knowledge of the risk and still proceeded then they are in big trouble.
      They think they can do what they want, but its going to end soon as more evidence is coming out.

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