I want my smart meter removed!

Hi please help me….I want my smart meter removed…I have been geting electric currents thru my body feeling dizzy,nausea, and cannot sleep @ night…My dog is also not well she too keeps moving around all night restless from room to room….i’m feeling so lethargic as many others are….How can I get my meter removed, as I also suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and am not being able to sleep….please help me I feel like killing myself the constant buzzing in my head at night is driving me crazy….and its all since my meter has been installed….Judy

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  1. Jenelle says:

    I have a digital interval meter on the house I’ve recently bought. It cannot be read remotely but records data every 30 minutes. I notified Energy Australia of my objection, to having a smart meter at my home, in writing before December 1st 2018. They assured me that I had a type 5 interval meter which enabled time of use so I relaxed on the matter.
    Now I have suddenly developed tinnitus, heart palpitations and I feel stressed. I looked on their, Energy Australia’s, website and they are calling my interval meter a smart meter. I spoke with my doctor and he said that there are too many causes of tinnitus to pin it down.
    Is there an electricity provider that I could change to that will change my meter to at least a basic digital meter if not the good old analog? In my opinion the interval data collection every 30 minutes is hazardous.

  2. john smith says:

    Remove my smart meter now! If not, l will be removing it with friends. This new weekly discussion is from my doings. People should not work like this!

    • Anonymous says:

      John Smith put your facts in a notice and send it to the distributor for starters and those that have given the orders to the distributor’s they are just as responsible. Give them how many days you want to reply, send it registered mail with return receipt.
      These dangerous devices need to be removed by the distributor and replaced with an analogue meter. If enough people write to them and demand removal this will eventually happen. Those that gave the orders also need to be notified that they will be held responsible and liable for any damages. Hold individuals responsible.

  3. Stan Emmon says:

    Since the smart meter went in at Longwarry there is a shocking buzzing noise all the time. All members of the house are unable to sleep and are having difficulty functioning. Anxiety and stress is at record high levels since the smart meter went in. It is not so smart after all with all the problems that this is causing in my home.

  4. Marcus Carrick says:

    Having the same problem my wife and I have had to move out of our bed room. Can you let me know if it can be replaced any help would be great

    • Caroline says:

      I just had an electrician here to look at moving the Smart meter. Can be done. When I sleep my head is against the switchboard and smart meter. Since we moved into this house, I have not been able to have a good nights sleep as I too suffer headaches and buzzing in my ears. My question is whether people who sleep with a switch board against their head suffered these problems before the smart meter was installed? ie if I just get the smart meter moved and leave switchboard, will my problems go away?

      • Dan says:

        I had that option recommended to me also by the supplier. They say they will not change it back to analogue. Have you had this done? How much was it or did you get a quote on cost?

        • Anonymous says:

          You can move your possible cancer causing device, but i am pretty sure it will still affect you maybe not as much its connected to your wiring for starters. Secondly of course they are going to say they can’t or won’t replace it, they have contracts and they are not in charge, the puppet master’s are and that is why you won’t get anywhere with the puppet, you have to go through the puppet master’s those that gave the orders in the first place,
          Also you need to look at your legal options, they would be liable for any health problems and you can notify them of this. Its only a temporary solution to move the smart meter, it will more than likely make someone else sick in your street or maybe you as well, the distributor’s win as you pay for the device to be moved they don’t foot the bill, they won’t have to worry about any legal action in the future because you accepted the device and they will bring this up in court.
          You have to put your demands in writing Dan and demand that they put the analogue meter back, you can look up the electricity code to see what you can use. I am pretty sure you can pick what meter you want look up the code.

          Electricity Customer Metering Code 6.1 states quite clearly, that a customer can request ‘a type of metering equipment which is different from the type the distributor or retailer, (whichever is responsible for providing the metering services) would otherwise install’, etc.(6.1(b)) (in the case for Victoria, a ‘smart meter’) the distributor, ‘must use its reasonable endeavours to install that type of metering equipment within 20 business days’. (6.1(d) but you must be prepared to bear the cost of the installation of the new meter, 6.1(b) and (c)
          You need to make the distributor an offer like that made to you, they said they won’t put the analogue meter back in, then write back and maybe tell them that they are breaching the code and also putting your life and health at risk and send it registered mail and send a copy to the Premier as well and get full names so you can hold the individual liable and responsible.
          The reason they win is because people give up and this is understandable as they are hard to fight, but you and everyone else has to start somewhere.

        • Anonymous says:

          Dan, if you spoke to the supplier, why didn’t they give you a quote on moving your possible cancer causing device? You asked Caroline a question, but she put this post on in 2014 that is bizarre, you actually could of asked your supplier for all the information you want, they would be able to tell you.
          I have always wondered whether, some posts on this website are written by those employed by the industry, the reason for this is, because it would be easy to put suggestions out that people should move their possible cancer causing devices. Also i have read a few posts on shielding as well, is this a ploy by those employed in this industry to make the victims pay for the everything so they don’t have to.
          If you agreed Dan, that they don’t have to reinstall your analogue meter, then if you do get sick or your family gets cancer, they, being the distributor can and more than likely will bring up in court that you agreed to the terms and conditions.
          You do have to contact the distributor for the kind of electrical work you require, its a safety issue and they will have to be notified. Moving your transmitter would not be an issue as long as you pay for it and notify the distributor.
          You have contracted with your supplier and agreed to them not reinstalling your analogue meter. Yet the orders were for them to try hard to install the possible cancer causing devices. If this was to go to court in the future and it probability will only because so damage has been caused to innocent people,, the supplier will tell the court that you agreed with what they said, end of story they win,
          I don’t understand why you did not get the information from your supplier about cost etc they have it, they can give it to you.
          If you want to pay for a toxic device to be moved then go ahead.

  5. Pat says:

    2014 and no improvement. Sleeping in unpowered van. Sold house as last resort and nowhere in Vic to go. Leaving home, family, long term community for totally new place and I don’t know where- sort of homeless but with finance now. In my 70s too. How long must this go on? I think there are over 25,000 Victorians now suffering.
    I’ve done the shielding, the paint, the protective clothing and the earthing – about $20,000 Where can I go? Help anyone?

    • Brad says:

      I have sent an email to ssma to suggest a gathering of sufferers, doctors and lawyers willing to discuss idea’s on how to get some real action happening. So many people are sick at the moment and don’t realise why?

  6. Helen says:

    I came here looking for some answers and found only more questions. I too have been feeling terrible (healthwise) since the smart meter was installed.

    I believe the universe points us in the direction of answers when we NEED them and…

    Perhaps the reason the government won’t do anything about this, even though clearly there are VERY SERIOUS Health risks, is because they have signed up with 177 other countries to create a more sustainable world! And in doing so… agree to depopulate the world. I have only recently found about this. It is NOT a conspiracy Theory. This is fact… it is happening around the world. NOW under the disguise of Sustainable Growth. Is this Australia’s contribution towards Agenda 21 … I wonder?. Connect the dots people! Educate yourselves. IF you are not being given a choice…. Perhaps there is a bigger reason!!

  7. dI says:

    I can only be here short amounts of time,,..nothing i have done to move my pc has worked..Going to tell doctor..been yelling at United Energy.. ringing everyone.. cant cope. Heard to be 6 meters away from it. but my house is small.. nerves are wrecked.. am a carer.. cant afford to fall apart in health when i am perfectly healthy~! have to run outside often out of my own home~!! anyone wants to contact me.. lara9986@hotmail.com HELP~!!!!!!!!

  8. dI says:

    Please help me I am bearly able to be on my pc now.. the smart meter has made me electro sensative and i have run website for a movie star (official) for over ten years and been on pc that long never a problem.. now I moved my sleeping area. .house is a mess from furniture moved.. lost my 2 largest rooms in house i am paying off.. dizzy ringing in ears.. pressure.. being to hospital 3 times.. tests done. heart is perfcect etc.. HELP ME MY NERVES ARE SHATTERED.

  9. Annon says:

    What simply amazes me is that when SP AusNet took on board my 8 page+ letter and delayed the installation of the idiot meter….they sent a copy of documentation from th World Health Org. saying they are the leaders in telling us all the EMF are ok. The doc was dated 2005. I think if I am correct and someone please tell me if I am not….are we not in the year 2012……that doc is 7 years old! Below is a current link that shows that EMF is NOT ok. If someone puts in writing that : my meter will not be hacked into and personal information will not be compromised. Any info will not be fwd to anyone (and if it was), the electricity company will be liable for paying out compensation for breach of our contract…..even if it was human error. I also want it in writing that I will not be adversely ‘health’ affected by this box….and show me “LONG” term studies of the EMF emmissions. I do not want one or two years worth…..I want 10-15 years worth of studies. Oh and if I am being too pushy…perhaps the electrical company CEOs and their families along with our elected politicians (and their families too) can have these meters in their house…..a study over the next ten years of “their” children and themselves can be conducted and then printed. If it is all ok and no-one gets sick / dies (incl newborns)….then I “MAY” reconsider….until then…..NO is my answer!


  10. Peter drury says:

    When the idiots put the free insulation in the roof the power went out. They obviously shorted something. I had the power to the hot water service off when the hot water was waiting for a new element. Went out at night element was glowing white hot. They put the smart meter in after i asked them not to. I still believe they didnt check my electrics properly. I wasnt home. Got my fingers crossed.

  11. kylie says:

    Judy. I’m sorry to read the discomfort you are experiencing. My suggestion is to call your service provider and have them come and remove the meter. Of course this will mean that your electricity will be cut off, but your health and discomfort will be improved significantly! Can you seek the assistance from a medical professional (one who will be considered and authority in their field and thus their diagnoses respected and acted upon) to write you a letter stating your condition and the need for the meter to be removedf? Did you have a sign on your meter box stating that you didn’t want a smart meter installed? Did you take pictures of it? did you phone/write to your service provider prior to having your meter installed expressing your wishes to not have one installed? If yes is the answer to these questions, and you can provide a doctors certificate stating that your health has suffered severley since the (forced ?) installation, then I would also suggest you approach Legal Aid to see if they can advise on court action. There are many precedents being set around the world regarding these meters (see the most recent post about a German woman who has made it possible for all in Germany to claim for their shielding expenses) and you have lots of support from many people on this forum. I wish you well.

  12. I have written an article on smart meters in this edition of the Living Now magazine which maybe of interest to your members.

  13. Amanda Newton says:

    Even though I have not yet received my installation notice I sent my Notice of Prohibition letter off to CEO of United Energy & The Hon. Michael O’Brien MP. I have now received a reply from United Energy. 2+ pages in reply stating blah blah, 1 page FAQ, 3 pages on Health & Safety. In short they are saying as this is mandated by the Govt I can’t refuse it as it is their property. I think I will seek legal advice. Are you aware of a legal firm who may take up a class action? I look forward to hearing from you.
    Regards Amanda

    • Anonymous says:

      You can only get a mandate from the people of Victoria. Ask them to put everything in an affidavit and have it witnessed. The affidavit will be in their personal name not their companies and they themselves will be held accountable, liable and responsible. Would they be willing to do this and put their assets, not their companies on the line. If they are telling the truth then an affidavit in their personal name should be no problem. If they are lying they will not answer with an affidavit as it is quite serious to lie in an affidavit.

  14. Lindy-loo says:

    It seems that nobody is listening to us. These smart meters are causing huge health problems and the government is doing nothing!!! It’s as if they have gone deaf…….

  15. Mike says:

    Judy, I think your only options are to either move, or sue. I know which one is easier & quicker. Good luck 🙂

    • Vickie says:

      Judy, I think you should go to your Doctor first and tell them exactly what you have told us, get it all down on record, let your power company know what you are going through, also sending a letter to DPI or Government would be good, I feel for you and your dog, it is so unfair, do you know that most people I speak to about my own sleeping problems since my area had smart meters surprisingly tell me that they are experiencing these sleeping problems too, I believe the sleeping disorders as a result of these meters is much more widespread than anyone knows and as time progresses more people will be coming forward and we will be hearing lots more as more people are being forced to have these devices in their homes, I have a feeling eventually they will have to be removing all these dangerous devices. I wish you luck and hope that you get the dreaded meter removed.

  16. Terry says:

    Judy, you need to see your doctor immediately and explain all the problems you believe are being caused by your smart meter. Ask your doctor to write a letter explaining your predicament which you can send to your area’s electricity provider. They need to put an analogue meter back on as soon as possible. Don’t ask them to put one back on, insist on it because of your health! Threaten to go to the media. Also contact the State Minister Michael O’Brien and stress the urgency of your enquiry.

  17. Wendy says:

    Hi Judy
    I suggest you read previous ideas on this web site and get a Medical Certificate from your GP saying that you are sensitive to EMF. Then contact your electricity retailer to ask them to remove it and send in your Medical Certificate.
    Keep us posted on how you go.
    All the best

  18. Rosemary says:

    So sorry you are going through this. We have been sleeping in our Little campervan since october last year since smart meter installed. Cant stay at home without getting buzzing in brain, dizziness, Palpitations, etc. Is there somewhere else you can sleep for a while so you can recover a bit? Have you got a friend or relative who could help?
    Kind regards,

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