Launch of People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters

People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters Party (PPV) was launched on 11 October 2014.

Launch highlights can be seen at:  PPV Launch

PPV requires volunteer and financial support to help it contest the forthcoming State election on November 29, 2014.  If you would like to support PPV please go to the PPV Help



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6 Responses to Launch of People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters

  1. Ashley says:

    Best wishes to PPV and all the candidates.

    However, what’s with the style of presentation of policy interests?? Sure, it’s pertinent to state ‘smart meters & safe technology’ but affordable housing, aged care, public transport, education, etc., is the same rhetoric we hear from Labour and Liberal. Most people vote for those parties out of habit, unware that they have been brainwashed into doing so, then just carry on with their burdensome lives oblivious to what they have just done to themselves.

    Language used and the flyers need to be something that truely resonates and stirs peoples soles into action. Marc Florio used all the right words in his speech – Democracy, people’s rights, inherent-right/common law, THE HUMAN RIGHTS WING and sold out by government. This is the language that should be on the flyers.

    Our state and nation is only in a bad way because we have corrupt government that clearly goes against principles mentioned by Marc. All the various systems of lifestyle, like affordable housing, education, etc., take care of themselves out of adherance to those principles.

  2. kenny says:

    I’ve been handing out People Power Victoria flyers and talking to hundreds of Victorians over the last few days. 90% are suspicious of Wi-Fi in schools, anti Smart Meters and are very supportive of our cause. From the response I am getting, I believe they will vote for People Power Victoria.

    Whilst the Victorian people are turning away from the major parties in droves, most aren’t aware of People Power Victoria – yet.

    There are many good people already donating their time and energy to the cause. But we do need many more. When you consider the resources the major parties have to work with verses People Power Victoria, it appears insurmountable. However, I believe a simple flyer handed from human to human easily beats the glossy junk mail and endless radio and TV ads the majors are serving up.

    If you haven’t already, now is the time to put up your hand.
    We still have 3 weeks left before this election.
    Please, either donate and/or become a volunteer.

    You can do one or both if you follow this link:

    It’s up to us.

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      Hi Kenny,

      What actual flyer are you handing out? Where did you get it?
      Is there an official PPV flyer that we can print off and distribute ourselves?

      • kenny says:

        Hi Sick Of Their Lies,

        As far as an official generic PPV flyer, I don’t know of one as yet, but you could email PPV. It’s a good idea, I’ll pass it on.

        I’ve been handing out candidates colour flyers for District of Bentleigh and the Southern Metropolitan Region. My printer is B/W which would look unprofessional and send the wrong message – imho. Printing in colour on a home printer would be very expensive.

        The following are just my thoughts, other candidates might have other ideas.

        Anyone could download their local candidates flyer and have them printed at office works (9 cents each) or at a local printer.

        Alternatively one could email their local candidate offering a (tax deductible) donation to get flyers printed. In my case, I’m printing a few thousand at a time, as finances allow. So it’s an ongoing process rather than one massive order. I figure the candidate could arrange delivery once they arrive. The finances, printing and area for hand outs is best discussed with your local candidate to avoid any doubling up.

        The list of candidates is found here:

        Of course there’s the question of whether your $ is better served going directly to PPV as they have many bills to pay and might have other avenues in mind to promote the party, such as radio ads etc.

        Thanks for your reply. 🙂

  3. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Please everyone, help support People Power Victoria in any way you can. If you can’t contribute monetarily, there are lots of other ways you can help, leading up to, and including Election Day on 29th Nov, such as letterboxing, handing out How-to-vote-cards at polling booths, organising events, fundraisers or promotions, media engagement, printing/photocopying flyers etc.
    Together we can achieve great things. Let’s make an impact this Election Day…. only 4 weeks away

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