Getting the word out about Stop Smart Meters Australia:URGENT

There is allot of excellent information on this site but it needs to be shared with the public urgently. For that we need your help.

There are a number of ways you can share comments and posts with your contacts. To get the word out via your personal Facebook account:

  • make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account first
  • then on the article you want to share hover your mouse over the Share button (as shown below) at the bottom of any post then click on the Facebook button.
  •  This will then automatically share that post on your Facebook wall for all your friends to see.

Leaving Comments
We encourage you to leave comments on any articles of interest to promote discussion and to share information & experiences. If you prefer this can be done anonymously.
At the bottom of any post you will see the option to Leave a comment.

When you click on this a Leave a comment box appears:

  • Click on the Guest button on the left hand side and enter your name, email and comment. Or
  • If you want to leave it anonymously simply leave the Email, Name & Website fields blank. Enter your comment then click Post.
  • Alternatively you can log onto your Facebook or twitter account and post the comment that way.

If you would like to receive an email about additional comments tick the box to Notify me. All comments are moderated and only published by the administrator on review.

There is also a Facebook site connected to If you use Facebook go here
and Like our page.

Lets get the word out people time is running out. We have to Stop these Smart Meters.

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