Power scandal exposed video – Today Tonight

Click here for the Video Power scandal exposed – Today Tonight September 12, 2011 Running time 7.56 minutes.

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5 Responses to Power scandal exposed video – Today Tonight

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Frances,
    What reason are they giving for not reading your meter? Also how do you know they are not reading the meter? You need to get proof and then lodge one almighty complaint. Don’t let them get away with it. Get your evidence together. Try to find out who reads the meters.
    You need to lodge a complaint with the the Premier, start with him.
    If you go through the comments you will find that other people have had the same problem. Gather these comments and send them to Premier Andrews along with the proof you have. Tell him that if they are refusing to read your analogue meter than this is discrimination as they are manually reading smart meters. Tell them that you will read your own meter, but they will have to pay you.
    These are some suggestions, this happened to a friend of mine.

  2. Frances Makarova says:

    Since it has been almost a year since my electricity meter was read I want to know exactly how Origin has arrived at an answer to how they know how much power I have used. Since I am an age pensioner and Origin has been withdrawing funds from my bank, so much so that they emptied my bank account. When I spoke to someone from Origin on the phone a couple of days ago they assumed that I have a Smart Meter, which I do not have. And since there has been no meter reader I cannot understand how they are arriving at how much power I have used. My electricity meter is directly opposite my computer, and I would definitly hear if someone accessed my Electricity Meter, something I informed the woman I spoke to a couple of days ago, after she referred to my non existent Smart Meter. Clearly Origin has been Gesstimating my bills. Frances

    • Anonymous says:

      Frances, I believe you, because this happened to people that I know.. Can you take a photo of the meter reading everyday they are due to read the meters? The numbers should match up if they read the meter. If the numbers don’t match up then you have proof that either the meter was not read or they read it wrong, either way they have some explaining to do. I hope you can get access to a camera.
      They notify you when they are going to read the meters, go to the meter sometime during the day and take a photo.
      Also if I was you, I would warn Origin in writing to never mention smart meters to you as this can cause distress. They need to stick to the issues. I think this should help if you take photos everyday Frances. Then at least you have the proper meter read and then they need to explain any discrepancies. If they are not reading the meter, they are guessing. Frances, other people are having the same problem, but they need to be caught in the act so to speak. Take photos.

    • Anonymous says:

      Frances take photos of the meter read or get someone to do it for you. Do this in the period they are due to read the meter. This will show if the meter is being read or not and also if they haven’t read the meter for a year, the figures will be completely wrong.
      If possible take two photos, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, not that it will make much difference if you take one, but when you get your bill you can have a look at the picture and see if it matches up. It should match up. If it doesn’t then you can point this out.

  3. Frances Makarova says:

    I refused to allow a smart meter installed at my home. My electricity costs have risen but no one has come out to read my meter for almost a year. The electricity company has been billing me despite the fact that no meter reader has been for almost a year. and my bills are becoming astronomic. The power company has been debiting my bank account to the point that they drained it. Since it has been many months since a meter reader had been here I am wondering just how they are calculating my electricity bills. I spoke on the phone a few days ago, and the person who I spoke with assumed that I have a smart meter. I am an age pensioner and finding it very difficult to meet the costs especially since “Origin” apparently just sucked out my money from my account by direct debit without bothering to know how much power I have used. Frances

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