Cranbourne resident takes a negative look at smart meters

WARNING to power companies: don’t mess with Rosina O’Neal’s meter box.

Mrs O’Neal is on full alert for electricians attempting to install a smart meter at her Cranbourne property.

Taped to her meter box is a notice that makes her feelings clear: “The owner does NOT consent to any electricity supplier sending you here to enter upon this property for the purpose of installing a smart meter…You will be held accountable to the law of our Australian Constitution Act 1900-01 and the Privacy Act for trespassing and are liable for a $167,000 fine.”

Mrs O’Neal is one of a growing number of people concerned about the possible health effects of the meters, which are being rolled out across the state.

About 50 people turned up to the first meeting of the Casey and Cardinia Smartmeters Awareness Group in Pakenham late last month.

Organiser Kate Everett said the group was trying to spread awareness of the dangers the meters posed to the health of residents.

Mrs O’Neal couldn’t make it to the meeting but she subscribes to the group’s view that microwave radiation from the meters can cause cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and heart attacks. She said she knew of people who had become seriously ill after smart meters were installed in their homes.

She also fears the meters can be used to spy on residents.

“They emit so much radiation that they can be read from the tower so they can monitor when you’re at home and when you’re out.”

via Cranbourne resident takes a negative look at smart meters – Local News – News – General – Casey Weekly.

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1 Response to Cranbourne resident takes a negative look at smart meters

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Rosina on your stand. The support for people opposing Smart Meters is growing and people power will prevail. Perhaps we should email the politicians who are our district representatives and tell them we DON’T want these SM in our State. We want them to express our wishes and speak out against SM in parliament on our behalf. Thank you for your leadership and courage.
    Roman Kulkewycz

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